My first Merlin fanfic.

Starts at the end of Season 1 ep13. When certian people return to Camelot it is changed forever.

Gaius woke. He should have been dead but now Merlin knelt next to him in the sleeting rain that soaked them both.



"Merlin you could be the greatest warlock ever… If you'll stop this blasted rain"

Laughing they lent back against the alter on which Nimueh had placed the Cup of Life before her final battle with Merlin. As if on cue the sun came out, sparkling off the damp rocks circling the two of them. A merry tinkling sound from nowhere completed the effect as the Court Physician and his charge slipped away from the bitter island.

The soft sound woke the other three inhabitants of the Isle of the Blessed. Picking herself up the woman realised that she could move, properly for the first time in 21 ½ years.

"Free… Free… FREE!!!!" Igraine yelled, leaping up and giving her nearest companion a hard kick.

"Ouch" complained the bundle of red cloak "go back to sleep, there's no reason to act like that"

"no reason! Owain the fetters have vanished. Wake up you silly boy!! We're FREE!!!"

"Stop squealing Igraine, it hurts"

Discovering she got no sense from Pellinore either Igraine contented herself by dancing wildly around the small chamber that they all shared. Her chains, which had held her captive for longer than Pellinore and Owain's terms put together, were gone. She was her own mistress to go where she pleased, do as she pleased.


The name rang in her head, clear and wonderfully directional to her thoughts. Yes she would go back to Camelot, whether or not the others came with her. It was her home now, she was its Queen.


Uther, her husband, sire of Arthur. He would be at Camelot ruling as he always had. If there was one person she wished to see as much as her brother it was Uther.

"hey Owain get up, the chains have gone" Pellinore's excited voice rang out behind her. Quickly both the knights were next to her by the alter, dressed in their armour and ready to leave.

"Igraine the chains are gone"

"I know, I tried to tell you that earlier" for some reason her withering bored tone made her companions laugh.

"Oh you do sound just like Arthur sometimes!!" chuckled Owain "He's certainly your son"

"Shut up you two."

Igraine moved away down the steps leading to the river. Owain whistled for the boat then handed her in before following. Pellinore pulled them back along the step then ran, pushing the boat away as he jumped in. They were off on the Journey, a life time late.

"Just how are we going to get to Camelot Igraine, its months of walking in our condition"

The once Queen of Camelot didn't reply, staring out at the lake edge


Standing on the bank were two almost identical shapes, four legged shapes. As the boat stopped at the jetty Igraine was out of it and running to the nearest horse.

"Starskee!! Oh Starskee my little Kestrel"

Both knights stayed back as Igraine hugged her mare, then they moved towards the other horse.

"we'll have to ride double Pellinore"

"I don't mind old friend. Come, the Queen is waiting for us to mount already"

Sure enough Igriane was mounted side-saddle on Starskee's bare back. Bothe horses galloped away with their riders, back to home and food. Back to Camelot.

Next Chapter coming immediately