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Chapter 5

"Please! Please stop hurting me miss!"

"Not until you tell me just WHAT you did to my captain and friend!"

Nami still had her grip on the Devil child but Usopp and Chopper were pulling her away and Zoro and Sanji were doing the same to the child.

"Please Nami!" Chopper said. "If you don't let go he can't tell us anything."

"Yeah listen to Chopper Nami," said Usopp, his breath labored from straining to pull Nami away from the boy. How she had such monstrous strength was beyond anyone's knowledge.

Nami grunted in annoyance and reluctantly let go. Her sudden release sent the three men flying into the wall and made a big hole.

Usopp and Chopper let go of Nami's body immediately and sighed in relief. Nami quietly waited, her bangs falling over her eyes and blacking out her upper face.

"Damn it Nami," Zoro exclaimed as he crawled out of the hole. He used one hand to brush the splintered wood off his body and his other to hold onto the boy's collar. Sanji muttered something about the sake of love as he walked behind Zoro.

"Let him down," Nami said simply, yet murderously. Zoro reeled back as he felt Nami's aura and quickly threw the boy in front of her. The boy quickly sat up and looked up at Nami, frightened beyond belief.

"Now," said Nami. "You tell me what I want and if I hear even a smidgen of lies in there, you'll be nothing but ash by the time I'm done with you. Understand?"

The boy quickly nodded. "O-okay. W-w-what do you want to know miss?"

"Well how about your name for starters," Usopp blurted from Nami's side. Nami slightly tilted her head and glanced at Usopp. Before Usopp's next breath was exhaled, Nami punched him straight into the wooden wall, making an imprint of his body there. The shock knocked most of Chopper's equipment onto the floor and said doctor scrambled to pull Usopp out of the wall and give him aid.

"Yeah, your name," Nami demanded. By now the boy looked even more terrified and Sanji and Zoro decided to silently tip toe around the two and behind Nami.

Gulping audibly, the boy shakily replied, "M-my name is *Kuukoku. Most of the people call me Kuu though and the Marines call me the Devil Kid"

"How did you meet Robin, Luffy, and Chopper Kuu?"

"I-I was being attacked by Marines and was shot but then they came and saved me and brought me here."

Nami narrowed her obscured eyes. "And did you do anything to them?"

"N-nothing I swear! I think I was only carried here by one of them and I was unconscious at the time."

"Nami I already told you all this. Kuu had nothing to do with Luffy and Robin's sudden change. All that happened was Luffy carried Kuu back and that's it."

Nami let Chopper's words sink in for a few moments before falling down to her knees. Everyone, including the now revived Usopp, were shocked to find Nami sobbing into her hands, the tears falling to the floor.

"It doesn't make any sense," Nami cried. "Why would they just, leave us like that? We've done nothing wrong. Luffy! Robin! Why?"

Sanji made a move to consol Nami but Zoro blocked him and shook his head. Sanji glared at the swordsman but made no move to push forward to Nami. Chopper was on the verge of tears as well and Usopp not far behind.

Kuu solemnly watched Nami cry, not knowing what to do.

'I feel so bad for these people. Though they are pirates they don't deserve losing their nakama. I wonder why Luffy and that woman left these guys though. He seemed cool and friendly earlier, why would he suddenly-wait, Luffy carried me here?'

"Wait a minute."

Everyone in the room turned their attention to Kuu save Nami who was still weeping on the floor.

"Chopper," Kuu said as he turned to the doctor. "You said Luffy carried me back here? As in holding onto me and such?"

"Um yeah. He gave you a piggy back ride as we returned."

Kuu groaned and slapped his head. "Oh goodness, I-I have something to tell you guys. Gosh this is all my fault."

Nami suddenly stopped weeping and glared at the boy with teary eyes.

"So it was your fault. You did something to Luffy and Robin to make them leave us."

Kuu waved his hands in front of him. "No, no I didn't do it intentionally but I do know what happened to them. Just, just let me start at the beginning and once I'm done you'll understand everything."

(Meanwhile somewhere in town)

Since Gomu and Hana left the Thousand Sunny, they have been running all over the town looking for ways to amuse themselves. Running through houses, racing across rooftops, using their powers to pull pranks on the unsuspecting natives, they done it all and now night had come. Though both had pockets of energy left, they decided to rest for a while at the docks at the opposite end of the island. Currently, Gomu and Hana are sitting on an old bench overlooking the ocean. Hana was sitting on Gomu's lap and leaning back on his chest and the man himself had his arms securely around her stomach.

