Vampire Academy the New Saga

Disclaimer: I do not own the Vampire Academy series I'm just a big fan.

Inugami: Hello humans, Dhampir, and Moroi! This is a little fanfiction I like to present to you from the Vampire Academy series!

Natasia: Inugami actually read a book this time! And she actually liked it! O0O

Me: Oh shut up Tasia. Well I decided to make things different and write this Vampire Academy story in celebration of the 4th book of the series! Yay to the 4th book Blood Promise! I can't wait for it to come out!

Natasia: And I believe you actually like a book! Yay!!! *Hugs me*

Me: Oh stop it! Your embarrassing me! As promised my Vampire Academy Fanfiction! I hope you like it!


I'm what is known as a Dhampir, half human, half vampire still powerful. My job is to learn how to be a guardian and protect the Moroi. What are Moroi you may wonder? Well Moroi are full blooded vampires. They're the good kind of vampire, the type that are well living. I have to protect my assigned Moroi, Eeep from the ruthless, blood thirsty vampires known as Strigoi. They're the bad type of vampires…the dead kind. All they want to do is suck the blood out of a Moroi and turn them into Strigoi as well. Not only that, but the Moroi blood a Strigoi drinks only doubles their evil powers. My name is Neep, together with my friends Meep, Cheep, Leap, Tweep and Eeep we all go to school together here at St Vladimir Academy.

I was up pretty early getting ready for a new day, a new grade. I was no longer taking the beginner classes of the academy. I was heading into freshman year for Guardian training. My schedule was pretty new as well.

1st Period Advanced Guardian Combat Techniques

2nd Period Bodyguard Theory and Personal Protection 1

3rd Period Weight Training and Conditioning

4th Period Freshman Language Arts (Novices)


5th Period Animal Behavior and Physiology

6th Period Algebra 1

7th Period Moroi Culture 1

8th Period Slavic Art

There it was my class schedule. Hopefully I was in all of Eeep's afternoon classes. Moroi and Dhampir took classes separately until after lunch than they combined classes. Breakfast time, I bounced over into the line to find Eeep, and Cheep already giving Meep a headache. Tweep was comparing class schedule's to everyone else's. "Man if I wasn't in the higher math class than we'd have the same class schedule." Tweep said handing Eeep her schedule back.

As I looked over everyone's class schedule, I was seriously content that I was in all of Tweep, Cheep and Eeep's afternoon classes. That and because I was in all of Meep and Leap's classes as well. This school year was going to be quite a thriller having all of them in my classes this year. After eating all of the food that was sitting on my plate, I got a glimpse of one of the upper class Dhampir students. Rose Hathaway, she had long glowing hair, she was strong and hey she was pretty damn sexy too. Moroi and Dhampir boys would practically do almost anything for her. But just like any school, gossip travelled fast, gossip about Rose liking her hunky, hot Guardian tutor Dimitri Belikov was all over the school.

As my eyes watched Rose walk through the lunch room I now saw who she was walking towards. Rose's assigned Moroi, Lissa Dragomir. The last remaining Dragomir princess. From what I've heard, I've heard that Lissa and Rose have been best friends since Kindergarten. They made quite the team, with Rose and her sexy looks and kick ass strength and Lissa with her charming looks and super Moroi powers they made the best duo ever. I've always wondered what they were up to seeing as they shared a dorm room.

I was lucky enough to be in the generation of students that let the Dhampir and Moroi share dorm rooms. Most of the Dhampir shared rooms with their assigned Moroi though, so there was rarely any Moroi sharing rooms together. Hardly any Dhampir roomed together either, that is at least female Dhampirs. Surprisingly only female Moroi and Dhampir roomed together, male Moroi and Dhampir would rather room with they're own class.

I roomed with Eeep, she was my assigned Moroi and I've never been happier in my entire life. I guess you could say that I love her past the stars and moon. But of course I could never tell her that seeing as we're both girls. Anyways, I was Eeep's Guardian, Meep was Cheep's Guardian, and Leap was Tweep's Guardian. So there you have it my typical day of training, learning and still being with friends.

Me: So did you like it?

Natasia: I know I did!! That was great Inu!

Me: Have you been drinking soda again? ^3^"""

Natasia: So what if I have?

Me: What ever. Anyways, I hope you liked that prolouge! Until next chapter! Bye!