Cynder's Darkness


A large black egg lay in a nest of fur and leaves, having just been taken from it's home in the Dragon Temple by a race of maniacal creatures called the apes. They were large thickset creature resembling brutish baboons standing on their hind legs and wearing armour. A particularly l one with a staff adorned by a green glowing crystal and an eye made of the same substance was watching the egg intently. The ape's name was Gaul and he was the Ape King, that he was so interested in the egg meant that it was very important. This egg would raise the apes above the dragons. Ironic, as the egg was in fact a Dragon egg. The egg lay still and silent on the nest for several days until, finally, the tiniest squeak was heard from it.

"My lord." said a small, scrawny ape healer "The egg will hatch within two days to a week."

Gaul growled "Make it hatch within two days or I'll rip you in two."

He stalked away leaving the healer ape petrified. He began muttering under his breath for two days until Gaul came back. The egg still had not hatched.

"I'm sorry my lord… b…b…but the… egg… just wouldn't hatch… no matter what I did."

Suddenly a long thin crack appeared in the egg. Gaul stared at it and dismissed the relieved ape, who scurried off before he was summoned back.

More cracks had appeared in the egg and it was now wobbling furiously as if a massive thunderstorm was contained within it. Gaul watched the egg wobble furiously but his thin patience was snapping and he was about to reach over and break the egg when a long black tail shot out of it. The tails barbed blade sliced at the egg shell and anything else that happened to be within reach. This just happened to be, Gaul's finger. The massive ape growled at the dragon, it leapt back into its egg terrified. However when Gaul reached in to snatch it out, there was a blur of fangs and talons as the dragon attempted to shred his hand. He butted the dragon over the head and it fell to the ground, unconscious.

Gaul picked up the limp hatchling, examined it and found it to be a female. He looked at her in disgust, and then decided it didn't matter. A female would fulfil the Dark Masters wishes just as well as a male would, and females were generally more viscous than males. Gaul put down the hatchling. She had jet black back scales and a dark pink underbelly. Two small, stubby hatchling horns grew from the top of her head and three smaller horns protruded from the side of her face. A silvery mark glittered on her brow and contrasted with the midnight black scales. Gaul stared at the symbol in wonder. It was like two quarter moons over a half moon and was unlike anything he had ever seen. A low ranking ape entered the room; a green flash illuminated the entire chamber and the ape was thrown into the hallway. Gaul was taking no chances; he and he alone would raise the hatchling. Firstly before anything else he had to name the hatchling but what. It was three hours later that the young dragoness woke up. Her emerald green eyes studied her surroundings with a scrutiny beyond most hatchlings.

After a while her stomach grumbled and she began to scratch around the floor as she looked for something to eat.. Gaul put a leash on her and tied to a hook on the wall before going to get something for them both to eat. He came back with a carcass of a deer and discovered that the dragoness had chewed threw the rope. He tore of a leg of the deer and threw it o her. She ate it as if the world would end tomorrow and was soon finished. Gaul finished his meal as well and looked at the hatchling again. Covered in blood she looked slightly evil and maniacal. No dragon likes to be mucky however so she set about licking herself clean. Gaul drifted off to sleep. He was awakened by something tapping his head. He looked up and saw the black hatchling bouncing up and down on his brow, playing with the matted grey fur. She was about to try and take his gemstone eye out of its socket when he threw her off. She landed heavily on the ground but got to her feet almost immediately. She looked up at Gaul sparkling eyes. Gaul held the gaze for a moment before jumping up in shock. The young dragoness sneezed and a crackling flame had shot out of her mouth and nostrils.

Gaul stared with his mouth open for a minute before saying…

"Fire huh? Well hatchling I name thee Cynder."

This is an extended version of my chapter Cynder's story in The Legend of Spyro the Truth of purple. Black Cyrus gave me the idea to do it although I didn't do it at the time