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Chemical Reactions
Spark the Fire


01) Comfort
She had a near indomitable personality, but in the rare moments where she faltered, she took comfort in knowing that she could come to him.

02) Kiss
He hadn't really meant to kiss her when he first did, it just happened really, but he'd been amazed at how much he'd enjoyed it; and even more amazed when she jumped back at him for more when he'd pulled away.

03) Soft
After years of sparing with only men, Axel felt that rough bodily contact with a woman - even with the material of their coats separating them - was a welcomed change.

04) Pain
He once asked her why she felt the need to stab him in greeting every other time, and she'd responded with, "Eye for an eye, pain for a pain."

05) Potatoes
She'd promptly electrocuted him when he'd told her that she had a very "commercial" voice, as in the kind you'd hear in fast food commercials.

06) Rain
She asked him why they were out here, when they both hated the rain; he shrugged, said she had a point, then asked her to dance anyway.

07) Chocolate
She was angry - downright pissed - and was not making any effort to hide it; then he'd given her a bar of chocolate, which made her even angrier, because she hated how well he knew her.

08) Happiness
Demyx enjoyed watching Axel and Larxene, when they weren't fighting and just talking and laughing; because those were the moments that made him believe they all could really feel happy.

09) Telephone
One of the reasons Axel hated having to be the one to rescue Larxene from her inevitable fights with the Senior members, was because he usually heard about it through the grapevine; and who knew how reliable that could be?

10) Ears
"I swear, you have the oddest hairstyle in the Castle," she laughed, running a finger over the smaller spikes by his ear.

11) Name
She liked it when he called her "Sparky," didn't mind "Larx" or even "Larxy"; but it was "Sparkplug" that always made her listen.

12) Sensual
Everything about her was cat-like: from her Pride Land form, to her graceful movements, to the little purring noise she made when his tongue hit that sensitive spot on her neck.

13) Death
He never bothered to think much about what happened when a Nobody died; that is until she was gone.

14) Sex
His mind was racing in an attempt to reassure himself: this isn't happening, this isn't going to happen, no we won't even go that far, this isn't even possible for us; and then her cloak was off and his mind ceased to function.

15) Touch
Probably because of his built-in heating system, she figured, because he gave the best massages.

16) Weakness
He only pretended he didn't care about her as much as he really did; because after all, it's not a good idea to let your opponents in on your weaknesses.

17) Tears
Axel remembered a time when yelling at a woman would either mean trouble or tears; thus he was quite thankful to meet a lady who was only trouble.

18) Speed
Her speed was top notch, her reflexes just like the lightning she welded; so she was knocked for a loop when she crashed headlong into a wildfire.

19) Wind
Xaldin had more than enough power to easily defeat Larxene, maybe even seriously injure her; but as he watched Axel drag Larxene away - and the Nymph still wanted a fight so badly that she started one with the Flurry - he figured this was more amusing.

20) Freedom
As time went on, they felt getting their Hearts back would be ideal; then they'd be free from the confusion of just how they saw each other.

21) Life
When he'd first discovered her reading that book with the words Marquis de Sade, he'd simply told her, "Far be it from me to tell you how to live."

22) Jealousy
He scowled when everyone had told him he was most likely jealous of Marluxia; it wasn't until Aerith suggested it that he realized it might be true.

23) Hands
In every conversation she had, without fail and regardless of who it was with, she'd talk in some way or form with hand gestures that were uniquely hers; and Axel seemed to be the only one who stopped to notice them all.

24) Taste
"She tastes kind spicy," Axel had said, to which Marluxia responded with, "I really didn't need to know that."

25) Devotion
Luxord watched in curious amusement in the way that, not even five minutes after Axel left the room, Larxene began to twitch oddly - as if trying to settle an internal debate - before getting up and following him; what the Gambler found amusing about it was that this was not the first time that had happened.

26) Forever
This all was some kind of involuntary "act," Larxene knew this; but she was willing to keep it up for as long as possible if he was.

