This may come as a disappointment to some and others may think this is the best idea since sliced bread, but I as I work on chapters for The Goblet of Fire I have been looking back on what I have already written to make sure I'm still following the story and I am no longer happy with what I have written for the beginning chapters. Some of you may have read the review by ReviewsGalore and while I don't know what you might be thinking of it I did ask the reviewer to critique my story thus far to see how I'm doing. I agree with that person (I don't know if it's a guy or a girl and frankly it doesn't really matter) on several accounts and have decided to start over.

The new story will be much the same, only with a little more detail at the beginning, hopefully making my character "Robert Munro" not appear to be semi omniscient. I don't know when I'll be posting the "new" story but since all I really need to do is go back and change details and add supporting dialogue and plotline to what I've already saved in my computer I don't think it should take me too terribly long to finish my editing. Still, I am back at school and have many more important things to be doing besides writing this story. When I do post the story I plan to change the title slightly calling it "Magical Mayhem" so that there isn't confusion on the two story lines.

Wish me luck and happy reading and writing.