Parker Booth,

We have only met a few times, you may have some memory of me as Dr. Bones. I work closely with your father, Special Agent Booth. Given this situation, there are some things I would like to express to you, in case you can not learn them first hand. I did not have opportunity through much of my life to know my parents, and often find myself engaging in wild speculation, so I wish to tell you something about your father.

He is a good man, and I see often how much you are on his mind. I do not fully understand his faith in god, or his belief in the importance of emotion, but I see that he wants vary much to pass these things on to you. I think he finds beauty and solstice in these things, and wants you to have them to draw strength from. I believe that he wants and needs for you to know that whatever happens, no matter what form your family takes, you are cherished and wanted.

He speaks often of the importance you have in his life, that he would not be the person he is without you. You make him see the world in a different way, one that I cannot understand, as I have no children.

I apologize if this letter is not clear. As I write this I am not likely to survive the next few minutes. Even if I survive this situation, the work your father and I do is high risk, so there is a significant probability that I will not have a chance to speak to you as an adult in person. There is also a significant probability that your father will be unable to fulfill his parental role as well as he would like, due to his professional obligations. He is an accomplished investigator, and extremely adept at manipulating people. The word manipulate often has a negative connotation; however the net effect of Booth's actions is overwhelmingly positive. He has certainly had a positive net effect on my life, in part due to his attempts at manipulation, along with what I believe is genuine caring and good will.

I hope that you have first hand knowledge of these things, and that this letter is not needed, as I am not resigned to die. If I do die here, however, I hope you can take comfort in this information.

Best wishes.

Dr. "Bones"

aka. Dr. Temperance Brennan

November 16, 2006

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