27) Blood
"Baby, you know I adore you, but you are absolutely insane," he told her, voice strained, as she ran one of her blades over his skin in fascination.

28) Sickness
As Axel began to heave over the side of the ship, with Larxene joining him not long after, The Gambler of Fate made a mental note to tell Xemnas that Numbers Eight and Twelve were not fit for exploring Port Royal.

29) Melody
If they were going to insist on dancing, without any music and when it was almost about to rain, the Nocturne figured he should at least give them a hand.

30) Star
They sat outside the Castle, watching as another star went out; Axel shook his head and told her that, honestly, he wasn't too sure about how to feel about it; she told him not to think about it, because it really didn't matter that much.

31) Home
"My home's gone now, so I don't really think I should care about the others," she said; "I think my home's here with you now, anyway…. Shit, wait, that came out too sappy!"

32) Confusion
He'd laughed loudly the first time he saw her look confused; because she looked so downright perplexed.

33) Fear
"Really, it's fine, you have nothing to be ashamed of, Sparky… I mean, he's a werewolf for God's sake, of course he's frightening!"

34) Lightning/Thunder
She was absolutely giddy at this point; but he had to put his foot down after a while, "I know you're excited about the storm out there, but could you please try to stop shocking me?"

35) Bonds
He never bragged about it, but he really did feel a great sense of pride knowing that the only female had chosen him, out of all of them, to be the closest to.

36) Market
They were rarely allowed to do the shopping together, because it took them hours; all the while causing untold amounts of mischief (and in Larxene's case, scaring the living hell out of people) and they never brought back the food items they were supposed to.

37) Technology
She pouted as she watched Roxas train; Axel smirked and placed a hand on her shoulder, telling her to stop being jealous because the Keyblade was more advanced than her weapons.

38) Gift
"It's a gift," was Axel's answer to Roxas's question on how he was able to summon Larxene - seemingly from anywhere - just by whistling.

39) Smile
She had that wicked little grin again, and Axel could only think that there was fun to be had; Demyx just thought, "Oh no…"

40) Innocence
"What the two of you do behind closed doors is your business, but please keep it behind those doors and out of my hallways; I'm beginning to tire of Number XIII's frightened complaining about his loss of innocence."

41) Completion
Axel never really seemed as concerned about getting his Heart back as the rest of them; when Xigbar asked why, the Flurry simply shrugged, and pointed at Larxene - much to her confusion, but later agreement.

42) Clouds
He told her once that fire clouds exist; she just waved it off dismissively and said, "Thunderclouds are better, and always will be."

43) Sky
She asked him one day if the fact that his little buddy Roxas was the Nobody of Sora ever bothered him; he asked her right back if her little "buddy" Naminé seeming to have affections for Sora ever bothered her.

44) Heaven
She'd never admit it out loud, but something about the way he kissed her, the way he held her, the way he was always there, the way he altogether stopped being so sarcastic when they were together, made her think that maybe you really didn't have to die to be eternally happy.

45) Hell
Hades crossed his arms and told the Flurry, "Even if I wanted to, I'm pretty sure they'd have to die in this world for me to even bring them back."

46) Sun
"I'm wondering if I'd look better if I had a tan," she told him; he replied with, "Nah, I think the whiteness you've got goin' on now is insanely attractive."

47) Moon
Sometimes Kingdom Hearts - an "artificial" moon - being the only thing in the sky bothered him; she told that him they should only care that it powers up Saïx, because that's something to freakin' worry about.

48) Waves
The beach itself was the only part of Atlantica Axel and Larxene didn't hate, so it wasn't a big deal when Demyx and Roxas forced them along; she wasn't surprised when Axel preceded to move as far away from the shore as possible - though she hadn't expected him to take her hand and pull her along to sit with him.

49) Hair
There was something incredibly interesting in the way, no matter how many times he ruffled it, her hair would always return to normal.

50) Supernova
It didn't take long for them to realize that somehow her lightning supercharged his fire, and maybe even vice-versa; and once Demyx found this out, he ran as fast as he could away from them, and Vexen told Xemnas, "Never make me battle them, ever."

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