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Chapter 8

Soft lips pressed at the side of Zoro's neck. Tilting his head to give the man more access, he shivered as Sanji nipped hard at his jugular.

"You like that?" the cook growled sexily in Zoro's pierced ear and the swordsman felt his body respond.

Zoro had no idea how he had gotten to this point or how this was going to progress. He decided not to question it and go with the flow.

Instead of replying, Zoro thrust his hips up into Sanji's pelvis and expressed his need with a groan. He heard the blonde gasp. Instantly, his lips were captured by Sanji's while Zoro ground their erections together. Sanji moaned deeply into the kiss and Zoro took the chance to slip his tongue inside the cook's mouth, sampling his taste.

Recovering, Sanji sucked Zoro's tongue into his mouth. At the same time, he let his fingers thread through the swordsman's short green hair and Sanji let his right hand fall to tease Zoro's pert nipple. The sensations were enough to cause Zoro to melt against the cooks ministrations with a needy groan. Once again Sanji took control. A callused hand slid up the swordsman's toned thigh and grasped his taut erection.

Zoro's cock jumped at the sudden attention. He thrust up into Sanji's palm and moaned into the cook's mouth, breaking the kiss.

Copious amounts of precum spurt from the tip of his length and effectively slicked Sanji's fingers for the next task. Zoro watched at Sanji's hand left his cock and pushed a finger into his opening with one slick movement. He saw Sanji watching his expression closely through half-lidded eyes.

The aromas of sweat and sex filled Zoro's nostrils as Sanji slipped in another finger. The digits inside him were probing different spots, searching for that one that would throw Zoro into ecstasy. Soon enough, the Cook's talented fingers found it.

A shockwave of pleasure surged through him as Zoro bucked against Sanji's hand. He tossed his head back and released a low moan. The swordsman could practically feel the smirk on the cook's face spread as he drove those fingers again and again into his slick opening. Each time, Sanji hit his prostate without fail.

Zoro was writhing on the floor as Sanji brought him closer and closer to the edge. The only sounds that met his ears were his own sounds of pleasure and the obscene wet noises that were wrought with each movement of the cook's hand. Zoro drew shuddering breaths and his body trembled with the need of release. White-hot heat coiled like a spring in his lower stomach and threatened to burst forth.

He was arching his back, almost at his peak, when a loud 'thud' shook him. %%%Suddenly, the pleasuring energy he had been feeling was replaced by an uncomfortable tightness in his loins and sweltering heat. He realized the whole thing had been a dream and felt weirded out… and a little disappointed. Zoro sat up feeling dizzy and looked around for the source of the damned noise that awoke him.

Sitting on the ground, was the cook rubbing his head. So he fell and made the noise. Did Sanji see him? Zoro mentally cursed. What if he had done something embarrassing in his sleep?

Sanji brought his cerulean eyes upward and seemed startled by him as well. An awkward silence passed between the two before Zoro cleared his throat.

"Did you fall and hurt yourself, Cook?" he said in a teasing manner.

Sanji snorted and said, "Pfft- No. I waltzed in the air and managed to elegantly land my skull on the floor. What does it look like, idiot Marimo?"

Zoro's glare was met with the haughty expression of the curly-browed cook. Through his lust clouded mind the swordsman could swear that Sanji was blushing.

'Oh how sexy he looks right now…' Zoro thought the cook was just asking to be ravished.

Perhaps sensing the change of mood, Sanji looked away, annoyed. He rubbed the back of his neck. "You're late to lunch shit-head."

"Yeah?" Zoro's voice came out deep and raspy so he cleared his throat. "You gonna warm it up for me, Love-cook?"

Sanji stood up abruptly. "No. There's no lunch for late Marimo idiots." The cook stated as if it were law.

"Whatever, shit-cook. If I was actually hungry, I would just make you do it. Since you have no choice in the matter." the swordsman replied, looking smug.

Sanji sniffed and blew a puff of smoke. "As if you could make me."

A raised eyebrow. "I bet I could."

"Just try it." Curly-eyebrow twitch.

"Is that a challenge?"

"What do you think?"

"Yes. Right now?" Zoro asked.

The blonde hesitated. An expression passed over Sanji's features that the swordsman couldn't identify. "I think it will have to wait. Lunch is not yet finished." He then grinned devilishly at Zoro and said, "You just pick the time and place and I'm there."

"Just not now?" Zoro inquired, eager to let off some steam.

Sanji nodded. "Not now."

So fighting was out, for now. Zoro felt like sulking.

