Because her country was in a bad state, she had to get married with someone who she didn't love... lenxkaho...

Because of a Problem

Chapter 1

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In the past, there were four imperial musicians all of whom were the royal children of the Majestic Highnesses, the King and the Queen. Their first son, an elegant and refined one, could play a flute while their second child, a cheerful and happy-go-lucky prince, could play a trumpet. The youngest prince and princess could play a piano and a violin correspondingly.
¬Because of a war that had struck their Kingdom, the economy of their state had been doing poor. To be able to save it, the Royal Highnesses had thought of a helpful idea. They would give in marriage their youngest child, the princess, with a prince from the other country who has got a vast power amongst others.

Trek. Trek. Trek.

The amber-eyed princess pouted as she and her older brothers started to swiftly approach the chambers of their parents. "Huh, what's wrong with Father and Mother? Why do they have to wake me up?" asked the princess.

"Hey, don't be like that Kaho… maybe this is urgent," said the third prince as he sent his sister disapproving looks. They continued to walk down the lamp-lit corridors with uneasy atmosphere wrapping around them.

"Okay Ryo, but… I'm so sleepy…" muttered the princess.

"Well Kaho, if you want to sleep again, then you must finish this quickly," suggested the oldest prince.

The cheerful second prince beamed at her. "Yeah, that's right Kaho-chan…" he seconded.

"Hai, Azuma onii-sama, Kazuki onii-chan…" said Kahoko as she childishly rubbed her eyes.
In no time, they finally arrived at their real destination—their parents' chamber. As they entered in the King and Queen's room, the King greeted them.

"Good evening, my Children… I'm sorry if I woke you up," said the King with his apologetic voice. Sheepishly, he smiled at them.

"It's alright Father. By the way, what do you want to inform to us?" asked Azuma as courteous as he could muster.

The King shifted in his seat while the Queen determinedly handled the situation. "Well, all of you know that our Kingdom's economy is in the poor state because of the war, right? So… we need your help Kaho," said the Queen.

"What is it, mother?" asked Kahoko. The redhead stared at them nervously, partly aware that the Highnesses were planning something.

"Well, we… we want you to get married with a prince from the other country since we are definitely aware that he can help our country…" said the Queen while hopefully gazing at the apparently confused princess.

The princess slowly shook her head but instead questioned, "What? But I—"

"Please Kaho, this is just our choice… please, this is for our country's sake," said the King as he slowly stood up and approached the young lady.

"I… I'm sorry… I have to think about it… I'm sorry…" With those said words, she trailed off and decided to exit. Hurriedly, she ran towards the confinement of her room.

Meanwhile, when Kahoko left the room, the family was engulfed in silence before the eldest prince, Azuma, spoke, "I'm sorry I must go, Mother, Father, excuse me."

Ryoutaro stared at his feet before looking up determinedly. "Me too…" he said and started to follow his brother.

"Same with me… please excuse us…" said Kazuki. He spun around and sped off.

The King and the Queen had seen their children leave from their room with guilty faces.



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