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BPOV Bella – 10 years

Another day, another move. I have spent my life in seventeen different orphanages, twelve different foster families and to top it off, I am moving to number eighteen on the list of orphanages.

I pull up to a fairly large building in a town called forks. Great, named after cutlery, what promises. I step out of my social workers car and go to grab my bags.

I may be ten, but the things that have happened and my personality scream older so I don't miss much. The look she was giving me was definitely filled with hidden messages. 'please let this work' and 'is this it' and 'I hope she would just bloody stick'.

I wasn't a naughty child, at all. I kept to myself a lot. But because of what has happened to me, they do tests every so often and if they sense that I am not happy, I am moved.

You cannot blame me from not being happy but sometimes I think my quiet personality mixes in those results.

Sarah grabbed my tiny case while I had the duffle bag. She led me into a reception and sat me down. I could hear the screams and laughter from somewhere else in the building and I found my ten year old self feel longing.

Sarah appeared in front of me and gave me her signature 'please just be happy already' smile and left me in the hands of Mr. Mitchell, a balding short man with worn out features.

He decided to lead me to my bedroom which I would have to myself and let me put my things away. The room was fairly small, plain and had a single bed squashed into the corner. I dropped my bags onto my new bed and decided to look around.

I crept outside the room and instantly heard a lot of noise coming from one of the ground floor rooms. I made my way down the stairs but tripped on the last few steps. I landed at the bottom with a thump.

I tried to stand up but my ankle just throbbed with pain. I let out a slight yelp when I repeated my try but I couldn't do it. I decided just to sit it out; somebody would come sooner or later.

I must have been there for ten minutes or so before I heard a shuffling from around one of the corners. Fifteen seconds later, there he stood.

He had beautiful penny coloured hair and he had perfect features and even though his face had been contorted in worry, he was beautiful. He quickly sped over to me and kneeled beside me.

"Are you okay?" he was frantic as he asked this but I couldn't reply I just stared at his beautiful face.

"Hello? Are you okay miss?" he looked up from his scan and met my gaze. His eyes were beautiful. They pulled me in, further and further. They were pools of emerald and I would bathe in them all day if I had the option.

I couldn't form the words but I didn't need to. He seemed to relax into the stare and we stayed like that for what seemed to stay like that forever. He seemed to then snap out of it and the pained expression was back.

"Do you want me to get some help?"

"No!" I almost yelled back, then let out a nervous giggle.

He smiled a crooked grin and I melted. He gave me a stern, thoughtful look and awaited my words.

"Erm, no…well I er…no. I'm fine, I just need help up." I gave him a warm smile.

He have me a friendly smile, grabbed my arms and hoisted me up. He could tell I couldn't walk so put my arm around his shoulder and led up the stairs.

"I hope you don't mind but I think I should take you to my room." He gave me a questioning glance, asking for permission.

"If you…er…think so." I couldn't believe I was stuttering. I hope he'd be my friend; I might become happy and stay.

A few minutes later he had led me into his room, surprisingly it was my neighbouring room. He sat me down on his bed and put something underneath my ankle. As he moved it I hissed in pain.

"Oh God, did I hurt you miss?" I smiled at how polite he was to me.

"No, I'm fine. My names Bella, Bella Swan. What's your name?" I saw amusement in his eyes when he answered.

"Well Bella, Bella Swan, my name is Edward Cullen." I smiled, his name suited him perfectly.

"So Bella…Erm…how old are you?" hey, now I had him stuttering. I liked it when he said my name.

"I'm ten, how old are you Edward?" I liked saying his name too.

"I'm eleven Bella. You know, you seem a lot older than ten."

It was true I did act older and I was more mature but I guess when you've been through a lot, it changes you.

"Well that's what happens when you go though a lot" I said quietly, but he definitely heard. "you seem older too."

He looked at me like he was questioning something he wanted to say, it obviously won because his mouth opened and words came out.

"Well Bella, Bella Swan, I know that after I say this it will make me seem like a noral eleven year old but I am willing to test it. Will you be my friend?" he said the last part in the voice of a six year old.

I giggled and nodded my head as an answer.

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and so much more.

- That night –

I had been here for almost a day. I had spent the entire time with Edward and did not care for meeting anybody else. We had spoken about everything and anything and I think he knows me now more than any person ever has. We hadn't yet told one another why we were here but I knew I could tell him.

I had said goodnight to Edward and moved next door into my room when it was lights out for us both. As I got into bed I realised how alone I felt without Edward. He had made me forget my troubles and now, alone, they all cam back to me.

I tried to get to sleep, which I knew would bring more of the bad, but I couldn't. I spent a few hours trying when I finally nodded off.


I said goodbye to Bella and once ready, I got into bed. Today had been a truly great day. I had no friends here and I was really glad to meet Bella. She was so beautiful, she was smart and funny and wasn't all over me. The boys here were threatened by me and the girls had crushes. Even the older ones.

I looked about 15, yes, but it was still stupid.

I tossed and turned for hours. I had locked my past into an unreachable part of my mind and finding Bella, somebody who actually cares for me, brought it all back.

I woke up to some noises coming from next door. I hadn't realised I was asleep but knowing there were noises in Bella's room was definitely not going to let me sleep again.

I got up and sneaked out of my room. I heard more murmurs from Bella so I quickly went inside her room and shut the door behind me.

