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Naruto didn't take long to get settled in. After all, he only had a few clothes, couple pictures, and emergency supplies (i.e., food and his tent), and as he looked around he was hopeful that he might not need that last for a while. He started to think about all the supplies that he'd need to fix up his apartment and how long it would take him and hoped that Hana's family would let him stay until he finished the repairs. While he was planning out new traps to protect his apartment 6pm came and went, but it was only a few minutes after when a loud banging came from the front door.

Naruto looked at the clock and paled before running to the door screaming, "I'm sorry! I forgot!"

When he opened the door a very irate Tsume grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the main building. She didn't really say anything just grumbled a bit about boys always being late and "I'll FIX him if he makes me wait for him again" which Naruto didn't understand.

Fix me? Fix me what, he thought.

Arriving at the dinner table Naruto is thrown into a chair next to Hana and across from a boy he hasn't been introduced to yet. The boy is glaring at him almost as fiercely as Tsume is, but it's Hana's reaction that has him confused, is she blushing? he asks himself.

Without any form of ritual Dinner at the Inuzuka's begins and Naruto is trying to show he has some manners when Hana jabs him in the ribs with her elbow and whispers, "Just eat, we don't stand on formality here."

Naruto looks at Tsume and the boy and smiles seeing them starting their second plate full of BBQ ribs, some vegetables, and a piece of bread with some olive oil and herb concoction that was quite tasty. Quickly digging in as he would to a bowl of ramen Naruto devours his first plate, starts his second, and finishes his third before the others.

This causes the boy to grumble about vacuums and Tsume and Hana to smile, but it's Naruto's loud belch that unites the family in laughter.

After a while Tsume finally remembers she hasn't introduced her son yet and says, "The pipsqueak here is Kiba," the pipsqueak comment caused Kiba to growl only to be wacked on the back of the head. "He's your age and is set to transfer into your class at the academy next week." Turning to Kiba she continued her introductions, "The gaki here is Naruto Uzumaki, he's in your year at the academy, as I just said, and" here a mischievous found her face, "your sister's new boyfriend."

This news caused Naruto and Hana to sputter and deny it, which they did in perfect sync, in turn causing Tsume to roar with laughter and Kiba to blink back and forth from his mother to his sister before his gaze finally settled on Naruto. Growling Kiba said, "If you hurt my sister I'll rip your balls off!" He said it so seriously Naruto gulped a little and Tsume was having trouble breathing from laughing so hard.

Hana stomped over and hit Kiba so hard he flew a good ten feet into a wall before she screamed, "YOU WON'T TOUCH NARUTO-KUN!" Realizing what she just said her face went so crimson you couldn't make out her clan markings and Naruto's blush wasn't far behind. Hana said something about needing to check on Sanmaru and ran out of the house.

About the time Tsume regained control of herself Kiba finally pulled himself off the floor and wobbled back to his chair holding his head. He looked to the still blushing Naruto then to his mom and asked, "What were we talking about and why did Hana hit me?" This caused Tsume to break out laughing yet again.

Excusing himself, Naruto made it back to his current quarters in the guesthouse and thought two things about this family that had taken him in. First, that they were strange, but at least life could never be boring around them and the second thing was that he kind of liked it when Hana had called him Naruto-kun.


The next week flew by pretty fast and Naruto got used to life in the Inuzuka compound. Tsume didn't tease him again after that first meal, but she did seem to watch him whenever he and Hana were together. He was used to being watched, but Tsume didn't look at him in any way he could understand.

During that week something happened in the Uchiha district, but it wasn't until later in a couple days later when he found out about how Itachi had singlehandedly wiped out all of his clan except his little brother. Naruto felt sorry for the boy and saw him a couple times on his walk home from the academy, but when he tried to talk to him the boy would just walk off. Eventually he stopped trying but from then on he watched the boy and saw him changing. He had used to be energetic and even kind of nice, but now he just brooded and didn't do more than grunt at anyone who tried to talk to him. They weren't in the same class so Naruto didn't see how he handled that, but he did notice how girls seemed to follow the boy around now.

Deciding that he couldn't do anything for the boy, whose name he soon learned was Sasuke, he moved on with his life.


At weeks end Kiba joined his class and, to Naruto's shame and humiliation revealed to Tsume and Hana that night that he couldn't even do a simple henge! Kiba roared with laughter when he went on to tell how Naruto had claimed in class that he was going to be the next Hokage. His laughter was abruptly stopped however when Hana started pummeling him into the ground.