"Ugh, what a fun day eh Gomu?" Hana yawned.

"Ha ha, it sure was. Being trapped in that world for so long makes you miss all the excitement and fun out here," Gomu replied. Turning his head around, he spied a lonely man sitting on the sand and idly gazing out at the ocean.

Gomu nudged Hana out of her yawning. "Psst, watch this."

Hana silently giggled as Gomu grabbed his head and threw is behind the man, his neck stretching thanks to his power. He intentionally threw his head a bit too far behind the man so as to not make any noise and had to use his chin to crawl towards the man's side. Once he started crawling Hana burst out into a fit of giggles and she saw her poor friend grunt and crawl.

Once he got there, Gomu started his prank.

"You okay big guy?"

The man grunted and kept his eyes on the ocean.

"Ehh, fine I guess. You sound different from the people here, you just docked here?"

"Yeah, a few minutes ago in fact. My crew decided to explore the town a bit before we called it a night. Anything worth mentioning about this town?"

"Nothing you haven't heard about. Marine HQ by the peak, Seastone mines by the mountain's edge, town poor as hell, been the same for years. If you want to have some fun head east of here a bit, there you'll find a few inns with booze, food, and gambling. Pirates and bounty hunters hang around there too if you're looking for a fight."

Gomu smirked. He knew where to take Hana for the night now.

"Thanks man. I'll see you around then."

The man started to turn to say farewell to his new friend. "Yeah, see you ar-Holy crap!"

The man nearly fainted as he saw Gomu's head on the sand before actually fainting as the head started to fly back to its body.

Hana finally stopped her giggling fit as Gomu's head went back to place and he brushed the sand off his chin and neck.

"So, what'd you and the poor sap talk about?"

"Told me about this area not too far from here. Has inns, food, and even pirates to have fun with."

"Wow, sounds like a night's work of fun then."

Gomu was about to agree before his stomach beat him with a low grumbling. Hana giggled and pinched his cheek before hers did the same.

"Eh heh heh." Both nervously chuckled.

"Maybe we should hurry then."


(Meanwhile somewhere in the Marine HQ)

"Mugiwara Pirates?" Linds asked. "Who are they?"

Platinum gave the woman a skeptical look. "You don't know who Mugiwara Luffy and his crew are? You must either be very stupid, which I'm assuming, or you've drunk your self to the point of retardation. You're a pitiful excuse of a Marine"

Linds growled. "Hey, it never was my choice to be here. My damn father forced me into the Marines, I have no choice in the matter. Besides, what's so special about these pirates anyway?"

"They've defeated two Shichibukais, attacked the kingdom of Alabasta, destroyed dozens of Marine ships, defeated numerous well known pirates, infiltrated Enies Lobby, and survived a Buster Call," Sheila recited off the top of her head.

Linds' eyes widened a bit before she sighed deeply. She took her feet off the table and got up from her seat and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going Linds? This meeting hasn't been adjourned," Stolz exclaimed.

"Off to the main floor, I need a drink. Don't wait up."

"You can't say that to Stolz-sama. Get your zigzagged ass back in here," Platinum said while glaring.

By now Linds had already left the meeting room and slammed the door behind her. All that was heard from the outside was a faint "Whatever Miss Piss."

That got the professor angry enough to scream but Midas appeared behind her and tried to give her a decent massage to cool her down. Platinum sighed in relief as she let Midas work his robotic fingers.

"Returning to the matters at hand," Stolz started while glancing at Sheila. "Have the Mugiwaras caused any disturbances on the island?"

Sheila audibly gulped. "W-well Patrol #14 encountered "Cyborg" Franky and "Dead Bones" Brook near the town. I was accompanying them and managed to capture them. They are currently in the base's containment cell as we speak."

Stolz nodded in acknowledgment. "And anything else?"

"We also have reports that the Devil Kid escaped with umm, Mugiwara no Luffy."

Stolz's eyes widened at the news and he slammed his fists down onto the table, smashing its legs and dropping the surface to the floor. Platinum was brought out of her daze and yelped as the table fell. Midas, seeing the table fall, rushed to prop one end up in an effort to return it to its original position, which lead to Platinum punching it in the head again.

