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This is the last chapter in my saga, in preparation for Series two airing tonight and flattening this fantasy.

It's an extract from Gaius's diary to round us off

It has been seven years to the day that Igraine returned to Camelot and became its Queen once more. These 7 years have brought only good; Magic is no longer persecuted and Camelot has a second in line to the Throne. Princess Ruth Igraine Pendragon

Ruth has been the greatest blessing ever bestowed on this Kingdom. Even greater than our Crown Prince Arthur, for her birth did not come with such suffering. She is now six, or as she persists in telling everyone; Six and one month exactly. I myself have come under scrutiny for the mistake just this afternoon.

Of course her highness does not understand the significance of this date, it would be completely impossible and highly dangerous to explain. That is the only thing that Uther has forbidden during his time as King with a daughter, that nobody tell her about Igraine's disappearance/death.

Today all Royal Protocol has vanished in the wind; knights and peasants have danced together in the street, proverbs and thoughts have been shared. And of course the King and Queen have played their annual game of Hide and Seek (aided and abetted by their issue). Igraine was found hiding behind the stone griffin; where else?

The Celebrations have been completed by an identical banquet to the one that took place 7 yeas ago. Ruth seemed to have developed quite a taste for Gooseberries, such as her mother also contains.

I finish this entry with a prayer;

Bless the Kingdom of Camelot and its immovable, permanent, everlasting Queen. God Bless Igraine

N.B. Memorandum;Gorlois and Morgana will arrive in two months. God help us, for Camelot cannot have two First Ladies

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