Hey again! It's the lucky chapter 7! ...but is it really lucky?

Chapter 7


If Crocker hadn't released the anti-fairies from their prison, maybe the newly arisen crisis would have been easier to stop. But nooo, he just HAD to press the button that released the anti-fairies. And it was Friday the 13th....not a good idea.

Poof, after getting Timmy, Sam, and, for some reason, Tempest, to Fairy World, had almost no power left. Although, fairy babies have lots of natural unkempt magic in them, so he was recovering.

Meanwhile, Sam had mounted the silvery Tempest, with Timmy behind her, and they were currently galloping through FairyWorld, looking for Crocker.

It wasn't that hard to spot a maniacally laughing hunchback teacher with a net containing two fairies in it amidst a crowd of fairies and anti-fairies. He was like a red dot on a piece of blue paper.

Timmy wasn't all that thrilled, but Tempest managed to get in through the scrambling fairies and anti-fairies and reach Crocker.

"TURNER!!!!! Hm, I ran out of evil sayings..." Crockpot was cut short after getting kicked by Tempest, causing him to drop the fairy couple. "OW!!! That hurt you insolent pony!!"

Tempest hated people yelling at her, so she kicked him again, but harder, smack dab in the middle of his chest. "OW!! Ooooooh...." Crocker whined. Tempest snorted, stamped a hoof, and charged at Crocker. She head butted him so that he catapaulted into space as he began to descend down into Earth's atmosphere.

"HOORAY!!!!!" the fairies cheered. Then they realized the anti-fairies were still loose. "YAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!" they screamed.

The anti-fairies continued to chase the fairies around again, until Jorgen boomed in. Of course, Sam, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof were trying to round up the anti-fairies; mainly Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, and Foop. Jorgen hollered, "ENOUGH!!!!" and the anti-fairies scrambled as Jorgen chased them.

Sam just blinked at the sight of Jarhead. "Okay then."

"So, um, Sam...I-" Timmy tried to say, but Sam had left him, and by the time he realized it, he didn't think he could do it again.

Wanda poofed by his side as Sam cooed to Tempest. "What's wrong, sweetie?" she asked.

"Sam," Timmy said. "I wanna tell her I like her, but I just clam up!"

Wanda sighed. "Just go and say what you want to say. It'll be OK."

Sam was talking to Temest, saying, "Good girl, Xanadu. Just like your daddy, Zanzibar." Timmy wondered if the Phantom stallion was Zanzibar and Tempest was Xanadu. No matter. "Hey Sam..." he said tentatively. Sam turned to him and smiled. "Hey, Timmy."

"Uh...listen, Sam, I uh, wanted to tell you....I really like you," Timmy said, blushing. Sam blushed too. "Oh...I don't know what to say Timmy. But you know I can't stay here. I-"

"SAM!!!!" Cosmo called, zipping over. "Oooh, Sam, you're gonna like this!"

Sam and Timmy followed Cosmo to a swirling pink portal. Looking through it, Sam saw the Calico Mountians and River Bend Ranch just as they should be. "My home!" she cried.

Sam got on Tempest, and turned to leave. But just before she mounted, she gave Timmy a little kiss on the cheek. Timmy thought he heard her say, "Always believe; never forget."

Sam, now on Tempest, looked at the cartoon world. "Well...bye," Sam said. She galloped off into the portal, returning to normal as Tempest's feet touched the playa and the duo took off toward River Bend.

"Bye, Sam," Timmy called. "Never forget me."

Line Break

Sam sighed as she turned on FOP on Nick. No more new episodes were being made currently, but Butch Hartman said more episodes should be expected soon.

Sam sighed as she watched the ten-year-old Timmy Turner wish Cosmo and Wanda could have a baby. FOB was one of her favorite movies, besides Abracatastrophy, Channel Chasers, and School's Out! The Musical, of course.

She wondered if it was just pure luck that she had been able to visit the cartoon world, or if it was fate. She didn't really care. She just hoped Timmy had heard her whispered advice;

"Always believe; never forget."

This concludes this story. I give permission to anyone out there to go on ahead and write their own knock-off of this story if they please.

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