A moment of silence was taken before the swordsman realized exactly who was bossing whom around.

"Wait a minute…!" Zoro exclaimed but Sanji was already halfway to the galley door by the end of his utterance.

"You really suck at bossing me around! Try harder next time Moss-head!" The cook called before his blonde head slipped inside the door.

The swordsman just scratched his head, realizing he had lost a battle of some kind without noticing.

Zoro really needed to learn how to manipulate people to his advantage. Or maybe Sanji was just too good at it. Whatever the reason, Zoro was left horny and sweating on the deck. Not a good combination.

It was time for a nice long and hot shower.

Meanwhile, Sanji was washing the dishes after lunch. Luffy had eaten the rest of Zoro's plate, so there weren't any leftovers to worry about.

Sanji scrubbed a dish furiously in order to try to get the thought of Zoro having gay sex with someone out of his mind. All in vain.

The way Zoro had pleaded for more was how Sanji had come to his upsetting conclusion. Marimo was a bottom. Well, at one point at least. It made him wonder why he was so upset by this information.

He had thought that if Zoro was gay… Zoro would be the one on top, right? It seemed to Sanji that it was a terrible way to emasculate oneself, to be a submissive in a relationship. To Sanji it seemed that Zoro may have given up his pride in order to receive pleasure. It made the cook angry that Zoro would give up his pride as a man to anyone.

Sanji sighed and reached for another dish.

But what if it was not like that. If Zoro was willing to do something so… strange, it would have to have an amazing reward, right? A really good one. What if being penetrated felt so good, that even Zoro would give up his pride as a man to have it?

The thought made the cook shudder.

'Would I ever want to do something like that?' Sanji questioned himself. He paused in his dishwashing.

No…no, he couldn't. But the possibility of receiving a different type of pleasure dominated the cook's thoughts. The thrill of something new to try.

'What if I tried it on my own?' Sanji reasoned.

He quickly shook his head. No, no, no! Bad Sanji!

We went back to scrubbing the dishes so hard, he peeled off the glaze.

Sanji's cheeks felt hot, but he refused to let himself be aroused by his line of thought. He rubbed his hands on his apron and toyed with the thought of finger-fucking himself with only his apron on. Hmm…

Bam! The cook slammed his head on the counter. "Stop it, Sanji. You're gonna turn yourself gay", he whispered to himself.

He rubbed his sore head and whimpered. He was getting a headache.

The next day, an island had been spotted and Luffy decided it was time for the crew to board. They weren't particularly low on supplies and the log pose wasn't set for this island, but the Captain wouldn't take no for an answer.

The island didn't seem to have a dock, so they anchored and made it to the beach. Upon arriving, Luffy decided to venture into the undergrowth of the summer island. Sanji, wearing only a pair of short swim shorts, set up camp and twirled around the girls in their bikinis, while Zoro found a nice place in the shade to sleep/watch Sanji.

"Everyone! I found something!" A very excited Luffy vaulted out of the thick undergrowth and landed in the sand. Chopper was assaulted by a wave of sand from Luffy's landing.

Sanji looked up at the excitable boy. "What is it?", he called.

"I don't know!" Luffy called back, grinning. "But I like it!"

The cook rolled his eyes and glanced at Robin, who had a soft, amused smile on her face.

"Why don't we go see what it is?" the raven-haired woman suggested.

Sanji looked back to Luffy who was ranting about how cool his "mystery thing" was. The straw-hat boy then started stomping and dragging Usopp into the rainforest.

"Follow me, everyone!" Luffy ordered the shipmates, as he ran into the forest.

A ghost swirled out of Usopp's mouth after Luffy released his hold on the scrawny man's neck.

Nami groaned and stomped after Luffy into the forest. Sanji took Robin's hand and helped her up from her beach towel. Zoro walked out of the shade yawning and scratching his head, while Chopper finished rubbing the sand out of his eyes and followed Zoro into the undergrowth.

A yelp sounded as Nami caught up with Luffy and smacked him on the head. "This better be good Luffy!"

The captain grinned sheepishly back. "You'll love it, Nami", he told her in all seriousness. His dark eyes were shining with excitement.

"Yeah. Well…" Any further argument was pushed from the redhead's mind. "Whatever." She looked away, cheeks flushed.

"Yeah! It's so awesome! You have to see it!" The captain pumped a fist in the air and jumped over a large root, leaving the poor girl in the dust.

Usopp poked Nami's cheek. "You sick, Nami? You're face is all weird."

