I don't own anything just the idea of this fic. Excuse my english.

Summary: The kunoichi have one relaxing day all to themselves. Nothing could go wrong…right?.....Wrong it's all going to hell when the boys stumble on their meeting place and see something they don't like.

The sun was shining, the wind was barely blowing while Hinata, the blue haired shy Hyuuga heiress, Ino, the bossy blond of the group, TenTen, the brunette weapon loving panda girl and Sakura the sassy tempered pink haired kunoichi of team 7 were relaxing at the roots of a huge tree. They were giggling among themselves glad for once that their respective boyfriend decided to leave them a day for themselves.

Sakura was resting her head on Hinata's lap, while the Hyuuga heiresse's head was supported by TenTen's shoulder and Ino was leaning against the tree with her feet tucked under her.

Meanwhile the boys, the boyfriend aka Naruto the loudmouth of Konoha, Shikamaru the laziest ninja ever who deemed everything to be troublesome, Neji the Hyuuga prodigy and Sasuke the Uchiha prodigy were wondering around aimlessly until they heard the voices of their girlfriends cutting through the air like tiny melodious bells.

There was only one problem there, the girls were seemingly talking to some other guys . Now no man could stand and watch as HIS woman talked and smiled with other men.

They quickly raced to the girls, scooped them in their arms, not even giving them time to think about what happened and sped in the directions of their respective houses.