"That damn kid escaped again, because of some damn rookie pirate!" Stolz yelled.

Sheila, Platinum, and Midas all ran out the room for fear of facing Stolz's wrath. They quickly slammed the door shut behind them and ran down the shimmering hall.

"So let me get this straight," Usopp was pinching the bridge of his nose. "You have some weird ability where if you touch a Devil Fruit user their personality and thoughts and you have no idea why or how you got this ability."

Kuu nodded. "Yep, that's how it is with me. That's also the reason why the Marines called me the Devil Kid. They had one of those guys who could change into an animal and he was chasing me one day and cornered me. He grabbed my arm and I tried to escape but he was too strong. After a while he let go and just fell asleep right then and there. I hid nearby and when he woke up it was like he became feral and crazy, snorting and yelling at everyone. The Marines were forced to kill him."

"And that didn't happen to anyone else?" Sanji asked.

Kuu shook his head. "Nope, everyone else stays the same after they touch me."

"Well what about Chopper?"

Chopper's head perked up at the mentioning of his name. "Hmm? What about me?"

Sanji took a drag out of his cigarette before continuing. "Well if Kuu can change a Devil Fruit user's mentality, why didn't you change when you were patching him up?"

Chopper shrugged while Usopp was rubbing his chin in thought. "Yeah, good point Sanji."

"Well are you human Chopper?" Kuu asked.

Chopper shook his head. "No, I was originally a reindeer who ate the Hito-Hito No Mi. You think that's why your ability had no effect on me?"

Kuu nodded. "I suppose. It's the most likely reason. If animal Devil Fruit users become crazy if I touch them, then I suppose when I touch your Devil Fruit you stay the same since you're pretty human already."

Zoro and Nami were quiet during the entire talk. Both were thinking about how to get Luffy and Robin back to normal. The explanation from Kuu gave a lot of insight onto their current situation.

'I've seen a bunch of things that I thought were impossible ever since I've joined Luffy, but a kid who could manipulate Devil Fruit users? That takes the crazy cake.' Zoro thought.

Nami was thinking to the same degree as Zoro until both realized a solution.

"That's it!"

Nami and Zoro's exclamation surprised the others in the room.

"What do you mean you two?" Usopp asked.

"If Kuu can change Luffy and Robin into whatever the hell they called themselves, he should be able to turn them back." Zoro said as he stood up.

"Really?" Chopper and Usopp said while looking at Kuu expectantly. Kuu replied with a shrug.

"I don't really know if I can. I've never really controlled my powers so there's no telling-AHH!"

Kuu yelped as Nami picked him up by the collar of his shirt. He nearly wet himself when he glanced into Nami's dark, devilish eyes.

"I don't care what you think brat. You caused all this and you're going to fix it. I don't care if I have to push your dead, broken body into Luffy and Robin to change them back you're coming along. Got it?" She said darkly.

Kuu gulped and nodded. "B-but you don't even know where they are. You don't even have a plan."

Zoro chuckled as he made his way out of room. "If that Gomu guy has even an ounce of Luffy still in him, it won't be hard to find them. And as for the plan, we'll just make one up along the way."

Normally Usopp would put on his scaredycat routine but since it was Luffy and Robin they were talking about, he swallowed his fear and agreed and made his way out too. Chopper followed in suit and changed into his Walk Point.

"Kuu, since you might have trouble keeping up just hop on me as we search the town."

Kuu nodded and once Nami let him go he ran out to meet up with Chopper on the Sunny's grass.

Nami was still standing by herself in the room with Sanji leaning on the wall.

"We'll get them back Nami-swan, I swear it." Sanji said, trying to calm the navigator.


Sanji blew a puff of smoke and decided to not bother Nami anymore, well not until they get Luffy and Robin back safely.

Once everyone was out on the Sunny's deck, they descended down onto the docks and made a beeline towards the town, hoping to find any sign of the two Devil Fruit users.

Meanwhile Gomu and Hana had just found the little sweet spot of the town the man had mentioned to Gomu earlier. It was a decent sized place with dim lights and a few shabby hotels, bars, and shacks. Several shady and gruff men were either conversing or fighting with each other. The smell of liquor, sweat, and smoke was in the air.

"What a broken place. I wonder if most people and places are this disgusting and dirty elsewhere," Hana said as she looked around, feeling uncomfortable.

