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Pairing: SousukexIchigo, other one-sided yaoi pairings with Ichigo

Summary: AU There is a liquor store close to Renji and Ichigo's apartment that gives big discounts to women. The only problem is that none of their girl friends will go there to buy booze for them because the owner is a lecher. So Renji and the gang think of a scheme to have Ichigo cross dress and buy the booze himself. Everything as planned until the Yakuza Aizen Sousuke sees Ichigo and wants to date him. Now Ichigo has a conundrum: go out with Sousuke and risk his true gender being discovered and get killed for deceiving him, or don't go out with Sousuke and get killed for rejecting him. Decisions, decisions.

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I suggest reading the lyrics because this song is what inspired me to write this. Also, I did research the Yakuza, but if I make any mistakes or if there is something anyone thinks I need to add to make it better, please tell me.

Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, smut, sex, cursing, violence.

Cherry Lips

You're such a delicate boy
In the hysterical realm
Of an emotional landslide
In physical terms

With your cherry lips and golden curls
You could make grown men gasp
When you'd go walking past them
In your hot pants and high heels
They could not believe
That such a body was for real
It seemed like rainbows would appear
Whenever you came near the clouds would disappear
Because you looked just like a girl
Your baby blues would flash
And suddenly a spell was cast

You hold a candle in your heart
You shine the light on hidden parts
You make the whole world wanna dance
You bought yourself a second chance

-Cherry Lips, Garbage

Ichigo Kurosaki, 21 year old college student, lived with his long time best friend Renji Abarai in Hachioji, a western Tokyo city. They both went to Tokyo Metropolitan University and had an apartment somewhat close to the campus. Many students have heard of the duo who were infamous for the fights they had gotten into and ruckus they caused, but not many could say that they actually knew them.

At the moment, the orange-haired Ichigo was wishing that he didn't know any of his friends, especially Renji.

"Come on, Ichigo, it's for the greater good!"

"Go fuck yourself." Ichigo snarled which only seemed more amusing to his friends who were struggling with their laughter.

"Come on, Ichi." Ikkaku said through his snickers. "You look really good!"

"I hate you guys."

Ichigo really did hate them.

University life was great, although because the school had a high standard for academics, Ichigo had to work twice as hard to keep up. He still spent a lot of time partying though, egged on by his friends who thought the best way to study for a test was to get totally smashed the night before.

There was even a liquor store a few blocks away that gave great discounts…to women. The owner gave the discounts to encourage more women into the store because none of them wanted to go near the man, which was why Ichigo was stuck in this situation to begin with. Renji came up with a great idea to have Ichigo dress up as a woman and go in to get the liquid sustenance (as Ikkaku called it) as well as save a load of money.

Ichigo fought tooth and nail (because he got enough teasing for his short, slim stature as it was) but he ended up getting dressed up anyways. The others agreed that if he didn't look enough like a woman then he wouldn't have to do it. However fate seemed to be working against him because his so-called friends were gaping at him and even Chad was staring dumbly.

"Are you sure you're a guy?" Ikkaku asked. Ichigo scowled and punched him. Hard. Then stomped over to a mirror to take in his appearance. With the help of Rukia his hair was left without a wig, and just pinned with bobby pins to make his hair curl slightly into his face. He was wearing a purple tank top that came down low enough to reveal his smooth chest and collar bone, but didn't show his lack of cleavage. They forced him into a bra which he thankfully didn't have to stuff, and instead came across as a somewhat flat-chested female.

He wore long pants so he wouldn't have to shave his legs (he punched Ikkaku for pointing out how fair his hair was to begin with) and small heals to force him to sway when he walked. Rukia put a little makeup on him and plucked a few stray hairs around his eyebrows (he refused to actually get them shaped). Then the last hurdle…his Adam's apple…

Unlike with most males, his larynx didn't grow as much after puberty, which explained a little why his voice wasn't as deep as some of the other males. But he still had it. While some women also had a slightly protruding larynx, Rukia thought that it would be best if the owner wasn't tipped off by something like that. So she wrapped a black neck scarf around his throat to try and hide it. To Ichigo the scarf was a bit stifling, but he would rather put up with it then be out as a man dressed as a woman.

"You look great Ichi." Renji said through his sniggers. "You really good pass as a female-"

It was the third punch he had thrown that day alone.

After a quick tutorial from Rukia on how to walk on high heels (Ichigo swore she said the owner creeped her out just to make him do this) Ichigo was out the doors and walking slightly unsteadily to the store. After a block he got a little used to the heels and was very thankful that they weren't as tall as some he had seen. They were uncomfortable, but the nylon socks Rukia gave him stopped any irritating blisters from forming.

"Hey baby, wanna come home with me?"

Ichigo scowled as he heard catcalls following him. If he wasn't trying so hard to not appear manly he would have kicked all of their asses already. As it was though, he just ignored them and concentrated on getting to the store without any casualties.

The owner Shunsui was reading a comic book at the counter when Ichigo walked in. The bastard's elbow slipped off the counter and he openly gaped as the orange haired "woman" swayed "her" hips as "she" walked over to the cooler section and grabbed a twelve pack and some rum to mix with the coke they already had. He walked up to the counter and slid it over to the dark haired man who appeared to be drooling. Now he knew how the women felt at least.

"How much?" He asked when the man made no motion to ring up the items.

"Ah!" Shunsui woke from his doze and ran up the items. "And a special discount for you, since you're so pretty." He simpered.

Ichigo pretended to laugh and forced a flirtatious smile onto his face. "Do you treat all of your customers so kindly?"

"Only ones as beautiful as yourself."

Ichigo smiled again and pulled out his money from the purse he was forced to carry and paid the man.

