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Los Bandoleros

By: Santiva Potter

Summary: As Letty begins to track Dominic through South America, she remembers their long winded past.

Chapter 1: Left Behind

It didn't set in immediately.

After all, there had been plenty of mornings that Letty woke up and found no one beside her. Usually it was because Dominic was alone at the beach and Han was sitting eating breakfast in their kitchen. There had been some few exceptions, like the time that Han and Dominic pulled a midnight run without her, but the hell that had come after that had taught them how bad of an idea that was.

Or so she had thought.

"That son of a bitch," Letty hissed.

She stormed around the house looking for any sign that Dominic was truly gone. She wasn't interested in working up a storm just to figure out that he went next door because there was no fucking milk.

That had been quite the incident as well.

The living room still looked like it did last night. Sheets were all over the place, since Han usually slept there. The TV was stil on, unwashed dishes were in the sink and on the countertop closest to the refridgeoator, there was a small note.

Sorry, babe, it read. Orders from the big guy himself.


She was going to kill them both.

"That son of a bitch!" she screamed. Letty put her hand over her head and leaned against the wall, trying to pull back the flood of emotions that wanted to break loose. She needed guidance, advice, revenge.

She needed someone with an ounce of sense.

Standing back up, Letty reached for her cell phone and scrolled through the Ks until she found the right one. The phone only rang twice before she picked up.


"That fucking son of a bitch!"

Letty knew that she didn't need to tell Krystal who she was talking about. After practically raising Dominic, Vince, Letty and her own, Kyrstal Renee Cadmen had gotten used to a lot of things, and a lot of references.

"Y'know, I never Tony talking about Dominic's mother being a bitch," Krystal responded.

"I don't care," Letty growled. "That thing—"

"Now Dominic himself is a completely different issue," Krystal added. "What did the nenderthal do this time?"

"He left me behind."

Krystal sighed. "Again?"

"Don't remind me," Letty said pressing her head against the cool countertop for relief. "I've got half a mind to go after him."

"Uh uh," Krystal objected. "No, I think you should come up for a visit."

"A visit?" Letty asked. "Now?"

"Now's better than ever," Krystal noted.

"That may be true, but I'm still wanted," Letty reminded her. "How am I supposed to get back into the states without being seen? Besides, I really should go after Dom. Just to kick his ass."

"You and I both know that if you found Dom, it would be just to kick his ass. You'd kick it, then kiss it."

Letty couldn't find it in her to argue against the point.

"Besides, there are some things that you and I need to talk about that just doesn't work over the telephone," Krystal continued. "Don't worry about the how, just know that I will. You got two days to pack, on the third, say good bye to Mejico, mi hija. You're coming home."

When Krystal had first said it, Letty didn't really want to believe it. Sure, her surrogate mother was not the most innocent American (she had raised her after all) but her still maintained a relatively stable lifestyle with a very clean business. However if there is one thing that Letty knew about Kyrstal, it's that rarely ever does that woman back down on a promise.

Three days after the phone call, the front door to the small bungalow that she and Dom had shared was greeted by the face of a tall man.

"Can I help you?" Letty asked.

"Yes, you can," the man answered with a thick Jamaican accent. "I'm looking for a Letty Ortiz. And occurding to the description that your mother sent me, you're the girl I'm looking for."

"Is it that time already?" Letty asked.

"Say goodbye to Mejico Letty," the man said entering the house and picking up her bags. "It's time to go home."

"Home?" Letty asked. "I thought you were sending me to Chicago."

"There's been a slight change of plans," the man answered. "Krystal's orders."

Letty frowned. She was getting quite sick of people's orders.

"Besides," the man continued, "she said that it was about time that you had a little family reunion."

Letty rolled her eyes and shut the door to her house remembering what Krystal Cadmen had said she first met her about her to-be family.

There were several things that the ten year old Leticia Ortiz knew very well—one of them was that this was not home.

