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Chapter 1

Guard duty. Guard duty for Harry Potter. I had never been picked for this particular honor before. However, everyone else was busy and the boy "needed protection." The Dark Lord knew of the protections that existed as long as Potter was at his aunt's house, and because of this I never understood why people (i.e. me), had to give up an evening to watch over Harry Potter. Tonight, I knew, was his birthday. All of the Weasley's had been gushing about it today. Lupin wanted to be here, but it was the full moon. And so here I am. Stupid fuss for a birthday, really. I am sure he will get more gifts tomorrow than I have ever got in my all my birthday's combined.

All of the lights in the house were off, except one, which I assumed was Harry's. It was almost three AM.

"Don't you ever sleep?" I muttered, checking my watch. Suddenly the window opened, and Harry Potter gingerly stepped out on the roof. He threw out what looked like bed sheets tied together to form a rope and shimmied down onto the grass. Damn it, I thought. Obviously I had to follow him. I had not counted on running after Potter all evening.

I followed him down the block, keeping in the shadows. Harry reached a park and sat down on a swing. At the sound of his voice I froze.

"Just three more hours til it's daylight. Three more hours. I don't understand why it's so hard at night, but it is." Harry was talking quietly but I was close enough to hear everything. "Happy birthday to me. Happy fucking birthday. I can only imagine what "gift" Vernon is going to give me." Harry shuddered and was silent for a long time. "Filthy. Weak. That's what I am. I'm supposed to kill the Dark Lord, but I can't even protect myself from my Muggle uncle when he…" Harry's voice trailed off.

Well now I was confused. What he hell was he talking about?

"Dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty," I heard him whisper. He wound the creaking chain of the swing around and around.

Something in the back of my mind clicked but I did not want to jump to any conclusions. I wasn't sure if I should reveal myself to Potter or not. On one hand I did not want to continue traipsing through Muggle suburbia in the middle of the night. On the other hand--nevermind. There was no other hand.

"You know, wandering around in the middle of the night, by yourself, is not the safest thing you could do. It sort of defeats the point of me being here."

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