Author's Notes:

1. I do not own SW or any of the official SW characters.

2. These letters should not be taken literally

3. This story is AU

4. I'm having co-writers write the part of Anakin.

Timeframe: From TPM through ROTS (we might go into the OT. It's going to depend on my co-author)

The quick background story of the Anakin and Kitster PT Notes-

Kitster, Anakin's best friend, has seen Anakin with a group of strangers. (These strangers are Qui-Gon, Jar-Jar, and Padmé) and it is around the time of the sandstorm.

Kitster is curious about who these people are, so he contacts Anakin

and so these Notes begin...


Note 1:

What are you doing today? Would you like to play ball with the rest of us? I know that the others make fun of you, but I won't let them. You're my friend, Anakin.

So what's been going on with you? Who's that beautiful older girl, and that new droid….and that weird looking creature with the big ears?

Well I gotta go. My mom wants me to eat.

Your best friend,