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Chapter 3: The past, present and future

Kylie was fitting in nicely with the Loonatics so far. She did seem a little bit bored or tired, but on the full, she was happy to be there.

For all of them, it was strange to have another Loonatic walking around base. Kylie, in her royal blue loonatics uniform, was looking a bit more... threatening than she was in her usual coat and jeans outfit. She didn't complain or really say anything for a while, but Lexi just told them it was because of the sudden change for her.

"Your joking? She's just being quiet because of the BIG change? Whats that meant to mean?" Duck complained one evening, when Kylie was out of the room.

Lexi rolled her eyes and smacked him on the back of the head. "It may not seem hard, but think about it. One second she's underground, hiding from civilization, the next she up here, practically screaming for people to look at her. She's just trying to suss it all out."

"But, before when she was learning how to control her powers, she was fine." Tech pointed out.

"Yes, but she was in an everyday outfit. Now she's in the uniform, she's easily recognized. Don't you get that?"

Everybody was quiet for a moment, sussing it out in their head. Duck spoke up first, "But she safe with us, right?".

"Maybe." Lexi murmured. They all still didn't know if the could handle their new enemy. They didn't know any weaknesses, and even after Valk's warning, they still didn't know if they could take him on.

Kylie also still spent most of her time either reading, or practicing with Ace. She was starting to get more of an idea about fighting with him, and usually it only took her a few turns to get him on the ground. But that didn't mean he still didn't fight back. Soon their battles were taking more of an aggressive toll, tripping each other up and putting each other in headlocks. Ace was starting to see why the Unknown's had her on the team.

Tech was starting to see more of Kylie too. She didn't talk much, but took great joy in watching him do his work in the lab. If something inside the machine wasn't working, she'd point it out to him, before it blew up in his face. Sometimes she was a little too late. Mostly, she kept quiet, but hummed things under her breath. When he asked what the song was, she turned her head to the side, and muttered "Moonlit Melody".

One Friday night, Kylie, Lexi, Ace, Duck and Rev were sitting on the couch chatting. Well, everybody except Kylie was. Lexi flipped up the remote and turned onto a random T.V. show. On the screen was a tall blond hair woman, holding a glittery pink microphone. She fluttered her eyebrows stupidly at the screen and gave a huge cheesy grin.

"And welcome back to...MEMORIES IN THE CITY! Tonight, we have a special guest. Give it up for...Dean Carlson!!!!" The T.V presenter motioned to a tall man with a long white beard. He waved and sat down on the light blue couch and smiled sheepishly at the screen. Kylie sat up immediately, her tail wagging excitedly.

"Hey! Thats my old dean!" She laughed, pointing at the screen. Lexi raised her eyebrows as she noticed Kylie's eyes sparkle in wonder.

"You went to college here?" She asked slowly.

Kylie nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah! Of course! I mainly studied history and physics. He was also the history teacher!" She was silenced as the Dean started to talk.

"Its great to be here Michelle. Thanks for having me on the show by the way!"

"My pleasure Dean. Now, whats a memory your going to show tonight to us?"

"Well, I'm going to be remembering some of my old students, starting with the sporting greats of our college!"

Kylie giggled. "Wonder if I'm on, eh?" She joked. The others snickered.

"One of my top students, as well as a great pole vaulter, was none other than Kylie Coyote!"

"WAAAHHHH?" Duck yelled, falling of the side of the couch. Kylie's mouth dropped open. Aw gezz, just what she needed. A picture of a younger Kylie flashed on screen. She looked pretty similar to what she did now, except her hair was more frizzy and she wore a red sporting uniform. In her hand she proudly held a trophy. Behind her was a picture of a long running feild.

"Ah yes, Kylie. She was quiet fascinating. The most unusual student I have ever seen. Friendly and sweet to her peers and teachers, but strong and intelligent too."

"Was there any particular thing you noticed about this student?"

"Of course. She had one thing that not many people have these days; common sense. She could keep calm in situations that others couldn't and could understand instructions perfectly. And, of course, she could pole vault as well as any Olympic athlete."

Suddenly on the screen a video started playing. It showed a young Kylie, holding a pole above her head, a focused look on her face. She was in a long sporting field. Kids in the bleachers watched with held breaths. Suddenly, Kylie lowered the pole and started sprinting. She was surprisingly fast and agile, seeming as if there was no ground beneath her feet. She bolted up the track, determined look on her young face. Just before she reached the mark, she dug the pole into the ground. It bent, and flung her up into the air. She didn't let go though, her eyes focused on the pole streaming towards her, the one she had to fling herself over. Then, she turned so she was facing the sky, let go of the pole, and flipped over the pole with ease. She landed gracefully in the giant cushion under her. The crowd went wild! Kids screamed and roared, horns blowing and cheerleaders squealing with joy. The camera closed up on Kylie's face. She was beaming with joy and pride, just glad to be over the pole.

The present day Kylie stood up silently, the others eyes glued on the screen. She coughed loudly, grabbing their attention. "I'm sorry for ignoring you guys the past few days. It's sorta been hectic. I haven't really been in the sun for this long before, and I'm missing Unknown. " A small tear ran down her face, and she rubbed at it hard. Why was she such a cry baby? Lexi stood up and hugged Kylie.

"It's okay Kylie, we understand. Heaps of changes have been going on, eh?" Everybody was quiet. Then they all collapsed in laughter. "NOT IN THAT WAY!" Lexi protested, giggling and rolling on the floor.

Kylie chuckled and stared at the ceiling, getting flashbacks of that night at the arena. The joy and relief she felt. How tired she was, but she was the happiest person alive that day. She sat up and looked at all her new friends, laughing and rolling around in laughter. But even that joy came to mercy here. With these guys, she would be laughing for a LONG time!

Argh! Writers block. Yes, that's the end of the first story's. I need new ideas for the sequels. Sorta a shock horror, finding out that Kylie pole vaults. I've always wanted to try it, so that's why she does it. Originally she was going to be a soccer star, but that's boring. The only reason this is short is because its basically a summary, and I wanted to finish so I could get new ideas for different story's. PLEASE REVIEW!

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