"Heh, I think it adds character to the place." Gomu retorted. Hana sighed and rolled her eyes.

Both were now pretty hungry from the day's activities so they went into one of the bars. Inside was no better than the outside. A bartender was cleaning mugs behind the counter and several men were strewn around the place. Gomu and Hana sat on the counter stools and Gomu called the bartender over.

"Anything to eat here?" Gomu asked, his stomach rolling around in hunger.

"We have…"

"You know what? Never mind, just get us a large helping of everything you have."

The bartender looked confused at Gomu's request but went into another room. A few moments later he and a few others came out with a large helping of assorted foods for the two.

Once the first dishes hit the counter Gomue immediately started eating all the food his hands could grab, looking just like Luffy. Hana however did the opposite of what Robin would usually do in that she started eat just like Luffy. Like a body swapped Jewelry Bonney, Hana started to eat barbarically as well, sometimes even fighting for choice pieces with Gomu. Her rate matched Gomu's and it seemed like she too had a chasm for a stomach like Luffy.

The other inhabitants of the bar all watched in shock and awe as the two continued to eat all the food that came down the line of the counter. The two ate everything from steaks to salads to pasta without pause.

Before the two could finish their feast the doors of the bar swung open and a band of pirates came in. Though they two were shocked by the spectacle in front of them, one of the men noticed the straw hat that was still around Gomu's neck.

"Oy, isn't that Mugiwara no Luffy?" The man cried out.

Everyone except Gomu and Hana reeled away from them in horror as they realized. Some men started to whimper while a few cocky ones had evil smirks on their faces, ideas of collecting Luffy's bounty on their minds.

Before Gomu and Hana realized what was going on, the pirates behind Gomu grabbed him by the vest and threw him outside of the bar and raced after him. Many of the other pirates left the bar too while some stayed, their eyes scanning Hana's voluptuous body. Hana was still oblivious to everything and grabbed a turkey leg and bit a large chunk out of it.

Outside Gomu rubbed his head as he sat up.

"Ugh, what happened?'

"Get him men!" Gomu opened his eyes and saw a group of pirates armed with swords and other assorted weapons charging at him.

"The bounty's mine!" The one closest to Gomu yelled as he swung his sword down, ready to cut Gomu.

Gomu rolled to the side and quickly stood up. "Oy, I don't want to fight you guys. You mind if I go back to eating?"

The pirates didn't listen and kept charging at Gomu and barraged him with attacks of all kinds. Gomu dodged each attack with finesse and finally jumped to the side and back at the bar's entrance. He opened the bar doors and yelled inside.

"Hey Hana! Mind helping me out- Oh man."

Gomu jumped back a bit as an unconscious man flew out of the bar and landed in front of the mass of pirates. All the men looked towards the bar to find Hana walking out of it looking rather pissed off.

Gomu smiled seeing that Hana was unharmed. "You okay there Hana?"

"No, damned man tried to grope me while I was eating." Hana replied as she walked towards Gomu and stood by his side.

"Well it's your fault for looking so sexy all the time." Gomu retaliated.

By now the pirates had regained their senses and charged at the two again. Gomu and Hana both smirked and readied themselves for a fight.

The remaining Straw Hats were still scouring the town for Gomu and Hana to no avail. It was deep into the night already and most of the townspeople have left the streets. Everywhere they looked they couldn't find a trace of the two.

"It's no use," panted Usopp. "They're nowhere to be found."

"We can't give up, not when we're already this far." Sanji said.

"Chopper can you smell either of them?" Nami asked, her mood drastically improved now.

"Sorry Nami, but I can't get a scent of them anywhere around here."

Kuu was still riding on Chopper's back and was looking meek. It was entirely his fault for these people to be in such a bind. He would be useless to them if they couldn't find either Gomu or Hana.

Looking up at the night sky, he silently thought about where they could be. While looking up, he suddenly noticed that some of the stars where disappearing and reappearing, covered by plumes of dust.

"Hey guys! Look!" Kuu pointed at the dust and the crew started to follow it to the source, everyone knowing that it just had to be Gomu/Luffy.

Near the battle was a small gambling shack that was still untouched by the fight. Inside was a single table with four stools around it with four men sitting on them. Three looked like rough, shady seamen while the last had on typical Marine Captain attire and a cigar in his mouth.

"Your move man."

"I know. I'm just thinking right now."

"Just play a tile, you're going to lose anyway."

