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Cherry Lips: Chapter 10

"Sousuke, do you ever wonder what would happen if we ever broke up?"

Sousuke turned around and glared at Ichigo who was too busy musing to himself to notice the death glare. Ichigo was sprawled out on the couch in Sousuke's office and Sousuke was at his desk doing some paperwork when Ichigo had asked him the question.

"We're not going to break up." Sousuke said and turned around. Subject closed. Except for Ichigo who kept pressing the issue.

"It's a hypothetical question."

"We're not going to break up."

"Sousuke!" Ichigo growled in aggravation and sat up on his elbows to glare daggers at Sousuke.

"If we ever broke up, I would keep you in chains here until you came to your senses." Ichigo rolled his eyes. "You think I'm joking?"

"I have no doubt that you would do just that."

Sousuke narrowed his eyes and stood up from the desk to walk over to Ichigo. He braced his hand on the back of the couch and the arm rest and leaned down so his face was just inches away from Ichigo's.

"Why do you even ask, Ichigo?" Sousuke purred. Ichigo smiled, totally unaffected by the predatory display Sousuke was putting on.


"Well what?"

"I was just wondering what it would take for you to stop working and fuck me into the couch."

Sousuke smirked. "Is that right?"


Sousuke barely brushed their lips together and then pulled away. "Let me finish this first."

Ichigo growled in aggravation. "The one time that I'm the one that instigates sex, you would rather do work." He huffed. "Fine, I wanted to go hang out with Renji anyway."

Sousuke was across the room and pinning Ichigo to the couch so fast that Ichigo didn't even see him move. "He-he-he, I was just kidding?" Ichigo swallowed nervously and shrunk under Sousuke's gaze.

"I'm sure, you were."

Ichigo resigned himself to another sleepless night when he just wanted a quickie to begin with too…

He sighed as Sousuke picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. He had nobody to blame but himself. At least they would do it in a bed this time.

"As punishment for what you said…" Ichigo sighed and Sousuke gave him a smack in the ass that made Ichigo kick him in the stomach as retribution. "You have to wear what I picked out for you the other day."

"No way."


"No! It's embarrassing!"

"You used to dress up for me."

"That's because you thought I was a woman!"


Ichigo growled in aggravation. He did not want to wear it. For some reason, Sousuke got it in his head that Ichigo would look great in a pair of lace panties. Ichigo, of course, disagreed.

"Two rounds and I don't have to wear it." Ichigo tried to bargain with Sousuke as he was dropped onto the bed and Sousuke began to take off Ichigo's clothes.

"Five rounds and you don't have to wear it."

"No way!"

"Then you're wearing them."

Ichigo grumbled and rose up his hips for Sousuke to pull his pants off. "Three rounds."


Ichigo glared at Sousuke who pulled out the pair of panties and ripped the tags off with his teeth. He lifted Ichigo's feet and slipped them on, ignoring how Ichigo squirmed and tried to get away.

"If you tear them, then we're going five rounds and you still have to wear them."

Ichigo stilled and crossed his arms over his chest in aggravation and stared up at the ceiling.

"Lift your hips."

This was the part Ichigo hated. He didn't like the way the lace rubbed against his groin and squished his balls. It was agitating. But Sousuke liked the way his ass looked in them, so he put up with it.

Finally Sousuke pulled back and admired his handy work. The black lace looked really nice against Ichigo's cream skin and he could easily see his dick through the flimsy panties.

"Hm, not hard yet?" Sousuke asked and bent down to lick him through the lace. Ichigo inhaled sharply and tried to shift away but Sousuke grabbed his hips and rubbed his cheek against him.

"Sousuke!" Ichigo cried out. "Just take them off."

"Let me enjoy this a little bit first." Sousuke flipped Ichigo over and pulled his hips up to admire his ass.

"Argh!" Ichigo settled for burying his head into a pillow as Sousuke rubbed his entrance through the fabric.

"You say you don't like this, but you're already dripping wet."

Ichigo whimpered as Sousuke stroked the dampness that was already accumulating on the lace.

"You're getting them dirty." Sousuke leaned down to purr in his ear, making Ichigo's body shudder.

"Fuck you." Ichigo mumbled into the pillow.

"What was that?"

"I said fuck you- ah!"

Ichigo arched his back and gasped as Sousuke pushed the panties aside and slipped a finger inside of him.

"Fu-uck…" His groin started to throb in pain from the lack of release and harsh friction of the panties.

Sousuke dug his teeth into the small of Ichigo's back, making Ichigo groan and push back. Sousuke chuckled and then dragged his teeth to catch the panties and pull them down.

"Come on already Sousuke!" Ichigo growled and pushed back. "I'm ready!"

"You're so impatient." Sousuke said and pushed the lace underwear down a little farther so that Ichigo's erection sprung free.

Sousuke pulled away for a second to undress himself and Ichigo took a moment to admire Sousuke's hard, toned body over his shoulder. Sousuke caught the look and smirked.

"That come hither look you're giving me isn't helping your situation."

Ichigo moaned as Sousuke rubbed the head of his cock against Ichigo's entrance but didn't press in.

"Hand me the lube."

"Get it yourself."

