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True Demons

"Oy Luffy! You stole from my plate again."


"Luffy! Don't talk with your mouth full of food when you're next to me!"

It was nighttime in the Grand Line and so was dinnertime on the Thousand Sunny. As usual, Luffy was stuffing his mouth with all the food that he could get his rubber hands on, while Usopp, Chopper, and Franky were trying fruitlessly to keep Luffy away from their own plates. Robin brought her hand to her mouth and chuckled quietly as fight progressed, while he orange haired friend Nami just sighed and tried to block out all the noise. Brook was busy playing his violin, a tradition he started after each meal. Zoro was long gone and was working out diligently in the Crow's Nest. Sanji was split between kicking Luffy's giant cheek and asking the two beautiful women if they want desert.

"Would you freaking stop it Mugiwara?!" Franky yelled. "I can't be suuuppperrrr without any food."

"Yeah!" Usopp and Chopper added.

"Would you guys knock it off?" Nami asked as nicely as she could at the moment. Luffy swallowed the food he had in his mouth and he and the rest exclaimed, "He started it!" Soon the guys all had a large bump on their heads with a furious Nami looming over them, her fist out and smoking. "You all started it!" Robin just chuckled some more before excusing herself from the table,

Thank you Nami-sawn!" Sanji said with hearts in his eyes as he began to gather all the dishes. "By the way, our food supply is running low…" Sanji gave a noticeable glare to Luffy. '…again."

"It doesn't matter. According to my calculations, as long as the wind direction doesn't change over night, we'll arrive at the next island tomorrow morning."

This got everyone riled up. "Adventure! Adventure!" Luffy yelled. "I hope we'll have some great fun adventure on the mystery island." Sanji was quietly mumbling a list of ingredients he will need from the island. Chopper silently hoped that the island would have some new medical books. Usopp was chanting with Luffy. And Franky let out a loud "SUPER!"

The next morning…

"Land Ho!" Usopp called from the Crow's Nest.

The Mugiwara crew all left their cabins and looked towards the island. The island was rather large and had a huge mountain on it. The rest of the island seemed to be covered in large rocks and small vegetation.

"Yatta!" Luffy exclaimed as they docked at the harbor. Just as Luffy was about to run off, Nami grabbed his cheek and dragged him back to the ship.

"Oww, that hurt Nami!" Luffy said as he rubbed his sore cheek. "Well don't go run off like that before the crew splits up," said a peeved off Nami.

"So how is this going to work out?" Zoro asked as he stepped down from the Crow's Nest. "How about me, Usopp, and Sanji go and get the supplies we need." Nami suggested. "And Luffy, Robin, and Chopper will go and explore the town. Brook, Zoro, and Franky will stay on the Sunny and watch it." Everyone nodded and disembarked.

2 hours later…

"Okay Nami-swan! I got all the ingredients I needed." Sanji said. Nami sighed, there was nothing else to buy around the town. No surprise either, because from the look of the place anyone can tell that is was a very poor town.

"There's no clothes to buy here." Nami whined as her group headed back to Sunny Go.

"Clothes? There's nothing in this town. I searched everywhere and I couldn't find anything to make my boshis with." Usopp said.

"He's right Nami-swan, even the market barely had anything food there." Sanji added as he pushed his cart of raw food.

"This town may be poor, but it's big as hell." Usopp said. "My feet are killing me." Nami and Sanji both nodded in agreement. Spotting a nearby tavern, the three decide to go inside and rest up a bit.

Upon entering the place, they noticed that it was devoid of life, save for the bartender. Nami and Usopp sat at the bar while Sanji double checked that all of his ingredients were still in good condition.

"Even the bar is empty, I wonder where all the townsfolk are," Nami thought out loud. The bartender heard her and said, "You must be new here if you're wondering about that."

"Ah, we're new to the town," Usopp answered.

Bartender shook his head while giving the trio a frown. "I hope you aren't planning to stay here, this island is no place for travelers." Nami gave the beverage dealer a raised brow. "And why is that?" The bartender looked shocked after hearing that. "You mean you never heard of this island?" The three shook their heads.