During all of this Naruto squirmed and tried to excuse himself, but Tsume grabbed him and dragged him outside. She whistled and a large black wolf with an eye-patch trotted over from the kennels to sit at her side before letting its' lounge lull out in the canine equivalent of a smile. Tsume said to the wolf, "Watch the boy and tell me what you see," then to Naruto, "form a ram hand seal and channel your chakra for me." It was an order by the tone in her voice and Naruto had already learned that it was best to just follow her orders so he did as he was told.

After a few moments a deep, rough voice said, "You can stop now kid," and looked up at Tsume, "he has too much chakra for his age. He probably can't control it."

Tsume nods and says, "Thanks Kuromaru, I thought that might be the problem."

Turning back to Naruto she gave an evil sort of smile at his slack jawed expression and gestured toward his for Kuromaru who seemed to give the same kind of smile back before saying, "What? You've never seen a talking wolf before?"

Shaking his heads no Naruto was only slightly surprised when they both gave identical barking laughs. As Kuromaru starts to walk off her says over his shoulder, "Don't forget my extra streak for a week."

Tsume nods and mutters about a bet being a bet and Naruto gets back just enough sense to ask, "What bet?"

Grumbling Tsume says, "I bet you'd handle it better when you first heard Kuromaru talking…oh well, he earned the extra steaks from what he just did anyway."

"What did he do?"

"Kuromaru can sense chakra better than most humans can. What he told me was that you have too much chakra and not enough control, so I guess that's what we'll have to work on."

"We? Does that mean you're going to help me with my ninja training while I stay here?" He said the last with so much hope that Tsume just had to smile at him and nod which made him start whooping and yelling about how he would get some real help now.

Back at the door to the main building Hana was leaning against the doorframe and smiling at the hyperactive kid who had somehow become important to her.

Kiba saw the look on his sister's face and silently decided to help the boy as much as he could, after all, he thought, the happier she is the less likely she'll beat me up.


After a month went by Naruto finally had some basic chakra control down and was thinking about how he really didn't want to go back to his old apartment. He was almost finished making repairs, which he'd been doing every Sunday on his days off from school, but he reminded himself daily that this new life where it was almost like having a family would end soon.

One Sunday he was so depressed he didn't notice Hana walking with him until he got to his apartment and she let herself in behind him. After he got over his shock of seeing her in his dingy little apartment he shouted, "What are you doing here?" Of course, he hadn't meant to shout and at her frown he blushed a bit.

"Just wondering why you keep coming back here," she responded in a confused voice. "Do you actually like it here?"

"Well…it's my home, where else would I go?" he asked defensively.

She just stared at him a minute before saying, "Didn't mom tell you?" At his puzzled look she continued, "Two weeks ago she went filed the paperwork for your change of address. You live at the compound now and this whole building is scheduled for demolition next week, fixing it up is just a waste now."

In a quite voice he asked, "Do you mean it?" Her smile and nod elicited a series of happy sounds from Naruto that had Hana covering her ears thinking he must have gone supersonic. When he latched on to her and started hugging the life out of her screaming 'thank you, thank you' over and over again she just had to hug him back and smile down at him.

After a few minutes of holding him like this Hana realized two things. The first was that he was blushing, and the second was why he was blushing. It seemed he was just the right height that in their current embrace his mouth was just at the top of her breast!

A quick moment later she shoved him away and blushed scarlet.

The rest of the day was uneventful, though at dinner Tsume noticed how Naruto and Hana wouldn't meet each others eyes, though they were constantly looking at each other when the other was turned away. Kiba had long since decided that he wouldn't say anything about the weird relationship his sister and Naruto seemed to have. He felt that decision was very wise, as before, when he commented he invariably ended up smashed into the ground, the wall, or any other sufficiently solid object that happened to be handy.

As dinner was finished, but before Naruto could excuse himself Tsume cleared her throat. "Naruto, there's something I need to tell you. From now on you will be a permanent guest of the Inuzuka." She smiled at him and expected a happy response back, and so was unprepared for the blushes from Naruto and her daughter. "What's up? I thought you'd be happy."

Finally turning to Tsume Naruto smiled a little and said, "I am happy…but…Hana told me earlier today." He fidgeted a little and looked at Hana a moment before quickly turning away and blushing all over again.

