The Razgriz Of Sand Island

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15 years ago, there was a war.

Well...war's broken out here plenty of times before.

They've tried to invade the southlands through the northern valley
time and again.

Luck was never on their side, though, and their victories didn't last long.

They didn't realize that times had changed.

Facing one defeat after another, losing territory and watching their nation dwindle,
they built up their industrial strength to unprecedented heights and used it to wage one final battle against the world.

That was 15 years ago...

They fought ferociously, but were utterly defeated.

The Belkans then committed the unthinkable--they used nuclear weapons on their own soil.

Seeing this tragedy unfold before their own eyes,
the victorious countries vowed to throw down their weapons.

The world was once again at peace.

And thanks to them, it seemed it would last forever.

On a distant island, far away from civilization,
the protectors of the peace take to the skies.

Prologue: Blaze

Edward J. Randolph walked casually into the base that would become his new home: Sand Island Naval Base. Upon entering, he was greeted by a beautiful Asian woman.

"Greetings to you, and welcome to Sand Island Naval Base. Second Lieutenant Kei Nagase. Pleasure to meet you. Are you the new guy?" she asked, offering her hand, which he grasped and gave a firm shake.

"That I am, ma'am. Second Lieutenant Edward J. Randolph, recently transferred from Alamo Squadron of the OAF 21st Air Divison, 146th Air Force Unit. Now I've been assigned to Wardog Squadron. Are you with that squadron?" he responded.

"Wardog 7, as a matter of fact," answered Nagase. "Callsign: Edge."

"I'm guessing I'll be Wardog 8, then," said Randolph. "Callsign: Blaze."

"You'll be somewhere in that area," replied Nagase. "Shall I show you to your room?"

"Please and thank you," answered Blaze. With that, Nagase set off.

Thank God she knows this place, Blaze thought as he followed her through the labyrinth that was the naval base. Without someone to guide me, I'd get lost but quick, and but good.

After about 5 minutes, though it felt like several times that to Blaze, Nagase led him to a room deep within the base.

"Welcome to our domain of peace," declared Nagase.

"You mean you're..." stuttered Blaze.

"Yes, your bunkmate. Convenient, I know," said Nagase with a raised eyebrow.

"How do these people do that?" asked Blaze.

"We draw straws," answered Nagase simply. "It's how we solve just about everything around here. Will you need help getting unpacked?"

"That would be nice, thank you very much," replied Blaze gratefully. Just then, a bell sounded throughout the base.

"Damn. Class time," said Nagase. "I have to go. I'll help you when I get back, but don't wait for me, OK?"

"Will do," answered Blaze. "Will you also introduce me to the rest of the squadron?"

"Certainly," confirmed Nagase. "I'll see you in a couple of hours."

"Good luck," said Blaze as she walked away.

Something tells me I'm going to get along with this lady just fine, thought Blaze contentedly to himself as he unzipped his duffel bag and began to unpack. Yes, he would get along with her just fine. Little did he know of the adventure that was to come; that would make him and the squadron up with which he had newly joined known, respected, and feared throughout the world...

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