"No, never heard of this island."

The bartender let out a large sigh, deciding whether or not to tell these strangers the island's history. I might as well, I don't want them to get killed here.


"This island is soooooooo boring!!!" Luffy complained rather loudly. He was walking around the town center with Robin and Chopper following, both also seemed rather bored as well.

"I agree with Luffy, there isn't even a bookstore here," Robin said. "No medical store either," Chopper added.

Robin gazed up at the sky, noticing that the sun was starting to set. "Captain-san. Maybe we should start heading back to the ship." Luffy nodded. "We should, I'm hungry again!" Not a second after Robin's suggestion, the three heard a large BANG somewhere close by. A few seconds later, several more BANGS were heard.

"I wonder what's happening over there." The three had their heads turned to the direction of the noise.

"Maybe it's something fun to do!" Luffy said, a large smile on his face. Chopper however was a lot more worried about the ruckus in town. "I don't know Luffy, I'm smelling gunpowder in the air." Robin nodded, "We should leave, it might be Mari…"

"I'm goin' to check it out."

"Matte Luffy!" Chopper and Robin both yelled, but to no avail. Luffy was already using is gomu powers to grab on a nearby house and used a Gomu Gomu no Rocket to fly towards the noise.

"Ahhh. Ahhh." Chopper's mouth was wide open as he just stared at the house Luffy just flew off of. Robin was just quietly chuckling to herself.

"Quickly Doctor-san, we should find Luffy-san before he gets into any trouble." Chopper nodded and the two headed off to where the noise was.

Back at the tavern…

"Nani? There's a Marine base here?" Sanji asked incredulously. "Indeed there is one here I'm afraid." The bartender said while getting a few drinks for the three.

"So this island is called Heaven's Mountain Island." Nami said to herself as she sipped her beverage. The bartender nodded, "It's named after the large mountain in the island's center."

"So what was the island like before the we got here?' Usopp asked,

The bartender let out another large sigh before answering. "Heaven's Mountain was once a wonderful place. Tourists from around the world came to see and try to climb the mountain. The town here became rich and was prosperous." He paused before continuing.

"But everything changed when the Marines came here."

Nami, Usopp, and Sanji all looked at each with confusion. All three knew that the Marines were somewhat bad, but never so evil to turn this once lively town into a poor, desolate place.

"I know, we all thought the Marines were going to help us at first. Setting a small base in order to enforce the law and keep out pirates. But it wasn't like that at all." The bartender continued. "When they came, they started building their base on one of Heaven's Mountain's peaks. We were fine with that, but after they were done with the construction, they enslaved the people here."

"Nani?!" The Mugiwaras all gasped.

Without missing a beat, the bartender continued. "They forced the people to start mining the west side of the mountain. When we asked why, they announced that their scientists discovered that there is a large concentration of seastone inside the mountain and they needed it for prisoners. Soon word got out and no one started coming to visit the mountain again. Our resources fell and now the town is merely a shadow of it's former self."

"That's horrible," Usopp said.

"Wait, didn't you guys try to revolt or something?" Sanji asked.

The bartender shook his head. "We tried, but there's a huge army of Marines here, a little over 2000 men are stationed here. Plus, 4 Captains were sent here to keep the men in line and they all obey their commanding officer, who is currently in the Marine base."

"Commanding officer?" Sanji asked.

"Yes, no one has ever seen the person and came back to tell us. All we know is that the person was once a vice-admiral, but got demoted in order to stay here and oversee the base."

This news shocked Nami to her very core. Usopp was in a worse condition, as his mouth was gaping open and his eyes showed dread.

"Nami-san, what should we…"

"We are getting out of here." Nami said firmly.

"Agreed," said Usopp. Sanji gave his usual reply of a yes and a eye of hearts.

"Ossan, thank you for the info." Nami said before leaving in a hurry. The kind man nodded and added, "I suggest you leave quickly, the Marines should be going on their daily patrol right about now." That only served to make the three worry even more about their ship. However, only one thing other than the ship made Nami nervous as hell.

Luffy, don't go and do something stupid!

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