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Jack put the phone down and turned round to face Ianto who was sitting at the workstation across from him. "So Gwen's ill today…"

Ianto didn't look up from Gwen's workstation, but raised an eyebrow.

Jack continued, undeterred by Ianto's apparent lack of interest, "Something about a stomach bug—Rhys said she's being sick all over the place."

Ianto looked up, to see Jack balancing precariously on the edge of his workstation, "So… do you want to have sex in my office?"

"Yes." Ianto said, still not looking up from his work.

Jack raised his eyebrows, "You've never said yes so quickly before."

"And I never finished my sentence either," Ianto added as he walked past Jack after leaning up to press a quick kiss to his lips. "I was going to say wait until lunch or something when everyone's out for at least an hour. Or until they've gone home."

"No time like the present," Jack muttered, sipping his coffee as he followed Ianto on his walk round the Hub.

Ianto smiled to himself as he did a quick tidy of each workstation, Jack still following him, "Because Owen or Tosh could walk through that door any minute now."

"But they're always late nowadays," complained Jack, "because they're having sex!"

Ianto turned round to watch Jack pout before he leaned up to kiss him again, but this time for longer before he detached himself from Jack's lips and arms and hips, "And that is lasting you till lunch."

"What?" Jack said, before he continued following Ianto around again, "that's not fair."

"That's all your getting," Ianto replied as he finished clearing Owen's workstation (which had taken the longest) before he moved over to the kitchen. "I have work to do in the Archives."

"But Ianto…." Whined Jack

"Oh, so you want Owen to walk in on you shagging my brains out?" muttered Ianto as he walked over to the steps.

"He wouldn't mind," Jack called back as he went off to heat up his coffee which had cooled down.

"In fact he'd probably enjoy it…." He trailed off and frowned, before he rummaged in the cutlery draw to pull something that looked a lot like a pair of boxers out the microwave. "What are these?"

Ianto recognised the sound of shock in Jack's voice and glanced back, slightly disgusted to see that Jack was using a fork to hold up the boxers, "Oh, those are mine."

"Could you possibly be any later?" Ianto asked Owen and Tosh as he watched them walk into the Hub. "It's almost lunch time."

"Brilliant!" Owen said as he sat down in his chair, clapping his hands, "Food after sex."

He turned round as Tosh hit him in the back of head with her pen. "What?!"

"I knew it!" Jack said, from the stairs where he'd been watching everyone, "Didn't I tell you Ianto? Didn't I tell you?"

Ianto shook his head at Jack's lack of subtlety.

"So, you guys knew?" Owen asked, looking between Ianto and Jack incredulously.

"Only us two," Jack clarified before things could get confusing with Gwen.

Owen smiled and was about to open his mouth to say something when Ianto interrupted him, "No we can't double date."

"And no foursomes either." Jack added, grinning as he watched Tosh and Ianto cringe at the thought.

"No chance of that happening," muttered Ianto as he glanced at Grace who was sleeping in her car seat.

Owen frowned, "Why not?"

"We might as well go to lunch now," Ianto said to the team, "otherwise Owen's going to complain that he's distracted and won't be able to concentrate."

"I agree," interjected Owen, from his desk where he was buried under mounds of paperwork.

Tosh sniffed, not entirely ha

"How about Tosh and I go to return the outfit I bought Grace, you two finish up here and then we can all meet and go out for lunch?"

"Or they can baby-proof the Hub." Tosh suggested.

Owen turned to glare at her and she protested, "Why not? The rift's been quiet and we might as well do it while we remember otherwise it's just going to get forgotten and next thing we know she's matriculating."

"Ma-what?" Owen interjected.

"Matriculating is when you graduate," Ianto said slowly, "And I thought you had to be smart to be a doctor…"

"Exactly!" protested Owen, "I'm a doctor! Ask me about epigenetics or the Krebs cycle any time, matriculating? I haven't got a fucking clue."

Grace woke at his outburst, crying loudly before Ianto, who was closest, went over to pick her up.

"Are we going out to eat or not?" Jack asked, putting his coat on as he came down the stairs, before he walked across to drop a kiss on Ianto's cheek and one on Grace's forehead.

"You're not," Tosh corrected, "you're going to baby-proof the Hub with Owen, while Ianto and I go and return the baby grow that I bought her."

"Where is it?" Jack asked, playing with Grace before he looked up at Ianto, "I'll go and get it for you."

"It's OK," Ianto said, shaking his head. "It's in that plastic bag I found in the bedroom this morning and I left it in the car."

Jack shrugged as Ianto handed Grace back to him, "Sure, whatever."

"OK," Ianto muttered, "I haven't fed her yet, so I'll see you later." He dropped a quick kiss on Jack's cheek, expecting to turn round to see Owen frowning and Tosh smiling as she waited for him.

Instead, he turned round to find Owen and Tosh snogging quietly on the other side of the Hub.

"Oh, the young and in love," Jack sighed fondly as they watched the pair.

Ianto frowned, "You're forgetting that I'm younger than both of them."

"And don't I know it?" Jack said with a lecherous grin as he smacked Ianto's arse, "They say you're as old as what, or rather who you feel."

"You two love birds ready yet?" Owen shouted, disrupting their banter.

Ianto rolled his eyes at Owen's impatience as he walked over to meet Tosh at the door.

"Don't forget I haven't fed her yet," Ianto called back over his shoulder. He was about to turn round to add something to that when Tosh cut him off complaining about how hungry she was and the two hurried off to talk about their respective boyfriends.