Hi everybody this is my first fanfic and I hope you like it lolz. Im soo psyched about this hehehe (I am currently high on cupcakes). This is set after Breaking Dawn Hope you enjoy...BYE.

Bella – EdwardsLittleLamb

Edward – BellasMINE!

Alice – PsychoFutureSeingPixieVampThing

Jasper – JAZZY!!

Emmett – RosesTeddy4Life

Rosalie – AthornInYourSide

Melissa – Twilights Evil Pixie

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EdwardsLittleLamb: HI EDDIE!!! * giggle *

BellasMINE: Hi love umm why are you giggling???

EdwardsLittleLamb: Ummmm...... well Emmett sorta * giggle * gave me blood diluted * giggle * vodka * giggle *

BellasMINE: Ohhhhhh emmetts gonna wish …........

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BellasMINE: EMMETT!!!!

EdwardsLittleLamb: * giggle* haii emmetty wetty * giggle *

RosesTeddy4Life: ohh crap * starts running to alaska *

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EdwardsLittleLamb: haii Ali Wally * giggle *

BellasMINE: :( Emmett is so dead!!!!.... dont worry Bella you will be fine

EdwardsLittleLamb: I am fine * giggle * im better than fine * giggle * im SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPEALADOCIOUS!

PsychoFutureSeingPixieVampThing: Dont worry edward it will wear off in a few seconds plus she wont remember anything..... * sees future * ohh I gtg Bella Barbie time in a hour


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EdwardsLittleLamb: What Bella Barbie time nooooooooo!!!! :( save me Edward save me from this monstrosity!

BellasMINE: Bella the vodka wore off YAY I have my normal bella bak I love you darling...wait do you even know what monstrosity means?

EdwardsLittleLamb: ummm no :(

BellasMINE: lol I thought not............Want to go hunting to the artic?? :)

EdwardsLittleLamb: Yes I love penguins * drools thinking about penguins* but I love you more

BellasMINE: No I love you more

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EdwardsLittleLamb: umm no hes mine !!!

BellasMINE: im afraid I agree with my love...BELLA!!!! * sighs at her beauty *

Twilights Evil Pixie: Wahh * crys * I feel soo alone

BellasMINE: Theres always Jacob :) :) :)

EdwardsLittleLamb: stop trying to sell Jacob to people he belongs to Renesmee you should hang your head in shame

BellasMINE: * hangs head in shame * DONE :) now penguin Time yayayayayayayayay

EdwardsLittleLamb: Sheesh your beginning to sound like alice.. LETS GO!!!!

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Twilights Evil Pixie: why does everybody leave me alone??? * reads above* JACOB EWWWW he is so gay I dont know what renesmee finds in him ewww * shudders at thought *

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hope everyone liked it lolz that was my first fan fic!!!! just to let you know Twilights Evil Pixie was my friend Melissa lol she inspired me to write this crazy story read the next chapter to find out what happened to Emmett and PENGUIN HUNTING!!