"Max, get your butt down here!" Mom yelled up the stairs.

I opened my bedroom door and slid down the banister. Mom was standing at the end. "Yeah, Val?"

She stared at me with an eyebrow raised.

"Okay. Yeah, Mom?"

"Why aren't you wearing what I picked out?"

"Because I'm not frilly pink Maxine. I'm hardcore Max. I gave that dress to Angel."

"Well, can you at least wear something other than black?"

I looked at my outfit. I was wearing red skinny jeans and a red spaghetti strap top with black print on it in the shape of a skull. Over that, I wore a sheer black dress shirt that had the top buttons undone. My shoes were the knee-high high-tops, black with red lace. I had on a leather strip choker with a rose cross as the hanging charm. "I'm wearing red…" I pointed to my dark brown, punk styled hair. It had a strip of blue and a strip of red mixed in in certain spots. "and blue…"

Mom smiled. "That's my Max. Go upstairs and see if your sisters are ready."

I nodded and went up to their rooms. My sister are Ella and Angel. They're twins but they look nothing alike. Ella had almost black hair and brown eyes, whereas Angel had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Ella was still in the walk-in closet and Angel was sitting at the vanity, doing her make-up. Ella and Angel are sixteen and I'm seventeen. Funny thing is that my birthday is the same as theirs, only we're one year apart. It's on the last day of school so we always have a giant end-of-year/birthday bash.

"Hey, Ange." I greeted, petting her blonde curls gently, for fear she get pissed if I mess it up. "Almost ready?"

She nodded. "Yeah." She looked at my outfit. "You know what would look great with that outfit-"

"I'm not wearing any make-up." I told her.

"No! I was thinking maybe some fishnet gloves." She fished some out of her vanity drawer and handed them to me. The dress shirt had short sleeves and the fishnets went to the elbow.

I smiled at her. "Thanks, Ange." I faced the closet. "Come on, Ella. Hurry your ass up or you'll miss your ride."

She came out in a mini denim skirt with black heels. The shirt was white and had frills along the low neckline and a denim vest over it. (pic on profile) She had a white purse with her as well.

Angel wore a dark pink dress that went to mid-thigh with black leggings underneath. The dress had spaghetti straps and hugged her waist, showing off her curves. She wore black heels to match.

"Let's go!" I said, digging my keys out of my pocket. "Even though I want to ride my bike…" I muttered, sighing.

Ella took her keys out of her purse. "Go. I'll drive me and Angel."

I smiled and ran down the stairs. I hadn't driven my bike in forever! It was a 2009 red and black Ducati. I put on my helmet and drove to school, Ella and Angel following me in the Mercedes. It was black and this year's model.


I pulled into the school parking lot, looking for a spot. An idiot sped through the lot and screeched to a halt in a spot. I had to slam on the brakes in order to not hit the guy.

Everyone was staring at the black Porsche.

"Hey, asshole! Watch where you're speeding!" I screamed through my helmet. I parked in the spot near the car since it was a motorcycle parking space. I turned my bike off and took my helmet off as the asshole came out of his car. I shook my hair out. The guy had strawberry blond hair and crystal-like blue eyes. He was tall and his hair was spiked. He had an earring in at the top of his ear, a small hoop.

"Sorry. Didn't see you there." He apologized. His voice was smooth. And the thing was, he was being sincere. He wasn't monotone and he wasn't sarcastic.

I smiled. "Wow. A guy that actually apologizes. You don't see that often." I had to squint because I was facing the still rising sun. I walked over to his car as another person came out of the passenger side. He had a cowlick and his hair was blond. His eyes were a piercing blue. He seemed younger than the driver.

"I'm Iggy." The driver held his hand out.

I looked him up and down. He was wearing baggy jeans and a dark blue shirt with black Converse. I looked at the other kid to see him wearing the same thing only his shirt was green. "Max." I didn't shake his hand.

"I don't bite." Iggy joked, smiling, hand still outstretched.

"No, but I do." I smirked, showing my teeth. I shook his hand nonetheless, though.

"That's Gazzy." He pointed to the other boy. "He's sixteen and I'm seventeen."

I nodded my hello to Gazzy and he waved back, smiling.

"Follow me. I'll show you to the office." I started walking toward the building, them following.

"How did you know we were new?" Iggy asked.

"I know everyone in this school. Hang with me and you'll be the hottest topic."

Everyone was making way for me in the hallways, whispering and staring as we passed.

Gazzy came up beside me, a little shy and nervous. "Why are they all staring at us?"

"I'm the most popular kid in school. Having people walking with me other than my group or sisters is shocking to everyone else."

"Maxie!" A shrill voice squealed.

Lissa came up and tried to hug me.

"Drop dead." I greeted, walking passed her.

She kept pace. "But, Maxie, we're buds! We should at least hang out at school!"

I bit my tongue, keeping all the profanities locked away. "I'm not friends with sluts. Now leave me alone." My tone was dangerous.

Gazzy and Iggy stared at me, stunned. We were at the office.

"Wow. I've never seen so much fear in someone's eyes before." Iggy commented.

I smirked. "You're lucky you're on my good side." I adjusted my helmet in my arms. "See you guys at lunch."

I left them.


School went by…well, I can't say normally since there's no such thing for me. But I did find out that Iggy was in most of my classes. Gazzy was in all of Angel and Ella's classes.

Now it was lunchtime. I was sitting at my usual table with my friends: Tammy, Jason, Sam (a girl), David, Frank, Ron, Ella, and Angel.

We were all chatting when the entire courtyard quieted. We looked over to see Iggy and Gazzy straight for us. I stood up and waited for them to come over. When they arrived at the table, I introduced them all to one another.

New gossip topic: Two new kids added to the Golden Clique.

(We're not even a clique, just a group of friends. Everyone says we're popular cause we're all "good-looking." We're all just people who hang out because we all have the same interests.)


Okay, so tell me what you all think. This is a new story and all so I'm nervous if you liked it or not. Don't worry! Fang IS coming! I just have to wait for a while!