Tatooine was a calm planet. It was mostly desert, so the occasional sandstorm was annoying, but over all, the inhabitants of Tatooine really didn t mind it. Nothing ever happened here. No battles or anything. Not even a visit from passing Jedi. Kiro stared out his window as a Jedi ship passed by the planet. It was his dream to be a Jedi knight. He sighed and looked at the poster of his favorite Jedi girls, Julia and Maggie. They both had blue light sabers. If he had a light saber, he wanted a white one. He stared down at his sketchbook, drawing his picture. An anime self-portrait.

"Kiro!" He jumped up and ran into the main room. "Yes, master?" He saw a boy standing beside his master. "Set the guest room up for our visitor." Kiro bowed quickly. "Right away, Master." He headed for the room, setting up the bed for the guest. When he turned around, the boy was standing behind him with a light saber. A Jedi. The visitor in his own home was a Jedi! "The room is ready for you, sir," Kiro said politely, bowing.

The Jedi handed him a light saber. "Battle me," he said. Kiro gasped. "I... I can t. I really must keep working, or my master will be displeased. I cannot displease him." The boy walked back into the main room. "I need a place to practice my fighting, and someone to practice with," he said casually. Kiro's master looked up at Kiro. "Kiro will practice with you," he said. "You boys can battle in the backyard." The Jedi nodded as Kiro led him out back.

Both boys ignited their light sabers. The Jedi came at Kiro fast, but Kiro blocked every shot with lightning reflexes. After hours of dueling, the Jedi stopped. He was out of breath. Kiro retracted the light saber in his hands and walked over to him. "That was fun," he said. The Jedi looked up at him. "The Force is strong in you," he told him. Kiro shook his head. "I'm just a slave. I can't be a Jedi." The Jedi stood up.

"Have you ever heard of the legendary Anakin Skywalker?" Of course Kiro had heard of Anakin. He was famous, even if he did turn to the dark side. He just nodded. "Anakin was a slave on this very planet," the Jedi told him. Kiro gasped. "Anakin Skywalker was a slave from Tatooine?" The Jedi nodded. "I'm Jack Strify, by the way." Kiro smiled. "Kiro. Just Kiro." Jack shook his hand. "It's fantastic to meet you, Kiro." Kiro shook his hand. "It's an honor to meet a Jedi," he said. Jack smiled.

"I think I could get you into the Jedi business," he told Kiro. The slave was astonished. "It's been my lifelong dream to be a Jedi," he said, smiling. "Then it's settled. I'll talk to your master and get you in training to become a Jedi." Kiro nodded, still smiling. Then he remembered he was still a slave. "I guess we had better get inside. I still have chores to do before I go to bed." Jack nodded and walked inside with Kiro. Somehow, he felt this slave would be a great Jedi one day.