"Ha! You say that now."

"Just go for Kami's sake."

The man on the Marine's left threw down a tile with a Chinese character on it in red. The Marine smiled, grabbed the tile, added it to his own tiles, and showed the others his tiles.

"Read them and weep guys. The three big ones with a triple Xi, triple Dong, and a Bei pair*."

"Son of a bitch!"

"God damn it! That's like what? Four thousand Belli?"

The three men grumbled while giving the Marine his money while the he himself was laughing.

"One more round for the night guys?"

The men shrugged and they proceeded to scramble the tiles around. Before they could start a new round though a pirate burst through the wall and landed on the table.

The three men nearly crapped themselves and fell down to the floor. The Marine looked pissed though.

"What the hell was that?" One man asked.

His reply was several more bodies flying into the shack. The wall was so damaged that it started to crumble and the shack as well. The men scrambled to escape in time while the Marine simply walked out the front door.

Spitting his spent cigar onto the ground, he brought a fresh one to his mouth and lit it with his lighter.

"I'm going to kill whoever just threw off my winning streak."

Nearby Gomu and Hana had nearly fought off all the charging pirates. By now some had chosen to leave for their ships but a large majority still remained, persistent in their attempts to kill the legendary Luffy.

One pirate swung madly at Gomu but the rubber man ducked under the swings and came up with an uppercut to the man's jaw, throwing the man away. Three more came in behind him to which Gomu responded with a rolling tackle that smacked the men away.

A majority of the pirates charged Gomu but some went after Hana. One pirate charge headlong at her and she ducked and swept his feet with a spinning sweep kick. Once he was in the air, she raised her heel into the air and brought it down hard onto his stomach. The man nearly vomited at the force of the kick and was rendered unconscious a few moments later.

Gomu was starting to tire now and he didn't want to use his powers for fear of getting more attraction. But when a large mass of pirates rushed at him again he considered it.

"Tch, I really didn't want to do this, but if you guys keep coming you leave me with no choice."

He took a deep breath and was about to unleash a fury of attacks when the pirates were suddenly blown aside. Gomu and Hana looked on as a Marine Captain slowly walked out of the darkness and into the battle zone in front of the bar.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Mugiwara no Luffy." The Marin Captain said. He blew a puff of smoke out as he surveyed the carnage around him. "I see you've met the scum of the island."

"I don't know what is up with you people. I'm not this 'Luffy' person and Hana is no 'Robin'".

"Hmm? Nico Robin is here?" The Marine Captain glanced around and saw Hana walk up next to Gomu.

"Who are you mister?" Hana asked.

The Marine Captain laughed at her politeness. "So decorous even in the midst of danger. How weird of you."

Gomu narrowed his eyes. "We aren't Luffy or Robin. Get it straight."

"You must've drank a bit too much tonight or got hit really hard on the head."

"Umm, no. I'm perfectly fine. It's you people who are weird."

"Well, say what you will. That won't stop me from capturing you two for Stolz-san."

Gomu and Hana tensed the mention of capturing. The Marine Captain cracked his knuckles in preparation for the inevitable battle.

"If you plan on fighting us, at least be courteous enough to tell us a name," Hana said.

"Marine Captain Feng. That's all you'll need to know for now you two."


The three turned around to find the remaining Straw Hats plus Kuu running towards them. Gomu sighed and turned to Hana.

"Take care of those guys please. I'll take on Feng."

"You sure Gomu?"

"Yeah, just get rid of those guys. Don't worry about me I'll be fine."

Hana nodded and ran to face the crew while Gomu turned his attention back to Feng.

"Now, where were we? Ahh yes me defeating you."

"Humph, you think you can beat my Mahjong Kempo*?"

Gomu smirked. "Well, let's find out."

As Gomu and Feng started their fight, Hana had approached Zoro and the others and they were trying to talk sense into her.

"Robin don't you remember us at all?" Usopp asked as he caught his breath.

Hana crossed her arms. "If I did I would recognize you all. For the last time I'm Hana and he's Gomu. If you leave us alone from no on I promise we won't hurt you."

"Hurt us?" Zoro asked as he put his hand on his swords. "I don't think so Robin."

Chopper grabbed Zoro's arm and tried to pull it away from the swords. "Zoro! Don't tell me you actually want to fight her."

"If she gives us too much trouble, then we'll have no choice but to."