She missed the blazing heat, the dry air. She missed Senorita Fernandez waking up the neighborhood by her tantrums with her grandsons. She missed the loud music and her summer visits to the Dominican Republic, where her mother's side of the family lived. She missed the spicy food, the bright colors and her family.

But now she was being dumped in this place—America the "home of the free".

And looking out her window and frowning at the unfamiliar city skylines, and the people that crowded the street, Letty decided that if this was what freedom looked like, she'd take her battered home in Mejico in a heartbeat.

"Oh, Leticia, this place is beautiful isn't it?" her mother, Maria, cooed. "It'll be the perfect start for a new beginning."

"¿Por qué necesitamos un nuevo comienzo?" Letty mumbled beneath her breath. "La vida que teníamos era muy buena."

But she forgot about her mother's supersonic hearing.

"Leticia, stop complaining. You're going to love L.A., even if we have to make you," she said. "And we're going to have to get you to speak some more English. You'll get farther here if you do that."

"Far enough to go back to Mexico?" Letty snapped in English.

Her mother frowned at the remark, but from the corner of her eye, Letty saw that the edge of her father's lip turned up into a smile.

He drove them up to 7th Avenue and rode through its commercial venues until they reached the residential areas of 7th Ave. Their house was on the top of the hill. It was a tall two story pale blue house with a light white trim. The house was rather plain and boring to Letty. In fact the only thing that caught her interest was the tall, ebony woman standing on their porch.

"Ma, que es—I mean, who is that?" Letty asked pointing to the woman as she approached the car.

"The old owner," her father answered. "She's a wonderful woman, very kind. She's even got some kids, most of them are older than you, but I've met a few. Very good boys."

Her mother, always the socialite, was already out of the car speaking with the woman.

"—I just love the design," Maria was saying.

"¿Tiene que hacerlo todo el tiempo? Does she have to do this all of the time?" Letty asked exasperated.

Her father chuckled and wrapped his arm around his only daughter. "Suck it up, and keep on a good face, mi hija."

The woman, who stood only a few inches shorter than her father, was very charismatic, charming person. She helped them move in their belongings, cooked them some food and let her parents in on little quirks about all of the neighbors.

"I will admit, Mr. Hosea tanning on his porch with his…accessories, is like snow in Los Angeles: not likely, but a disaster when it happens. And the Toretto's are a crazy bunch, themselves. Tony has a daughter about your age, Leticia. I'd be happy to introduce you too."

And before Letty decline, experience had always taught her to find her own friends, because frankly adults have no idea what they're getting themselves into, her mother said it would be a fantastic idea and asked when she could come by.

Letty sat back in her chair and frowned. She wasn't a three year old anymore. Play-dates was not her idea of "fun."

The woman, whose name Letty picked up to be Krystal, seemed to see her look and smile slightly before giving her a wink.

"That's a nice car in your driveway Jose," Krystal complimented. "It's a—"

"1970s Ford Torino," Letty answered.

"Leticia," her mother scolded.

Krystal's smile widened, "Its fine. You like cars, Leticia?"

"It's Letty," the younger girl corrected. "And yeah, cars are pretty cool."

"Jose seems to be under the impression that he can turn her into a mechanic," Maria frowned.

"She'll be my right hand girl," her father smiled.

"No, she needs to focus on her education, not cars," her mother objected.

"Oh, I agree," Krystal smiled taking a sip of her drink. "But Tony has turned all of my children into either expert mechanics or superhuman mechanics. Although, education is major in both of our households. You don't get the diploma, you don't get to work in the garage."

"He has a garage?" Letty asked, excitement unwillingly slipping into her voice.

Krystal smile grew. "You're going to love the Toretto's."

Letty shook her head and chuckled bitterly to herself.

"This is going to be one hell of a family reunion."

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"¿Por qué necesitamos un nuevo comienzo? La vida que teníamos era muy buena." = Why do we need a new beginning? We had a good life!