"Come again, any time!" Shunsui yelled after him and made no attempt to hide the fact he was staring at Ichigo's ass.

Ichigo grumbled to himself as he walked back to his apartment. He was so busy cursing to himself that he didn't notice the sports care speeding along the road, cutting in and out of traffic dangerously fast. A man sitting at a café along the sidewalk frowned at the car and his eyes widened as a dumpster truck accidentally got in the way of the car and it was forced to mount the sidewalk to miss it, heading straight at Ichigo.

The brown haired man launched himself at Ichigo who looked up just in time to see the car coming straight at him. Strong arms encircled his waist and he was yanked out of the way just in time for the car to screech through the area he was just in. The young men in the car cursed at him like it had been his fault and sped away. Ichigo groaned from the spot in the sidewalk where he was half pinned under the man and thanked Kami that his head was cushioned by said man's hand.

"Are you all right, miss?" The man asked. Ichigo looked up to see the man's face a few inches from his own and nearly freaked out but calmed himself.

"I-I'm alright." He stuttered and the brown eyes staring down into his own calmed slightly.

"Aizen-sama!" Somebody yelled and then Ichigo's savior was being pulled to his feet as well as Ichigo. Aizen? Ichigo had heard that name before he was…Yakuza!!! Sousuke Aizen was the head boss Yamamoto's senior advisor and controlled the Hachioji area.

Oh fuck.

A man with black hair and a green line tattooed under each eye frowned at Ichigo who was looking for the nearest escape.

"Um…thanks for saving me…I should be going now."

"Wait." Aizen grabbed Ichigo's arm before he could go and held up the grocery bag with the alcohol in it that was thankfully spared. "Here you go." He smiled and Ichigo took a second to actually look at him. He wasn't dressed in anything flashy, just a simple charcoal suit- which looked very expensive- and had his hair slicked back. His brown eyes seemed to burn into Ichigo who was growing more and more uncomfortable by the minute.

"Might I have the pleasure of your name?" The yakuza said, his hand running down Ichigo's arm to his wrist.

"Oh, it's, er, Ichigo Zangetsu…" For once in his life, Ichigo was thankful for his feminine name and the easy alias he came up with for his last name. His first dog.

"A beautiful name…for a beautiful girl." Ichigo turned bright red as the dangerous man bent down and brushed his lips over the back of Ichigo's hand. "I am Sousuke Aizen, as you may have already guessed." His hand was finally released and he gave a sigh of relief. "Perhaps you should sit, that was quite a shock."

Ichigo could only nod dumbly as he was guided to the table where Aizen was sitting moments before. "Thank you, Aizen-sama." Ichigo said quietly, patting himself on the back for not stuttering this time.

The body guards who had been hovering around him were dismissed with a wave of his hand although the one with the green tattoos lingered closely. Aizen gave him a look and the man bowed, leaving as well. A rather flustered waiter came to ask Ichigo what he wanted but Ichigo hastily said he didn't want anything.

"Please, order anything you wish." Aizen smiled at Ichigo and brushed his finger lightly against his wrist, making it almost seem like an accident.

"Just green tea please." Ichigo muttered and looked away from the intimidating man sitting across from him. As the waiter left he glanced up again. "This really isn't necessary Aizen-sama."

"Please, call me Sousuke."


He was cut off by laughter which Ichigo kicked himself for finding charismatic.

"No -sama, please."

"Thank you for saving me Sousuke-san." He stumbled slightly over his name and honorific, still slightly fearful to seem disrespectful. "But I really should get home."

"To a party you must attend?" Aizen raised his eyebrow at Ichigo and smirked when he blushed. "Forgive me Zangetsu-kun, I couldn't help but notice the items in your bag."

"Ichigo is fine…and I'm just meeting some friends."

"Ichigo-kun…" The way Sousuke purred his name sent shivers down his spine. It was partially out of fear, partially in the adrenaline rush from earlier made him hyper sensitive. "I understand that you are busy, but perhaps you would join me for dinner tonight?"

Oh shit. He was being asked out on a date by a very dangerous Yakuza who was said to be the head Yakuza's personal assassin…and said assassin thought he was a woman. "I really can't tonight…"

"Tomorrow then?" Aizen pressed on and leaned forward so he was closer, his eyes burning deeply into Ichigo's.

"Sure." He kicked himself mentally for agreeing, but what could he say? The man was intimidating, and he knew how to casually use his presence to get what he wanted.

Aizen smiled in satisfaction and leaned back once more, allowing Ichigo to relax once more. "Where should I pick you up?"

"Er…" He really didn't want Aizen to know where he lived. "Do you know where Bara apartments are?" That was where Rukia stayed with her brother.

"Yes. I'll pick you up at six." His eyes scanned over Ichigo's clothes and he smiled again, almost a smirk. "Dress casually."

Ichigo stood on slightly shaky legs and bowed to the man. "Thank you Aizen-sama."

He walked away quickly before he could be called back or corrected. He was lucky he remembered to grab his bag before he left.

Fuck. What did he get himself into?


To give the readers an idea of Yakuza hierarchy, here it is:

Oyabun/Kumicho: family head

Saiko Komon: senior advisor So-honbucho: headquarters chief

Wakagashira: Second in the chain of command

Fuku-honbucho: helps the wakagashira govern their gangs, as well as their own gangs

Shateigashira: local boss

Kobon: underlings

The Saiko-komon (what Aizen is) control their 'turfs' in different areas/cities and have their own underlings which include under-bosses, advisors, accountants and enforcers.

By the way, Bara means 'rose' or 'thorns, brambles', just a random name I picked for the apartments.