"Tch! Don't you dare harm even a strand of Robin-chan's hair," Sanji warned. "Let me go and talk to her, maybe I can get her to desist."

Sanji slowly walked up to Hana and fixed his tie. "Now then my Robin-chan. Let's just calm down and if you come with us we can-"

Before Sanji could finish he was sent flying into a small shack by the means of Hana's fist and knocked unconscious.

Everyone, even Zoro had their jaw dropped as they saw the power in Hana's fist. If Nami's punches could bring the men into near unconsciousness, who knows what Hana could do?

"I warned you." That's all Hana said before she charged straight into the group.

"Uhhh, I'm not much for fighting so I'll be over there," Kuu said and jumped off Chopper to hide behind some rubble.

"Remember guys, try not to hurt Robin too badly," Usopp said. Zoro grunted in acknowledgment and Chopper and Nami nodded.

Hana first aimed for Usopp with kick to his midsection, which he barely dodged while screaming at Hana to stop. Zoro stepped in and tried to grab her arm in an attempt to retrain her but she jumped back, right in front of Nami. Nami had her Perfect Clima-Tact out and was poised to slam it into Hana's head in order to knock her unconscious but Hana noticed and turned to grab the staff. Nami yelped as Hana threw her and the weapon to the side.

"Nami!" Chopper ran towards Nami to see if she was okay and was happy to see she was fine. Hana took this chance to charge at Chopper.

Chopper took a few steps back as he saw Hana charge. "I-I don't want to hurt you Robin. But I don't want you to hurt me either."

Hana didn't listen and her fist connected to Chopper's stomach, sending him flying away and landing several yards away.

Zoro tried again to seize Hana's arm and did but she grabbed his other arm and swung him to the ground. Zoro grunted in annoyance but that quickly turned into a groan of pain as Hana let go of his arm and punched his collar.

'Gah! What power and from Robin of all people. Has she always been so skilled in close combat?' Zoro was brought out of his thoughts when Hana brought her foot between them and kicked Zoro away and into a shack.

Hana glanced around to find anyone else that might fight her and saw Nami getting up from the dirt.

"This is almost too easy," Hana mused.

"Nemuri Boshi! (Sleep Star)"

Hana turned to the sound of Usopp's attack to find a small pink pellet flying towards her. She quickly sidestepped and let the pellet harmlessly explode behind her, a small puff of pink smoke exploding out.

"Shimata! She's a lot faster than Robin was." Usopp readied another Nemuri Boshi in his Kabuto but found Hana suddenly appearing right in front of him. He froze and whimpered as she drew her leg to kick him to the side, the force hurtling him to where Kuu was hiding.

Kuu rushed to Usopp's side and found the man barely conscious.

"Oy, are you okay Usopp?"

Usopp shakily sat up and rubbed his head.

"Ite that really hurt. Was Robin always so strong?"

"You guy's are getting beat up out there. You have a plan to knock her out so I can use my ability?"

Usopp quickly tried to think of an idea as he watched Chopper and Nami unsuccessfully fight Hana who looked perfectly fine. Chopper got thrown to the side and Nami was kicked in the abdomen and sent skidding across the dirt.

'She's too strong and fast for us to distract and she can dodge my attacks. Just how in the world can we get Kuu to get a hold of Robin? Wait! That's it.'

"Alright Kuu, I need you to listen to me and my plan."

Gomu's fight with Feng was nearly even. Between his rubber abilities and Feng's Kempo they were fairly even.

Gomu threw a punch that would've qualified as a Gomu Gomu no Pistol (except Gomu didn't yell out his attack) straight at Feng who easily sidestepped it.

"Tch, and here I thought the great Mugiwara no Luffy was nearly invincible to take down. Take this!" Feng ran straight towards Gomu who was still retracting back his arm.

"Bai Ban (White Board)*"

Feng thrusted his palms right into Gomu's chest and the resulting force of the blow threw Gomu back a few yards.

"Gah!" Gomu grunted before jumping back on his feet. He quickly let loose a Gomu Gomu no Muchi to which Feng merely jumped over with a smirk on his face. Gomu returned the smirk as he raised the stretched leg up and over Feng's head before delivering a Gomu Gomu no Ono. His foot landed on Feng's back and slammed him into the ground, a gust of dust flying from the crater.

"Heh, had enough yet?"