There in Bella's bed was a sleeping angel. My Bella, my friend, my angel. She was tossing and turning, the blankets twisted with her legs. I was paralysed, staring.

"No!" this was definitely not a murmur. I ran to her side, she was still asleep.

"No, don't! please…just…please!" I had to calm my angel down.

"Shh, Bella it's okay. I'm here, nothing can hurt you." I soothed her in her sleep.

I saw a faint smile cross her lips before she spoke again.

"Edward…my Edward…I need you." I smiled to myself, my friend, my angel, my Bella needed me.

I stood to leave when I heard her again. She was awake.

"Edward?" her voice was thick with sleep.

"Yes my Bella?"


He said 'my Bella' not Bella but my Bella. I was his and he was mine. It didn't make me think 'why was he in my room in the early hours in the morning', it made me think 'don't leave'.

"I need you." It wasn't meant to but it came out as a sob

"I know." Even though he didn't say it, I knew he needed me too.

Without any warning he climbed over me and came under the blankets. He placed his arm around me and put his lips next to my ear. I hadn't noticed that I was now crying. I never cried.

"Bella, you are a beautiful, kind, loving, intelligent, funny and all round perfect person"

"no-" he cut me off.

"Yes, you are. You are my Bella, my friend, my angel. Angel, don't be sad, you have so much to give and…well…I need you."

He snuggled closer to me and kissed my forehead. He whispered words into my ear and started to hum something beautiful. I knew I wouldn't sleep and I was in bliss.

"I had a nightmare." He knew.

"Yes you did. And you spoke in your sleep, did you know?" oh god.

"What did I say?!" I said almost too loudly.

"Shh Bella, don't worry. First you were screaming 'no' and 'please'. That's when I came in and started to calm you down. Then you said…you…"

"What Edward?"

"You said my name and that you needed me." I didn't need to think about my reply.

"I do need you. Thank you for soothing me and thank you for staying. I don't usually sleep, I get nightmares."

"Would you like to tell me about them…you know, if you'd like."

I knew I could and I knew I wanted to but it was hard.

"I…I don't know if I can." I sobbed.

He grabbed me and spun my around to face him.

"Bella you can tell me anything but I will tell you first if you wish." I nodded for him to go on.

"My parents were Elizabeth and Edward Cullen. Eleven years ago they had me, the junior Edward Cullen. When I was three my father began to drink a lot. He worked and my mother was a stay at home mum. He would come in, in the early hours of the morning too drunk for anybody's good and it lead to troubles between the two of them. They would argue and he would go out longer and drink more. This lasted until I was five.

One day he went out and came back in the hours of the morning as usual but this time we were not in bed. My mother and I had fallen asleep in front of the television. I was awoken by the slamming if my front door and so was my mother. I could feel my mother stiffen beneath me and even though I was five I knew something bad was about to happen.

He came in to the room and there was chaos. He picked me up and threw me against the nearest wall and went after my mother. She was trying to come and help me when he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her back towards him. I was severely hurt but couldn't let him hurt my mum. I tried to stand but I couldn't. he was beating her and so all I could do was scream at him. "Let go of mummy" and "I hate you!" but all this did was fuel his anger.

Once my mother had passed out he came for me, I was still saying words of hate. All I remember was his fist colliding with my face. This lasted for a couple of weeks until one early morning, he took it too far. Neighbours called the police but he got away. I was in hospital when they told me she didn't make it. I was alone. I was sent into care here and have been ever since."

I didn't know what to say so I did what I could. I pulled him to me and held him as tight as I could. I cried for him and I repeated apologies. I could see him holding back sobs.

"Edward I am so sorry. That should have never happened. I won't let anything like that happen again."

"It's okay Bella, it wasn't your fault. Now, you can tell me if you'd like."

"I know you went into great detail but I can't, for the sake of my sanity. But, I will tell you what happened roughly. I am daughter to Renee Dwyer and somebody named Charlie swan. The person who I saw as my father was Phil Dwyer. I never met my real dad because my mother left him before I was born.

One night I awoke to screams. It basically ended up with some creep murdering Renee and Phil and leaving me for dead. It was the worst moment of my life. I haven't been able to sleep properly, eat properly or do anything. It's like I am forever tainted.

I have been moved to so many homes and I can never stay. They test me, you see, to see if I am happy. If I am I stay but if not I go. I can never be adopted because Renee had said that if she were to die I could only go into care of my real father and I don't even know who he is!" I was now crying uncontrollably and on the verge of hyperventilating.

Edward immediately pulled me into his chest and I spent what seemed like forever staining his shirt with my tears. After a while I felt him push me back a little and he tilted my face to stare at him.

"Bella I am so sorry. You did not deserve that and if I ever find who did it to you I swear I'll…well what I want to say is I will be here for as long as you need me. Maybe…maybe…"

"Maybe what Edward?" I hiccupped the words out between sobs.

"Well, maybe you'll be happy and…stay…with me." He moved his gaze from mine and started to twirl a piece of my hair.

"Edward" I tilted his head so his searching gaze met mine. "Edward, I could never let you go."

Relief flooded his eyes and we held onto each other for dear life. I knew if it wasn't Edward I wouldn't have been able to sleep but we helped each other.

That night I had no nightmares, but only dreams of me and my Edward, my friend, my angel.


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