Bong! Usopp was on the ground with a large lump on his head as Nami stomped away in fury. Another ghost flew from the marksman's mouth.

Zoro shook his head in sympathy at the scrawny man before following after his captain and the navigator. Similar happenings occurred with Sanji and the rest of the crew. By the time Usopp awoke, his crew was gone. He looked around himself in a circle.

Out of nowhere, a chilly wind blew by.

"H-Hey guys?", he called.

There was no answer.

Back with the rest of the Straw-hats, the captain pulled back a large flat leaf to reveal what he had found. The crew gasped in awe at the sight in front of them.

A spectacular waterfall cascading down a slick rock side poured into a sparkling pool filled with crystal-clear water. The shade of the trees had thinned so the sun shone through the canopy, throwing splashes of glimmering sunlight against the walls of rock and across the water. There where patches of white sand on either side of the pool. Gaps through the trees above those spots allowed in a lot of light, perfect for lounging around in the sun. But past those sandy patches, bunches of wildflowers decorated and encased the view. The colorful flowers filled the air with an intoxicating aroma, which was mixed with the crispness of the fresh water spilling from the waterfall. The murmur of the water pouring out from the rocks, lured the Straw-hat crew in.

Standing with his feet in the soft, white sand, Sanji gaped in awe at the sheer beauty of the place. Something grazed his arm lightly and sent a tingling sensation through his whole arm. A glance to his left and he realized it was Zoro who touched him.

The swordsman was standing close by him, inhaling deeply with his eyes closed. Sanji closed his eyes and did the same. The image of the beauty around him was forever imprinted on his brain, along with the serene picture of Zoro in that bizarre moment. As Sanji inhaled, the sweet scents surrounding him mixed with those of the man beside him, finding, what seemed to him to be, a perfect balance of smells. The cook felt as if he had created a perfect dish. He was glad his cigarette wasn't lit.

"Holy crap, Luffy", Nami whispered in awe. "How in the world did you find this place?"

The captain chuckled. "I don't know!" He laughed louder and twirled around, kicking up sand and plucking flowers.

"It's a miracle." Chopper stated, wistfully.

Robin nodded, smiling, and gently touched a flower that hung beside her head.

Sanji opened his eyes and stepped into the cool water lapping at his feet. Zoro gazed deeply at him the all way. Cupping his hands, Sanji took a handful of the clear water and brought it to his lips. It was the sweetest water he had ever tasted.

Giggling filled the air as Luffy unleashed an armload of delicate flowers onto the navigator's red head. Nami blinked in surprise and then smiled tenderly at the young man. Stopping where he was, Luffy raised a hand a stroked the girl's cheek lightly before brushing a petal out of her hair.

Luffy pulled his hand away bashfully and said, "…Flower… in your hair." He looked embarrassed.

Nami blushed and smiled at him. "Idiot", she called him in a soft tone of voice.

A loud crashing noise sounded from the undergrowth behind them and a tearful Usopp charged between the two.

He sobbed and cried, "You left me! I can't believe you guys are so mean…" The marksman looked around and his tears automatically stopped. "Woah… Awesome…"

Chopper walked out from behind Robin's legs. "Yeah isn't it?" The reindeer giggled a moment. "Luffy found it somehow."

"Amazing", he uttered.

Luffy pulled out a colorful inner tube out of nowhere and slipped water wings onto his arms. "Let's go swimming!" Luffy wrapped a stretchy arm around both Chopper and Usopp and pulled them into the water with him.

"C-Cold!", Usopp sputtered.

Chopper clung desperately to Luffy's inflatable tube.

The young captain just laughed.

Sanji and Zoro watched their antics with amusement. Sanji dove into the deeper part of the water with a long jump. While, Zoro waded over to Chopper, picked him up, and put him on his shoulders.

"Hey!" Chopper protested but made no move to get off of the swordsman.

After smiling at each other, the women decided to join them all in the water. Sanji waved at them from the pool with hearts in his eyes.

"Ah! My lovely ladies are going for a swim? How delightful, Nami-swan! Robin-chwan!~" The exuberant cook twirled in the water.

"Why yes we are, Cook-san. The water is wonderful." The raven-haired beauty responded.

"Oh, yes it is! But it is nothing compared to the two of you! Nami-swann! Robin-chwann!~"

"Oh, stop…", Nami twittered and covered her face in fake modesty.

"Yeah, please. You're making me sick to my stomach, Shit-cook", Zoro called from the other side of the shimmering pool.

Sanji frowned. "What'd you say to me?!", he yelled.