Gomu waited for the dust to clear but found Feng gone. He tensed and readied himself for any upcoming attacks. His eyes darted around, searching for any sign of the Captain.

"Shir San Yao (Thirteen Ones)*."

Feng emerged behind Gomu, grabbed his head, and slammed it into the ground."


Gomu barely pulled his head out of the dirt before Feng's knee connected to his jaw and sent him flying into the air.


Feng jumped into the air and aimed straight for Gomu who was still cringing. Feng started to spin forward until he became a blurry white wheel and readied himself to land his feet into Gomu's stomach.


Gomu opened his eyes and saw the white mass flying towards him and was ready for him. Just before Feng's feet could land Gomu grabbed his legs and stopped the spinning.

"Enough of this."

"Ah shit."

Gomu spun horizontally and threw Feng's captive body down to the ground. Feng landed on his back with a grunt of pain but before he could get up Gomu was in front of him with his right foot stretching behind him.

"Take this!"

"Ugh, wha?"

Feng sat up just in time to receive a flying foot into his face. The force blew his body straight through the air like an arrow and into the bar, blowing a hole in the it.

Gomu sighed in relief and dusted himself off.

"Well, that's one problem gone, now to see if Hana's okay."

Hana was doing fine in her fight with the Straw Hats. With lethality out the window, the remaining crewmembers couldn't really fight Hana effectively.

Hana yawned as she dodged Chopper's attempt to grab her in his Heavy Point. "This is so pointless. If you guy's aren't going to fight me properly just leave and save yourselves from more humiliation."

"Never, we're going to snap you out of this Robin," Chopper said as he charged again. "We won't stop until we get you back."

Hana responded to Chopper's threat by smacking her fist into her palm. "Fine then, I'll just have to use my power to make you realize it's useless."

Hana waited until Chopper was in range and she cocked her arm back, ready to annihilate him until she heard Nami's voice behind her.

"Thunder Charge! Swing Arm!"

Nami came up behind Hana with her spinning Perfect Clim-Tact ready to shock Hana into submitting.

"Hmm, finally someone who isn't afraid to actually fight."

"Nami! What are you doing? The plan was to not hurt Robin" Chopper yelled.

"I don't care. We don't have any other choice." Nami retorted, her emotions in full force. The sight of Robin and Luffy hugging each other lovingly was still etched in her mind. Her anger skyrocketed and she had no qualms about hitting Robin anymore. Besides, it'll make restraining her a lot easier.

Zoro had now emerged from the shack he was kicked into and saw Nami charge Robin. He grunted in annoyance and chased after her, saying the same thing Chopper said.

Hana tensed as she saw herself slowly become surrounded by three crewmembers.

"If you think surrounding me will help you win, you're sadly mistaken."


Everyone stopped and looked at Usopp who had his Kabuto ready to fire.

"Kemuri Boshi (Smoke Star)!"

Usopp let his hand go and let three small gray pellets fly into the ground around Hana where they exploded into large white smoke, enveloping the entire area.

"Guys! Get out of there!" Usopp yelled. He turned to Kuu with a nod and Kuu nodded back and then rushed into the smoke.

Zoro, Chopper, and Nami stumbled out of the smoke while coughing.

"What the hell Usopp?" Nami yelled. "We almost had her."

"Man I hope this works. Be careful Kuu!"

"Kuu? He ran in there?" Chopper asked, scared for Kuu's safety.

"Matte, I see something." Zoro said.

As the smoke started to dissipate, the silhouettes of Kuu and Hana could be told. And when the smoke was all gone, Zoro and the rest saw Kuu on Hana's back with his arms securely linked around her neck.


"Get off of me you brat!"

Hana reached her arms around Kuu's head and tried to pull him off. He held on as tight as he could but Hana then sprouted arms across her back to help her and now Kuu could barely keep his grip.

Chopper and Zoro quickly rushed over to Kuu and grabbed Hana's original arms and pulled them off of Kuu. Usopp went behind Hana and tried his best to pull the other arms off of Kuu. But Hana kept growing more hands to try to pull Kuu off to the point where the sprouted arms where growing more arms and hands.

"Why isn't she trying to throw us off?" Chopper asked to no one in particular.

Zoro struggled with Hana's flailing arm before replying, "It must be Kuu. His touch must be doing something to Robin's mind."

