Here is the other short I wrote along with the "Women" short story. I'm unsure if it's as good as the Women one but as long as you enjoy it then I'm happy. ^^



Lily returned to the common room from the black lake where she had been planning on spending her afternoon. While there James had tried, once again, to ask her out and, once again, she had denied him. Knowing he wouldn't let her spend the afternoon at the lake in peace she had left and went to the common room. If he followed her she could easily escape to the girl's dormitory where he couldn't follow. She sat down on one of the couches and kept her attention on the portrait hole expecting James to pop up any minute. As if on cue the portrait opened but instead of James that stepped through it was Lily's best friends, Lexis and Kayla.

"Lily!" Lexis said, as she walked into the common room.

"Hey, Lexis, he,y Kayla!" said Lily, patting the couch next to her hoping they would sit. They both approached the couch and sat on either side of her.

"I thought you were spending the afternoon at the lake, we went out there looking for you," Kayla said.

"I wanted to but James found me and tried to ask me out again," answered Lily, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"He's persistent, I'll give him that."

"Persistent?" Lexis scoffed. "More like obsessive, how many times does that make this year, Lily?"

"I lost count," sighed Lily.

"You need to tell him, flat out, that he will never have a chance with you."

"Don't you think I've tried? He doesn't listen."

"I have a really terrible idea," Kayla said, and the other girls looked at her. "Why not just go out with him, once, and when it fails, miserably I'm sure, then he'll stop trying."

"You're right," Lily said. "That is a terrible idea."

Kayla rolled her eyes and looked to Lexis, trying to get her to back her up.

"It's not entirely a bad idea, Lily, she has a point."

"You're both nutters, I'm not going to give in, he'll think he's won if I do!" exclaimed Lily.

"Lily dear, I've been in how many relationships?" Kayla asked.

"More than I can count on both hands," answered Lily.

"How many have you been in?"

"A coupleā€¦."

"Exactly, I know what I'm talking about."

"If he begins stalking me I'm hold you both responsible."

Lexis and Kayla looked at each other and smiled; Lily stuck her tongue out at them and sat back in the couch. She was sure James would be making another advance by the end of the night.


The following morning Lily was walking to class and trying to put her books in her bag. Someone bumped into her causing her books to fly out of her hands and litter the floor.

"Brilliant," she said sarcastically, and bent down to pick up her things not caring who had knocked her over. A hand reached out and picked up her books for her and when she looked up she was face to face with James.

"Sorry about that, I was in a rush," said James. Lily took her things from him and stood up expecting him to ask her out. She didn't move away or make any comment as she usually did.

"Have a good day," James said, and walked past her without so much as a second glance. Lily caught up with Lexis and Kayla in Charms and told them of the exchange between her and James.

"Figures, I plan to give him a chance and he chose not to ask me out," Lily said, resting her head on the desk.

"They're so oblivious, aren't they?" Lexis asked.

"It's the perfect word to explain them," added Kayla.

"Who's them?" Sirius asked, sitting down at the table next to them with James.

"Men," Lily, Lexis and Kayla all said together, Sirius threw up his hands in defeat and chose not to argue, exactly like men do.