(Kylie belongs to me. The Loonatics belong to Warner Bros.)

By the way, this is my first story (YAY)


'Are you sure he's alright Ace?'

'Positive. Now stop asking!'

Lexi Bunny sighed and looked over at Tech. He was staring with a stern expression on his face into the ocean. Ace, lying next to Lexi, rolled his eyes and touched her on the shoulder gently. Lexi turned around to face him.

'Lex, trust me, he's FINE!'

'Really? Because, you know, he's never really like this!'

Ace, desperate now, ruffled her hair playfully.

'Now, don't worry your big blond head about it.'

'Don't bring my hair into this conversation!' She said, trying (And failing) to straighten her hair up.

Chuckling, Ace lay down and relaxed in the warm sand. Lexi smiled at him sweetly.

Go and tell him you like him already!!!

No! Lexi thought, arguing with the voice in her head, Don't be stupid!

Fine. Suit yourself!


Tech stared blankly, watching the waves roll in and out, in and out. Man, he thought laughing to himself, any more of this and I'll start to fall asleep.

But, he thought, serious now, why did I want to come with them anyways?

It was a sunny day in Acmetropolis, and the gang were planning on going to the beach.

Usually, when this happened, they didn't bother asking Tech, as the answer would be no. He would rather sit in his lab, playing with, well, whatever's in there.

Tech was watching them pack some things, when the voice in his head had a say.

Oh, come on! Go with them you big lazy nerd!

WHAT? He had thought angrily. It wasn't like him to shout at himself in his head.

Ok, so you would rather go in your lab and work on your thingamabobs, but just once, go with them… please!

He pondered on this for a moment.

It will be worth it!

Fine, he thought sadly, I'll go.


No, seriously, he had thought that.

It was as if something was calling him to here, but only his brain noticed the signs. He glanced down the beach, bored.

Lexi and Ace were sunbathing lazily. Slam was building some sort of sandcastle. Rev was, of course, running up and down the beach happily, spraying Slam with sand. and Duck was Swimming back and forth.

Techs eyes still travelled down the beach, slowly, but carefully. He was searching for a sign, anything. Then he saw it.


Tech could feel his eyes widening, and, for some reason, his tail wagging.

Walking down the beach in front of him, was a female coyote.

She seemed not to have noticed anything, and was staring with a cute expression on her face into the ocean. Occasionally, she would reach around and check that her light brown hair was still tied up in the light blue scrunchy, which sparkled brightly in the sunlight. She was wearing a long brown coat, with the sleeves rolled up to just above her elbows. The white jeans she had on had a marvelous affect against the pale blue top she wore, which was a V neck. The coyotes fur was a caramel color, except for the cream fur at her muzzle and the tips of her ears.

Then, when his eyes finally left her clothes, he saw HER eyes. They were a stunning color of aqua, outlined with her long, coal black eye lashes, making them stand out more than ever.

It took a while for Tech to notice that he was drooling, much to his embarrassment, but luckily the girl hadn't noticed him yet. She came to a pause and sat down cross legged next to him and started to hum a sweet, little tune.

Talk to her. NOW!

'Ahem.' He coughed politely at her. Why did I do that? He thought to himself shes gonna think your some stalker or something.

But, surprisingly she looked up at him kindly, and stopped humming the song. 'Hi!' She said cheerily, a grin on her beautiful face. His cheeks automatically burned red.

'Uh...Hi. Mind if I join you?' He stammered at her. His eyes focused on hers, and it seemed impossible for them to leave that position.

'Of course!' She laughed casually, and motioned for him to sit down. He took her up on that offer.

As soon as Tech sat down, she looked back at the sea again, and started to hum the song. 'What song is that?'

'Oh... its a song my friends and I made up,' She replied, facing him again. She flicked her hair back and held out her hand. ', My names Kylie by the way.'

'Tech.' He said grinning, shaking her hand. They were quiet for a moment. 'so... do you come her often?'

'Nah. Only on Wednesdays. Actually I was meant to be meeting the band tonight, but we cancelled.'


'Aw, something about a stalker.'

He looked at her startled, wondering what had happened. He must of looked pretty stupid, because she giggled. 'Your FACE! I was kidding. My friend had to go to art class again.'


He chuckled along with her, and then their eyes locked. The grins disappeared as the stared into each others eyes, lost for words. It was such a private moment...

'Hello? Earth to Tech? Ding Ding ding!'

'They both turned to look at Duck, who was standing with his hands on his hips, looking pretty annoyed.
'I've been trying to signal you for AGES MAN! But, noooooo, you were in dream land. So lets all forget about Duck! Oh my oh my! VERY FUNNY!'

'Wow. That was the most lamest use of sarcasm EVER! Even Angie does better than that!' She exclaimed. Ducks mouth dropped open. Was she being cheeky? To him? NOW?


Duck, Tech and Kylie turned in alarm to the sound of the noise. Lexi and Ace jolted up from their slumber, and Slam turned so quickly, he knocked his sandcastle over. (Lets just say he wasn't happy about that...).

Kylie jumped up with a terrified look on her face. Tech gazed up at her in concern, registering how scared and frightened she looked, and felt a stab of pain in his heart. It HURT him to see her sad! Weird. What ever it was yelling at her, wasn't a friend. And for some reason, he felt that that person, was the stalker.