The cook then kicked forcefully under the water and created a small tidal wave to engulf the swordsman. Unfortunately it engulfed Usopp, Luffy, and Chopper as well. The wave threw the four onto the sand. Chopper and Usopp passed out, while Luffy just thought it was fun.

"What the hell was that for?!" Zoro yelled with sharp teeth.

Sanji wiped some imaginary dry dirt off of his shoulder. "You know very well what that was for, Marimo-head." There was a little smile on the Cook's face. He was obviously amused with the situation.

"Hey, Zoro! Let's play chicken!" Luffy jumped onto Zoro's back and kicked his sides like he would a horse. "Come on!"

Zoro grabbed him and threw him into the water. "Get offa me! I don't want to." The swordsman found a place in the sun where he could lie down. "I'm gonna sleep.", and instantly he was snoring as he sat down.

Luffy swam to Sanji in his floaties. "I wanna play chicken, Sanji! Please?"

Sanji scratched his chin. "Well are we going to play against Chopper and Usopp then?" He looked over to where the two were just waking up.

"Yeah! Chopper will get all big and Usopp will get on his shoulders!" Luffy exclaimed.

Nami stated, "I'm getting out of here. Looks like it's about to get rough." The redhead looked at the dark-haired woman beside her. "Do you want to come with, Robin?"

"Yes. How about we go lie in the sun over there." She pointed toward the sunny spot on the left, opposite the side Zoro was on.

Nami nodded in agreement.

"Bye bye Nami-swann and Robin-chwuan!~" Sanji told them farewell as they waded out of the pool.

Immediately Luffy jumped on Sanji's shoulders and they turned around to face a giant Chopper with Usopp on top.

"Yeah! Let's start!" Luffy ordered the start.

Immediately Luffy started kicking at Usopp, finding that his legs wouldn't reach unless he stretched them.

"Ahh! Back you fiend!" Usopp screeched.

Chopper complained, "Hey don't kick me, Luffy!"

Luffy continued to swing his legs in Usopp's general direction. Sanji was having trouble holding on to the boisterous youth.

Suddenly Luffy swung his leg a little too hard and the stretchy limb wrapped around and got caught in a tree behind the two of them.

"Uh oh." Luffy stated.

And then his body was whipped around and pulled in the direction of his foot. Luffy's other leg, that was wrapped around Sanji's shoulder, hooked under the cook's arm. Sanji's torso was twisted around in a painful contortion as the rubber man spun him around with his leg. His legs had been firmly placed in the sand to hold on to Luffy, but now his spine was being spun around and injured.

The cook's vision went black as he was propelled into the water. His mouth opened in a silent scream and the sweet water flooded in, effectively choking him. Sanji pushed up with his powerful legs and made it past the surface of the water. He gagged and coughed up the water in his lungs.

"Sanji! Are you okay?!" Chopper's concerned voice asked him.

The cook managed to stop choking, but his breathing was labored. He was in so much pain from his back that he felt nauseous. Little black dots swarmed his vision.

"I'm fine." Sanji choked out. Yeah right.

"Yeah! Something like that wouldn't hurt Sanji. But I myself have been trampled by a massive eight-thousand ton rock avalanche and it didn't hurt me!" Usopp told Chopper.

"What? Really?!" Chopper exclaimed.

"Really?!" Luffy called from somewhere up in the trees.

Usopp puffed out his chest. "Sure!"

"Don't you believe him!" Nami yelled from her spot on the beach.

Robin glanced at Sanji. "Are you sure you are alright, Cook-san?"

Sanji forced a smile on his face. "Of course! Robin-chwan! See?"

Sanji did something resembling a pirouette in the water. He instantly regretted it and when the pain subsided, his hands were shaking.

Robin's eyes narrowed and, for a second, the cook thought she was going to say she didn't believe him.

"I'm glad you are alright, then." She responded, smiling.

Sanji had hearts in his eyes. "I am so glad for your concern, Robin-chan!"

Luffy untangled himself from the tree and landed in the water with a splash.

"Sanji! Let's play again. Okay?!" Luffy begged the cook.

"No. I'm done Luffy. Play another game okay?" Sanji started making his way to the right and was eventually out of the water. Now that the water wasn't supporting him, the cook was in even more pain.

"Awww! But Sanjiii!" Luffy whined.

The blond, starting to get annoyed, yelled, "Shut up! I don't want to play anymore! Play Marco-polo or something!" Sanji was having trouble keeping his face even.

"Marco-polo! Yes!" Luffy exclaimed and started fighting with the others on who would be "Marco".

