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Twelve years later……………

"Edward! Come and tell your son to stop cheating!" Emmett yelled from the playroom.

"I'm not cheating dad!" I could hear Anthony yelled back trough guffaws and I couldn't help but smile. My son, my pried and joy.

"Yes you are" Emmett replied. Like father like son, he thought, and that only made me laugh.

"No I'm not Uncle Emmett, I'm just better than you, I swear I'm blocking you, tell him dad!!!!!" Anthony replied.

"Yes Emmett, he is, give up, my son is better than any of us on that stuff" I told him from my place in the living room's couch as I tried working on my lap-top.

"No he is not" Emmett responded.

"Yes I am" Anthony countered.

"No you're……."

"Ok you two little children stop that rumbling or I'm going to break all the cables of that video game" Rosalie interjected making both of them mumble "sorry" and kept playing.

It really did look that they were two little children at home, Emmett was Anthony's god-father and for all intent of purposes his best friend, they spent a lot of time together which didn't make me exactly trilled, but Bella said it was fascinating, she was always laughing at every single prank they both pulled, even if it was at her.

My Bella, she was so beautiful, and I loved her even more each and every single day that passed. She was here, she was mine and she got her wish and became one of us.

A week after Anthony's birth she said she was ready to be changed, not wanting to waste anymore time, which I knew meant she didn't want to get any older, which was stupid to me as she became more beautiful every single day, but I had to keep my word and change her.

Esme and Rosalie stayed as Anthony's keepers in the main home and me and Bella went back to our little home were after making love for the last time as Bella being a human I performed the change. It was the second worst day of my life, only second to the day I left her that faithfull day in September, being me who was causing her so much pain again.

She was brave she barely produce any sound, but I could see in the way she moved with the pain how much she was suffering, Alice and Carlisle were there as soon as I called them telling them I had done it, Alice barely left one time to hunt while I had to be back and forth between Bella and Anthony, he was my son and I had to see him a couple of times trough the day, he was sad missing his mom but he knew she would come back soon and that made him wait as patiently as he could, but I couldn't leave him without both his parents so I did tried to be with him as much as possible trough the day while in the night I didn't move an inch from Bella.

Finally 3 days later the transformation was complete; the painful wait was over and unbelievably but true that same day she was able to hold our son and start a new life as if she had been a vampire all along.

"Why are you so lost in thought sweet husband of mine?" Bella said as she wrapped her hands around me.

"Just remembering when Anthony was born and you were changed, that's all" I replied.

"I know! It seems like yesterday but at the same time it feels like it has always been like this" she added.

"Yes, I couldn't be happier my love" I said placing a kiss on her temple.

"Dad!" Anthony called. "It's your turn, you promised!"

"I'll be there" I gave a quick kiss to my beautiful wife , placed my lap-top on the coffee table and went to the playroom to play with my son and his best friend which happened to be my annoying brother.


I saw my wonderful husband go to the playroom to enjoy time with our son, I couldn't believe my baby was already 12, he was almost a teenager, the most perfect, wonderful, kind, handsome kid ever. Yeah I know I'm the mom and I'm supposed to say that but it was true because he was exactly like his father. If I hadn't carried him for all that time, suffered the pain of giving birth to him and see my shielding ability reflected in him I would have my doubts of him being my son, he didn't look anything like me, he was all Edward. Same hair, same face and same eyes, but the eyes Anthony has are not the same as the honey color you could see in Edward nowadays. Anthony's eyes were green, the most beautiful and rich green color ever. Carlisle said they were exactly the same eyes he saw in 1918 before changing Edward. So far everybody thought Edward and Anthony were brothers but we knew as soon as Anthony was 17 like his father they would be able to say the were twins, that much alike they were

Anthony was more special that any one of us put together, because he possessed two abilities in him, he was able to read minds as his father and shield as good as me, he could even shield reading minds and that was something his father envied him, he said sometimes he just wanted to be able to block every single thought in the room, and our son was able to do it at his own will, when he wanted to know what everybody was thinking he took off the shield when he just didn't care he placed it on and it was like nothing was going on. He had to used it all the time with Emmett because besides that he always accused Anthony of cheating Edward said it was not appropriate for him to hear what his uncle Emmett had on his mind most of the time.

Anthony had indeed changed every single one of our lives, everybody was so taken with him, he had all of us vampires wrapped around his little finger, Edward and me as parents were the protective ones, always looking after him and gravitating towards every single one of his needs, we loved him dearly and he was the most important person in our world.

Carlisle and Esme were the ones always giving him advice, showing him how to be the best he could and telling him stories of his parents, some of them embarrassing much to Edward's dismay.

Jasper was his teacher; literally, he took upon himself to teach him everything he knew; most of all history and philosophy, which Anthony enjoyed, and of course battlefield Anthony loved every single expedition his uncle Jasper took him on and love to practice his skills on his uncle Emmett.