Tsume looked from Naruto to Hana to Naruto to where Naruto had looked and gave a short barking laugh before getting up and walking over to the two. She grabbed them, lifted them, and slammed them together before either quite knew what was going on.

Unfortunately Naruto had had time to open his mouth to say something so when he was slammed into Hana his mouth went right to her breast!

Of course she was clothed, but still! The shock of the intimacy made him beat a hasty retreat and he was out the door so fast all that anyone would have seen was a yellow flash. This made Tsume think a moment before shrugging it off and falling down laughing her ass off! This continued for some 30 minutes with Hana just standing there as if she'd been petrified, when she finally moved it was to bolt for her room and not come out the rest of the night, which gave Tsume an additional few hours of mirth. Kiba just shook his head at the whole thing and went to bed.


The next month went by fairly normally. Naruto continued to work on his chakra control and when Kiba got Akamaru he began learning his family jutsu. It was also sometime during this month that a visitor came to the compound and Naruto called Tsume 'Tsume-sama,' as Hana had once told him he should when visitors came from the outside. This allowed Naruto and indeed everyone there to see something that was rumored to have only ever happened 4 or 5 times: Tsume blushed!

It also had the added benefit of getting rid of all awkwardness between Naruto and Hana once and for all as Hana rolled around laughing and Kiba took a quick picture that he would later sell throughout the compound making a tidy sum. Naturally Tsume found out about Kiba's little side business and managed to ensure that none of the pictures would EVER leave the compound. She did this by giving Kiba a super-atomic-wedgy and hanging him from a tree for three hours and informing everyone that if the picture got out they would all be treated to such.

The picture and the rumor of the event were quickly hushed up and never spoken of again and the next day Tsume got Naruto up at the crack of dawn and brought him to the kennels still in his night clothes (funny looking panda hat thing included).

At the kennels Tsume told Naruto not to move, stepped back, and whistled. The whole pack of Inuzuka dogs and a couple wolves came out and began circling Naruto, some with teeth bared and some coming close enough to lick him. He was thoroughly awake now and just a little scared, he was sure the dogs wouldn't have been fed yet and was wondering what he might have done wrong.

After 30 minutes the dogs had all licked him at least once and then they stopped circling and Kuromaru stepped forward, ripped Naruto's shirt off with his teeth, and placed one paw over his heart. A moment later Naruto felt something weird and when Kuromaru removed his paw a print was left over his heart like a tattoo.

He gasped and looked confused and Tsume explained while chuckling, "You've been accepted by the pack. Now you are pack friend and that means…" she paused dramatically and Naruto wasn't sure what to think might be coming next, "that you can't call me Tsume-sama ever again!"

She gave a smug smile as he face planted. "Is that all it means?" he asked, somewhat exasperatedly.

After standing in a thinking pose for a full minute Tsume said, "…No, but what else it means can wait for another time. All you need to know now is that the pack has accepted you so you're part of the family now.

Naruto beamed and hugged her, not at all concerned or even thinking about how his head brushed against her breasts. This was a mother figure, and Naruto never even considered thinking otherwise, but with Hana, no! Must not think those thoughts! Hana-hime, he still sometimes called he this in his head, is a friend! If not for her and her family I'd be back in that stupid old apartment and I'd be lucky if they told me before they started tearing it down around me!

His thoughts eventually calmed and he just relaxed into her arms where he promptly fell asleep, never having felt so safe before in his life.


And so the first year of Naruto's life amongst the Inuzuka's went. During that time Naruto's chakra control never seemed to improve because his reserves just kept going up, but he did finally get the hang of henge and kawarimi. Bunshin, however, never seemed to work right and Naruto was a little worried, but he consoled himself with the fact that he still had two more years before he had to get it right. Also during this time Naruto's taijutsu and weapon skills improved dramatically, as did Kiba's. It seemed that they were good for each other as all of their practical ninja skills seemed to be improving rapidly. So rapidly in fact that they were a close second and third in the class, right behind Sasuke.

If it wasn't for Naruto's poor performance on written tests he would have almost surpassed Sasuke on total points, but for some reason something always seemed to go wrong on that part of school life. Still, Naruto wasn't complaining, for the first time in his life he had a family to go home to. People who cared about him and even a new best friend in Kiba, as Hana was busy with her various duties a lot of the time and he really only saw her at meals, when training, or at the veterinary, where he started helping out any chance he got.

