Zero To Something

Again standard disclaimers apply...enjoy

"Morning," his voice rang out the following morning.

She had been in a drunken haze but slowly the events of the evening before began to come back to her all at once like a ton of bricks.

"Morning," she muttered back trying to get her cloths back on.

Johnny looked at her face a world or worry filling his mind.

"Did she regret it? Think he raped her? Something else just as bad..."

He sat up on the bad getting on his own shirt and boxers as he looked at her with a deep sincerity.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled to her as she looked over at him with a sad sweetness in her eyes.

To him she looked now more like a broken rag doll then the strong confident seductress he'd met in the bar, wondering if he was cause for her brokenness.

"There is nothing to be sorry about, I took advantage and I'm sorry."

From her tone he assumed she blamed herself for the sexual intercourse and he reached over to stroke her matted hair which he was glad she let it.

"You didn't take advantage Manny, we were both consensual."

"Yea but I was drunk."

"So was I."

"Well you were sober enough to drive us here weren't you?"

Johnny grinned his killer grin at the brunette.


Manny just didn't know what to do next. After all the guys she'd been with, Sully, Craig, JT, Spinner, Craig again, Damian, and Jay didn't make her feel half as good as Johnny made her feel when they kissed.

On his end he hadn't felt that way with Lulu, Maxie, or anyone else in his past and that scared him.

"So," they both said in unison before letting out a laugh.

"Ladies first," Johnny said causing Manny to nod thinking that he was a great find, a gentleman and a hottie.

"Ok, so how long are you planning to be here in LA."

He smirked causing her to go all buttery.

"That depends on one thing."

She didn't are about what this one thing was. Hell if he said he was an illegal alien and needed to get married to stay in the country she'd apologize, tell him she wasn't a US Citizen but she'd find some way to get him a visa even if it meant him embarking in a marriage of convenience with another. She was just THAT into him.

"And what is that one thing," she finally asked.

"How long are you going to be here?"

She simply shook her head giggling sweetly as they both continued to get dressed babbling on and on about breakfast and plans for the rest of the day.

If there was ever a concept such as love at first site it was realized in that moment between the two of them.

And though it couldn't be said if they would become the loves of each others lives or if this would truly just be a prolonged fling there was something and something was more then both of them could of wanted.


The End