Indeed Kuu's touching of Hana was practically killing her mind right now. Fluxes of information, memories, pain, and voices rushed through her mind. Her brain was pulsing in pain and her heart was starting to pump irregularly.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop the pain!" Hana yelled as she slowly began to lose power in her arms to the point where Zoro and Chopper didn't even need to hold them back anymore. On Usopp's front the sprouted arms and hands began to stop pulling Kuu and start to disappear.

"Is it working?" Kuu asked. He was pushed off of Hana when she suddenly fell to the ground. She was groaning and was breathing irregularly. Her hands were twitching and her eyes were closed shut from pain.

"Make it stop." Hana groaned softly. "Please…Gomu."

Hana dove into unconsciousness after speaking Gomu's name.

"Is she okay Chopper?" Nami asked. Even if she didn't like the idea of Robin and Luffy together, she still cared for Robin like a sister.

"Yeah," Chopper answered as he checked her body. "She's just unconscious now."

Everyone blew a sigh of relief at the reindeer's answer.

"I never knew Robin was so powerful," Usopp said. "And she was fighting all Luffy and Sanji-like.

"Speaking of Luffy," Zoro said as he watched a figure running in the darkness. "Here he is."


Everyone looked up to see Gomu sprinting right at them with rage in his eyes.

"What did you do to my Hana?"

"Eyah! He looks really angry." Chopper yelped.

"Get ready," Zoro said as he brought his three swords. "If we have to fight Luffy, we'll have to go all out."

Usopp gulped in fear and brought his shaking hand to his ammo bag to find the proper Boshis. Kuu started to make his way back to his original hiding spot.

Nami was the only one not inflicted by fear or tenseness. She gripped her Clima-Tact so hard she could swear she was leaving an impression of her hand in it. Her eyes were cast down onto the ground in rage and her body was trembling from anger.

'My Hana? MY HANA?'

Once Gomu was in range he let loose a Gomu Gomu no Pistol right into the center of the crewmembers. Everyone except Nami jumped away but luckily the attack went right past the redhead, leaving her unscathed.

"My Hana?" mumbled Nami. "My Robin?"

Gomu looked confused at Nami's rambling but cocked his fist back to fire another Pistol at Nami.

"Nami! Get out of there!" Chopper and Usopp yelled.

"My Robin?" Nami repeated, this time louder.

Gomu, while still running towards her, let loose a Pistol straight at Nami.


Nami narrowly sidestepped the attack and charged straight towards Gomu who had looked totally shocked at Nami's evasion.

"YOU FUCKING JERK!" Nami let go of her Clima-Tact, raised her fist, and slammed it right into Gomu's temple.

The force of the hit was so strong, even Kuu from his hiding spot could feel the shockwave hit the wood he was hiding behind.

Needless to say, Gomu fell flat on his back, an astronomically large bump on his head with two swirling eyes to match.


Kuu immediately ran to Gomu's body and grabbed the sides of his head. Nami was still trembling in rage and the aura she exerted scared even Zoro who offered to drag Sanji's body out of the rubble.

"A-are you okay Nami?" Usopp asked in a scared voice. Chopper was hiding behind his legs.

"Yeah," Nami breathed. "I'm okay."

"Umm, I got Sanji out." Zoro said as he was carrying the blonde cook on his shoulder.

Chopper ran over to Hana's body and picked it up in his Heavy Point. "I've got Robin."

"Let's get back to the ship then and wait for these two to wake up."

"What about Brook and Franky?"

"Those two idiots can wait, it's Luffy and Robin that's more important right now. We'll find Franky and Brook later."

After a few more seconds Kuu decided he held on to Gomu long enough from the signs of torment on his face and let go. Usopp grabbed Gomu's body and followed Nami's lead back to the ship.

*Mahjong is a gambling game very popular in the Far East in countries such as China, Taiwan, and Japan. It uses large tiles instead of cards and it's been known to be called the Poker of Asia.

*Bai Ban (White Board)- Mandarin (Chinese) for one of the tiles used in Mahjong that is, no surprise, a white board)

*Shir San Yao (Thirteen Ones)- Mandarin for a way to win Mahjong that includes having one of the direction and special tiles and having the first and ninth numbered tile for the three types of numbered sets in the game (It's really hard to explain so if you can, search it up).

The three following things Feng says are the words "one", "two", and "three" in Mandarin.

Sorry for the wait. Hope to still have readers after all this time.