It began innocently enough.

Minato woke up to the feel of Kazehana's soft kisses on his neck and her fingertips dancing over his chest. Naturally he wanted to return her affection. He reached out and slowly began to fondle her.

This caused her to moan and wrap her legs around him as she began to lick the side of his neck.

One thing just led to another until Minato found himself on top of her sucking and squeezing her huge tits like some hungry baby as he pounded it into her like a steam piston. She lay underneath him sweating, feeling every thrust as it made her soft wet flesh quiver. She felt herself building up to a climax and wrapped her legs around him.



Though their room was on the second floor and the door was closed everyone downstairs at the breakfast table heard Kazehana's shout as clear as day.

"K…. ke…" Tsukiumi was choking unable to even speak. The chopsticks in her hand snapped in two.

Kusano looked up alarmed. "Is Kazehana-chan in pain?" She asked worried.

"Ku, ku, ku oh I don't think that's a scream of pain," Matsu said and began to giggle like a perverted old man.

Musubi looked on blankly. "What kind of scream is it then?"


"Ecstasy," Matsu said and covered her mouth as she giggle uncontrollably.

"Sh… shameless!" Tsukiumi declared in righteous indignation. "To behave so is utterly shameless!"

"Really?" Uzume asked around a knowing smirk. "What sort of noises were you making the other day when you were with him?"

Tsukiumi promptly turned a deep red. "I… I don't know what you're talking about."

"Sure you don't," Uzume said with a laugh.

Trying to ignore her Tsukiumi turned to the head of the table where Miya was seated calmly enjoying her breakfast. "Landlady-dono aren't you going to do something?"

"They are a married couple in their own room," she replied tranquilly. "What they do is their own business."

"YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!" Kazehana screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Though I will tell them to be more discreet," she added calmly.


Walking through the campus Minato was still wondering about the odd reception he'd gotten from his fellow residents. They had all been giving him and Kazehana some odd looks. Little Ku-chan had appeared confused while Matsu was hiding behind a chair trying not to giggle.

Tsukiumi had looked at him murderously. He couldn't think of anything he might have done to make her angry. When Kazehana had come downstairs a few minutes later looking relaxed and very, very content Tsukiumi's glare had only intensified.

When he'd asked Miya about breakfast she had informed him breakfast was over and that if he couldn't make it on time he wouldn't get any.

Then she whacked him on the head with a wooden serving spoon.

"What was with everyone today?" He muttered to himself

That was only one of the things on his mind. He hadn't seen Yukari over the last few days and she hadn't returned any of his phone calls. It wasn't like her to just disappear like that and he was starting to get worried.

Then there were his grades.

He pulled out the trig midterm he's gotten back today. 76 was marked on the front in red. It was a passing grade at least, but he's been a top student all through High School and had figured that once he got past the entrance exam he would be a top student in college as well.

The school work wasn't the problem. He hadn't come across anything he couldn't understand. The problem was he had no time to study. Being a husband to one woman and an ashikabi to four others he was constantly running around trying to give all of them some of his time and attention. They had all committed to him and he felt obliged to do everything he could for them in return.

But there were just so many hours in the day.

Taking care of his sekirei left little to no time for everything else. The fact he was at least pulling down C's in all his classes was due to the fact he was something of a genius. C's weren't good enough though. He was already starting to sweat about how his mom would react when she saw his semester grades.

What am I going to do? He wondered. How do I spend less time with the girls?

He was thinking of that as he left campus and headed to the metro station. As he did so he thought he heard thunder even though it was a clear day.


"Look out Hikari!" Hibiki shouted.

Her twin just barely avoided getting smashed by a car as it crashed into the side of a building.

"Hey!" Hikari cried out as she swiftly leapt over to her sister's side. "That could have killed me! What's wrong with you?"

Halfway down the street was a girl with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She was dressed in a black halter top that barely contained her massive breasts. She had a black leather mini skirt that was just long enough to keep her from being indecent in public. Her eyes were a pale gold a few shades lighter than her hair and they looked furious.

All around her people were shouting and running to get away from the unexpected battle. The girl did not deliberately try to hurt them or keep them from escaping, but otherwise ignored them. She was putting all of her focus on the S & M twins who had attacked her without warning.

"You're kidding right?" The angry blonde demanded. "You two assault me and you get mad when I fight back?" In the street two parked cars lifted up about fifteen feet into the air.

"Uh oh," both twins said at once.

The blonde waved both arms. "Take this!" The cars rocketed towards her enemies.

Hands clasped together Hibiki and Hikari fired off twin lightning bolts at the cars. The bolts hit their targets lighting them up and deflecting them.

And setting off their gas tanks.

A deafening explosion shook the ground and caused the fleeing crowd to scream and stampede away even faster. The twins were momentarily kept busy dodging shrapnel and burning pieces of automobile. By the time they could regroup their target was gone.

"Great," Hikari growled as she kicked a burning fender down the street. "Yet again we get our asses kicked! Why do we always pick the scary ones? Who was she anyway?"

Hibiki shrugged. "How would I know? She was an unwinged one."

"Yeah, and so was number nine when we ran into her." Hikari shivered at that memory.

Her sister looked up and down the street. Car alarms were going off and a broken fire hydrant was spewing water up into the air. Most of the windows on both sides of the street were smashed and there were blackened and burning pieces of rubber and metal all around. "Let's get out of here before we get into trouble, lord knows we can't afford to get stuck paying for any repairs."


Mokoto landed in an alley way puffing and sweating.

She felt something hot dripping down her lip. When she wiped it with her hand it came away bloody, her nose was bleeding.

Damn it I used too much of my power again, she thought with frustration. All I want is to be left alone! Why do people keep coming after me?

She saw she was near a metro station and decided it would be safer to get away using that. As she stumbled out of the alley way she found her legs were failing her. She made it to a telephone pole and leaned against it to keep from falling. She could feel more blood leaking from her nose.

"Damn it, damn it damn it," she muttered as she pressed a hand to her nose. She really had pushed too far, she could feel her body starting to shake. Though it was afternoon the world was getting dark around her.

"Excuse me miss are you all right?"

She looked over her shoulder to see a young man staring at her with concern. She tried to smile and tell him she was just fine, but the words wouldn't form.

Her shoulder slipped from the pole and she found herself falling. Before she landed though a pair of arms caught her. She looked up into the face of the man who had called to her.

He has kind eyes, she thought just before passing out.