Sousuke narrowed his eyes and pressed forward. Ichigo yelped and quickly flattened his hips against the bed and reached for the lube.


"You know I wouldn't have really done it." Sousuke said as he poured the lube onto his hand and stroked his erection.


"You don't believe me?" Sousuke wiped the excess fluid off of his hand onto the sheet and pulled Ichigo's hips up again.

"You probably just would have used spit or something…Ah!"

Sousuke pushed inside of Ichigo and admired the way his long, thick cock disappeared into Ichigo's tight body.

"Fuck!" Ichigo tried to spread his legs further apart but the panties wouldn't let him. "Take them off already!"

"I like you with them on." Sousuke said and began to thrust in and out of Ichigo slowly, purposefully dragged against Ichigo's prostate with the barest amount of pressure.

"I can't…" Ichigo groaned and arched his back more to try and get Sousuke to hit that spot. "I want to take you deeper."

Sousuke pause his movements. "Well when you put it like that…" He drawled and pulled out of Ichigo long enough to rip the panties off and flip Ichigo over. He knelt in between Ichigo's legs and grabbed his knees to hook them over his hips and drag Ichigo onto his lap.

"Fuh…" Ichigo clenched his eyes shut and bit his lower lip as Sousuke pushed into him again.

"Ichigo…" Sousuke murmured his name as he nuzzled Ichigo's neck and sucked on the sensitive spot just below his ear.

"Ah!" Sousuke clutched at Sousuke's back and threaded his fingers through his brown hair.

Sousuke kissed him passionately and stroked his hard on as he continued to thrust in and out of Ichigo. Ichigo groaned and pulled Sousuke tighter to him with his legs and rocked his hips to meet Sousuke's movements.

"Yesss." Ichigo hissed and shivered as Sousuke continuously hit his prostate. "That's the spot."

"Say my name." Sousuke murmured into Ichigo's ear as he pumped him faster. "Say it."

"Sou-uh!" Ichigo didn't manage to get it all out because Sousuke bit into his neck, making his body spasm.

"Come on, Ichi." Sousuke tilted Ichigo over onto his back and pressed Ichigo's legs as far apart as he could while still stroking him.


Ichigo shuddered and his body jerked as he came, spurting all over his stomach. "Sousuke!"

"Ichigo…" Sousuke said quietly and kissed his cheek before moving to whisper into his ear. "I love you."

Ichigo's body tightened almost painfully around Sousuke, forcing him to snap his hips forward and release inside of Ichigo. Ichigo's body convulsed around him, milking all of his come from him as he allowed Ichigo's legs to relax and slumped over him.

Sousuke took a moment to catch his breath, but Ichigo didn't want to rest. "What the fuck are you doing, saying something like that!?"

Sousuke looked up at Ichigo and smirked as he saw his red face. "Whatever do you mean, Ichigo?"

"You know what I mean!" Ichigo hit Sousuke's arm and scowled at him. "You can't just spring something like that on me in the middle of sex!" Sousuke chuckled and rolled off of him. "Don't laugh at me."

Sousuke smirked and leaned over to brush their lips together, instantly making Ichigo shut up. "I love you."

"Stop it…"

"I love you."

"Shut up already!" Ichigo grabbed the pillow and smothered Sousuke's face with it. "Just shut up!"

Sousuke flipped them over and grabbed Ichigo's wrists in one hand while the other went to Ichigo's sides. "I love you." He dragged his fingers lightly over Ichigo's ribs and watched in amusement as Ichigo laughed and tried to move away.

"Ha ha, stop it already!"

"Hm…" Sousuke stopped and stared into Ichigo's beautiful brown eyes before gently rubbing his nose against Ichigo's. "I love you." He said once more softly and kissed Ichigo, coaxing Ichigo's mouth open with his tongue and tilting their heads together to fit perfectly.

They parted slowly and Ichigo gazed up at Sousuke. "I love you too."

Sousuke smiled broadly which threw Ichigo off, who was used to his calm, small smiles. "Does that mean you'll agree to be my wife now?"

Ichigo hit him with the pillow again.

Rukia ended up finding out about her brother's "job" when a rival gang tried to kidnap her but Byakuya stopped it. She was pissed that he kept something like that from her, but quickly got over it.

Renji hooked up with a medical student named Hanataro that helped him when he was injured during a fight. Hanataro was a little uneasy about dating a Yakuza member, but got over it with lots of amazing sex. Worked every time…

Kenpachi still tried to snag Ichigo away from Sousuke, but luckily Yamamoto made sure that their visits never coincided unless Kenpachi found out Sousuke and Ichigo were visiting from someone else. The last time they met Ichigo broke a plate over his head.

Sousuke has kept trying to get Ichigo to be his 'wife', but whenever he asks Ichigo always ends up getting violent which leads to a lot of sex which leads to their minds turning to mush and forgetting what they were talking about in the first place.

Orihime still makes weird food concoctions and Ichigo still has his cherry lips.

The End.


I had to include all of that in the end because I know lots of people are going to be wondering what happened to the others…Some things never change. Kenpachi obsessing over Ichigo is one, and Orihime's weird food is another.

Yes, this is 'THE END.' I hope everyone enjoyed, and thanks to everybody who read and reviewed!