Sanji sighed in relief and lay down in the soft sand. The dirt automatically covered his bare skin. He must have torn a muscle in his back or something. The cook shifted uncomfortably in the sand and tried to crack his back by twisting, but it hurt way too much.

Suddenly a shadow fell across his closed eyelids. He opened them to find a green-haired man looking at him with a pissed expression.

"What?" The cook asked, annoyed.

Zoro didn't answer. Instead he grabbed Sanji by his arm and started pulling him in the direction of the flower bushes.

"Hey! Let me go, shit-head!" Sanji struggled to get free but it put too much strain on his back. Those annoying dots swam in his vision again.

Nami called from across the pool, "What are you doing with Sanji, Meat-head?"

Zoro stopped and uttered one word, "Fight".

Sanji gulped.

Nami waved her hand nonchalantly. "Alright then. Have fun you two."

The swordsman continued to walk into the bushes and reached the undergrowth of trees, all the while, dragging Sanji. The cook had stopped putting up a fight, realizing it was useless.

Zoro dragged Sanji and looked around. The swordsman, then, started heading towards a light patch in the jungle and they walked out into a clearing. Flowers were there too and there seemed to be more colors on those ones.

Zoro let go of Sanji and stood glaring at him for a few good seconds.

"Why didn't you tell Chopper what Luffy did to your back?" The swordsman growled at him.

Was that what this was about? The idiot. "It's none of your business! I just didn't want to." Sanji replied with as much venom.

Zoro looked ready to punch him.

The swordsman took a deep breath. "Whatever. Just get on the ground", he bit out.

Sanji looked curiously at him for a moment. "You are going to give me another massage?"

Zoro glared at him. "Get on the ground. Now. It's an order", Zoro said has calmly as he could.

Sanji realized he couldn't disobey and he lowered himself to the ground, lying on his stomach. Zoro knelt beside him and brushed the sand lightly off of his back.

"How does it hurt?" Zoro asked Sanji, taking him by surprise.

"Well… What's really bothering me is my back feels like it needs to be popped. But it hurts too much to do it." Sanji explained.

"Well it's going to have to hurt. Brace yourself." Zoro told him.

The swordsman crawled up closer and placed his right knee in the small of Sanji's back, without pressing down.

"Right here?" Zoro asked.

"No. A little to the left." he said.

Zoro moved his knee over a little. "Here?"

"Yeah", the cook said.

Zoro pressed his knee down a little, but he didn't hear a "pop".

"Ah… That hurts…nn." Sanji squeezed his eyes shut and pulled at the grass in his hands.

"It's not over yet. Hold on.", the swordsman said.

Zoro adjusted himself so that he was positioned directly over the cook's body, with his hands on either side of him. He put most of his weight on Sanji's back.

The pain for Sanji was excruciating. "Ahh! Ow… hurts.. Zoro! Ah… stop!"

"Crraacckk", was the sound of the cook's back finally giving in.

Zoro pulled off and Sanji sighed in relief.

"That hurt like hell, stupid Marimo." Sanji said, exhausted.

The swordsman ran a hand through his hair. "I know. Don't move yet. It'll only hurt more."

"Don't have to tell me twice", the tired cook grumbled.

Zoro placed his hands on Sanji's back and started rubbing gentle circles in his tense muscles. The swordsman's hands made it to the spot where he had put his knee and the cook tensed. He decided to avoid that spot and concentrate on the muscles around it.

"I bet Chopper could tell me what muscle you pulled, Idiot-brow." Zoro huffed and pressed his thumbs into the small of Sanji's back.

Sanji groaned, "I don't want him to have to worry about me. And I don't want everyone to see me like this."

The swordsman frowned and shook his head. "You know, there is such a thing as having too much pride. You don't have to always prove your masculinity." Zoro sighed. "Sometimes it is better to just let go and have people worry about you. If you don't, it will make you seem cold or distant."

Sanji pondered the man's statement. He understood that if Chopper found out about his injury, he would probably be upset about it. Could he possibly be sending others away because of his pride? He supposed a secret like that would potentially hurt someone.

Zoro had masculine pride, but what he was saying is to not let it control his life. Maybe that was why Zoro could be dominated in a relationship and still be the same person. Sanji wondered if Zoro had been unrelenting in a relationship and drove someone away. Like a lover. The thought sobered the cook for a moment.

Sanji heaved an exasperated sigh. "Zoro you are so good at this."

"What? Massages?", the swordsman asked.

'Everything…', Sanji replied in his mind, but said nothing aloud.