Hana was going on missions with her Genin team and working at both the veterinary and the hospital to improve her medical skills. When she was younger she'd always thought she'd just be a vet, but now it seemed she wanted to be equally prepared to treat human or animal.

Sometime during this year Naruto taught Kiba the Sexy Jutsu and was blown back with a massive nosebleed when he ended up looking a lot like Hana. When he finally woke up he found out that Hana had seen the whole thing and beaten Kiba severely for it and made him promise that he would never use that jutsu again under any circumstance. Naruto smiled and was sure Kiba would, but Kiba informed his friend he intended to keep his promise. When Naruto asked why Kiba just shivered and said he didn't want to talk about it.

At the end of that year Naruto tried o take the early out exam to pass the academy. He had hopped that if he did this maybe the lack of a bunshin wouldn't fail him, but he was wrong. He was great in everything else and even his paper grades were a little better than they had once been, but he just couldn't learn the stupid bunshin! Tsume explained why, and he understood that for some reason his control was just not refined enough so he focused almost all his time just on that one thing. He dropped to third in the class (based off of the practical skills) behind Kiba, but that was okay, he just had to get the stupid bunshin and he'd be fine, he knew it.

It was during the next year that Naruto once again experienced another life changing event, this time in the form of a small fox.


One day, while Naruto and Kiba were coming back home from a particularly fun prank they'd pulled on some old people that had called Naruto a demon they saw a small red animal caught in a trap. Never having seen a fox before neither knew what it was, but being natural animal lovers they decided to help, so while Kiba held the trap open Naruto grabbed the little ball of whimpering red fur and rushed off to the veterinary in the compound.

All the while he whispered softly to the little thing that, "It'll be all right," and, "Hana will fix you right up."

Hana was shocked by what Naruto and her brother had brought to her, but her inner vet refused to let the creature suffer for any reason. During the treatment Naruto held the critter and spoke softly to it to keep it calm. Hana smiled at Naruto and thought, he's a good man…of course, this caused her to blush and try to change the thought in her head, but it just wouldn't.

Naruto didn't notice Hana's internal struggles because something strange was happening. It felt like he was suddenly in two places at once and one seemed to be looking up at him!


To fully heal the fox took a few hours and by the end Hana was exhausted, but when she looked at Naruto she got the shock of her young life to see his eyes looked a little different. In fact, he looked different in several ways; the first being that he now had ever so slightly slit eyes, then there was the red highlights in his hair, and the whisker marks on his face darkened a shade or two. She gasped at the implications and when he asked what was wrong she thought his teeth looked a little sharper. "Nothing's wrong," she smiled, but was thinking, I need to ask mom about this.

Decision made she said, "Naruto, I need to take care of some stuff, do you think you can stay here?"

He said, "Sure," but he never took his eyes off of the young fox kit he was holding.

Hana quickly left and found Tsume doing paperwork, but when she explained what she thought had happened Tsume said, "Show me," and they both returned to the veterinary. When they got back they saw that the changes seemed to have stabilized as before certain features had been shifting slightly.

It takes a couple minutes to get Naruto's attention, but once they do they pull him over to a mirror where he sees the differences and the shock on his face confirms that he hadn't realized what had been happening to him.

Tsume forces him into a chair, picks up the fox, and puts it in his lap were her starts absentmindedly petting it and scratching it behind the ears.

Then Tsume begins to explain what has happened and they do a brief catalog of the changes: his hair is now more a strawberry blond, his teeth have reverted to normal except his k-9's are sharper and slightly longer, his nails are a little harder though not inherently sharper, and his eyes seem to have returned to normal. I'm glad his eyes didn't really change, Hana thought, Naruto-kun has beautiful eyes, realizing where her thoughts are going she manages to stop it before she starts blushing this time.

Tsume smiles at this and turns to Naruto. "Well, there's at least one good thing about this."

"What's that?" Naruto asks.

"We should be able to teach you our family jutsu now."

Naruto's ecstatic shout could be heard halfway around Konoha, and while many villagers scowled at the obvious joy of the so called 'demon brat' a select few, and old man and his daughter, a teacher from the academy, a few Anbu, and the Hokage smiled.

A/N – Before anyone comments: no the yellow flash wasn't the Hiraishin it was Naruto moving so fast normally that the only thing you could clearly see was his hair. Next chapter should begin the actual series. For those keeping track Naruto has better chakra control and taijutsu skills and has a companion like an Inuzuka so he'll have some of their abilities. Nothing all that great, but an improved version over canon just the same.