Alice spoiled him rotten and used every single excuse to buy something for him, clothes, shoes, toys, games, accessories whatever she deemed Anthony needed.

Rosalie was like his second mom, always there by his side and trying to be strict when he let his uncle Emmett talk him into do pranks, but at the end of the day she spoiled him rotten as well, and Emmett well let's just say he finally found someone his mental age to help him in his crazy adventures, they were almost inseparable.

"Bella, what do you think about this lamp? Do you think Charlie will like it?" I heard Alice said making me come back to reality.

"Alice you would know better than me" I chuckled.

"Well yes I know but I wanted to be polite and ask" she said with a wink. "I'm going to finish up getting everything ready, Esme should be back from the grocery store in 15 minutes and I'll help her prepare cookies!"

"Alice you don't even like to cook!" I replied.

"I know but I like to decorate them" she laughed sprinting upstairs.

We left Forks when Anthony was 2 years old, it was the hardest time for me and my dad, but we had to do it, time was passing and we couldn't stay there anymore. We moved to Alaska for 6 years, then to Germany, now we were in Vancouver and we hoped to be able to stay here for at least another 6 years, moving was great but it got tiring the third time around. Thankfully Charlie always came to us a couple times a year, he couldn't be away from his grandson more than 3 months at a time and Anthony loved him dearly as well, he even had gone a couple of times to Forks himself.

Before leaving Forks I had to tell Charlie the "truth" or as much as I could anyways, he knew something was not right as soon as he saw me a week after my transformation, my skin was paler than ever, my voice different, my eyes were not the same color even with the contact lenses Alice order from Europe, my posture, my reflexes, he knew something was up. Edward and I sat down with him and told him that we were different, but the same, he was confused at first but once we told him we were not what you would call a "human" he told us not to tell him more than he actually had to know. So we just told him we didn't age and that after Anthony's 17 birthday he wouldn't age as well, and he nodded in understanding telling us he loved us no matter what. And that was that, after that conversation the Cullen family didn't need to pretend as much in his presence, they tried for his sake to keep it to a minimum but Emmett got a kick from seeing Charlie's face when he was there one second and disappeared the second after and Anthony loved to show his granddad how strong and smart he was, even tough he as well tried to keep it to a minimum. And now Charlie was coming for a couple of weeks to see our new place in Vancouver, I was excited to see my dad again.

All in all life or eternity I may say was great, I couldn't regret any single decision I had made because all that had brought me here and here is were I wanted to stay with my family and the love of my eternity.


After a couple of hours of beating Emmett he gave up and left the room saying he wanted to watch a "real game" in the television. Anthony and I rolled our eyes and let him go.

"Dad?" Anthony said suddenly leaving his game control and looking at me with his beautiful green eyes.

"Yeah son?" I replied patting the place in the couch next to me so he would sit there.

He stood up from the carpet and came to me, placing his little head on the crook of my arm and I could feel the shield breaking.

What would have happen if mom died as she gave birth to me? He asked trough his mind.

Why are you thinking about that Anthony, she is here, with us, that's what is important. I replied trough my mind as well, these silent talks were a big part of us and we enjoyed them greatly.

I don't know I was just thinking if you wouldn't love me as much. He said raising his head and looking at me.

Don't say that Anthony! Never! You are my son and I love you, you and your mother are my life.

I know dad, is just, I know sometimes I see in your mind how you didn't want to change mom at all, even when she begged you and maybe if I hadn't been conceived…….

I stop him right there and there Anthony if you hadn't been conceived we wouldn't be as happy as we are, we love you, I love you, you are my son never forget that please.

Ok dad, I love you too. He said and I could see a smile play on his lips.

"What are the two men of my existence doing? Another silent talk?" Bella said coming and sitting next to Anthony in the couch.

"Something like that" Anthony replied. Don't tell mom dad, I don't want her to get upset. He let me know.

Of course not, our silent talks are only for us. I replied with a wink.

"Mmmmm….. what are you hiding from me? Bella said watching our silent interaction.

"Nothing love, you know us, we love to talk without the exhaustion of uttering words" I said.

"Yeah, because you get so tired!" she said sarcastically.

Anthony and I laughed and I could see the mischievous glitter in Bella's eyes.

"Really?" she said " I will have to torture my son then to get my response" and I knew what she had in mind.

"No!!!!!!!!" Anthony yelled trying to fly but Bella was faster, and let's face it I helped her to retain my son in the sofa.

"Tickle time!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bella suddenly said and with my help my son was fast laughing and yelling.

We stopped and laugh so hard we felt to the carpet and rolled, on our backs. Anthony stood up and with all his force came crashing on my stomach, Bella soon followed and we were a tangle of bodies and laughs. Eternity couldn't get better than this. This was my family and I couldn't be happier, and I knew the love between the three of us would last Forever and For Always………..


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