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Kimberly, not being one to beat around the bush for long, pushed her plate aside, sat back in her chair and crossed her arms.

"Where's Dominic?"

Chapter 5- Adrenaline Rush

Kendall rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically, "Kimberly if we knew where Dominic was, we wouldn't be starring at each other and sitting here like ducks—we'd be kicking his ass! I still owe that Neanderthal a punch in the gut."

"Letty," Kimberly snapped ignoring her sister, "where is he?"

"No le haga caso a ella. Al parecer, ella no entiende Inglés," Kendall whispered to Letty.

"Yo creo que yo estaba hablando con usted, Kendall," Kimberly continued. "I was however, speaking to you, Letty. So start talking."

"You know, Kimberly, I don't have to tell you shit. Besides, even if I did know where Dominic was, it wouldn't exactly be in my best interest to spill the beans," Letty snapped staring point blank in Brandon's direction.

"She has a point, Kimi," Kadeem teased. "So Brandon, how's—"

"So you don't know where he is," Kimberly clarified.

"Obviously," Letty snapped.

"Girls," Brandon warned.

"And let me guess," Kimberly sighed, "you plan on running after him, don't you?"

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean," Letty growled.

"Exactly what I said," Kimberly hissed.

"Alright girls, that is enough," Krystal interjected. "Leave her alone, Kimberly."

"Mom, you can't let her do this," Kim objected. "She's only going to waste herself."

"Waste myself?" Letty snapped.

"Waste. Yourself," Kimberly repeated leaning over the table until she was literally eye to eye with the younger Latina. "Because you can't seem to get it through that thick skull of yours, that Dominic is gone. He left you in Mexico and he isn't coming back."

"Jesus, Letty!" Kimberly sighed throwing her hands into the air, "Don't you want to be more than just Dominic Toretto's girl?"

Letty bit her tongue for a moment, trying to hold back the harsh words that were foaming at the tongue, but Kimberly had stepped over a very thin line.

"That's real rich coming from someone like you," Letty spat back, rising slowly into Kimberly's face. "What exactly do you know about keeping a relationship alive? The only thing that your three divorces have told you is how to throw in the damn towel. At least I know that Dominic gave a shit about me!"

"That is enough!" Krystal hollered over the two of them. "Letty, inside of the house, now!"

"I've got something better than that," Letty sneered, taking her glass and throwing her drink towards Kimberly. "Enjoy dessert."

"Letty!" Mia called after her friend, as Letty stormed through the house grabbing her jacket and keys. "Let will you slow up a moment?"

But she ignored her friend and kept going straight to the garage where only a few cars remained—one of them the old turquoise Acura Integra that she and Dom built for Mia years ago.

"What?" Mia asked when Letty looked at her funny. "Since Dom never let me race, the car was never connected to his "underground lifestyle" so the cops found no reason for me not to keep it. Just a few fines for the illegal modifications to the car."

Letty shook her head as she headed for the driver's seat. "What have you been letting it do, rust?"

When Mia was in the passenger seat, Letty turned the key and listened to the car purr. "Let's see what this bad bay can do."

To her delight, the Integra ran quite smoothly, which led Letty to wonder exactly how well Mia had kept up with the car, since she left.

"And you haven't changed anything in the engine?" Letty pestered.

"Why would I?" Mia asked. "It's not like I could fix it if something broke. I told you, it's been rotting in the garage since you all bailed."

"Good," Letty replied. "I remember arguing with Dom over this car."

"What about?" Mia asked.

"It was such a waste, to build something with so much horsepower and potential—it really was a beast, and to not use it. Hell, but you were nagging him about getting you a car, and he wasn't budging about the no racing thing."

"Sounds like Dom," Mia smiled as they passed by familiar streets.

"Turn left at the next intersection," Mia instructed a grin on her face.

"Why?" Letty asked. "I know where I'm going."

"They don't meet up at the alleyway anymore," Mia informed. "C'mon, I'll take you to it, turn left."

According to Mia, the street racers of L.A. still raced down the same strip, but after the heist they relocated the meet up to the parking lot for the old Rodgers warehouse on the outskirts of town. And sure enough the parking lot lights were bright with plenty of racing cars in view—and a fake security guard patrolling the entrance.

"Can I help you ladies?" the man asked when they pulled up.

"Yeah, we're friends of Hector, just stopping by," Mia explained sweetly, putting on her best seductress act.

"Hector didn't mention any guest tonight," the security guard replied, although it was obvious that his attention had diverted to Mia's chest.

"It's a surprise," Mia smiled. "And you don't want to ruin our surprise, do you?"

Letty bit back the urge to laugh out loud, as the security guard debated quickly—more of starred even lower—before letting them through.

"Thank you!" Mia called.

"You slut!" Letty laughed. "You better hope your brother never finds out."

Mia whacked but giggled herself, "It worked didn't it?"

On the first floor cars crowded the area with plenty of loud speakers blaring music, and boys showing off their precious little toys.

"Amateurs," Mia explained. "Head for the ramp, it'll lead us to the next level. The boys on the second level aren't too bad, but it's the boys on the third level that you're looking for. Those are the street racers."

"And you know this how?" Letty asked.

"Hector explained it all to me, when I came out a few years back. I doubt it hasn't changed," Mia explained. "I do know he doesn't run the races anymore."

"Who does?" Letty asked.

"I'm pretty sure it's his nephew," Mia replied. "I know he was showing him the ropes, last time I stopped by. Introducing him to everyone, he even let him start a few races."

On the second level, the cars became less populated and Letty noticed more of the street racing's infamous sluts walking around, but on the third level there were even fewer cars and more sluts.

"You can always tell a real racer by the intense stench of the hoes that surround him," Mia frowned observing all of the women.

"Of course," Letty agreed. "They only want the best racers so that they can get the most money out of him."

"Well it's good to know that not all of those girls were so lucky," Mia smiled nudging Letty lightly.

Letty smiled a bit, remembering her past relationship with Dom, her first pleasant memory of him since she arrived. But as she passed more cars she caught the sight of someone she never thought she'd have to face again.

"Holy shit!" Letty laughed. "That is not her!"

"Who?" Mia asked scanning the cars in front of her. "Oh my g—"

"Monica!" they laughed together. Sure enough, the blond was grinding against some young kid, her hair swing around and her hips leading the young blood on a seductive ride.

"Isn't she too old for this shit?" Letty laughed, as Mia's shoulders shook. "Dios mío, she's like the mother of all skanks."

"I actually think she is!" Mia squealed between laughs.

Letty pulled the Acura into a parking space between two Mitsubishi Eclipses.

"So Letty, what is exactly is the plan?" Mia asked emerging from the car as Letty went straight for the hood.

"We race, we win," Letty replied.

"We?" Mia asked. "Let, you know I don't race."

"Well, you will tonight," Letty vowed, closing the hood.

"Is she still in good shape? Engine, wise I mean. You know times have changed," Mia continued.

"We'll be fine," Letty promised. "Just show me where Hector's nephew is."

There was a circle of a few men not too far from where they had parked, huddled together negotiating. Letty led Mia right up to the circle and stepped in.

"Can we help you, pretty lady?" one of the racers asked licking his lips. He was a short guy—shorter than Letty, with a Hispanic accent and slick black hair.

Definitely not one of Hector's relatives, Letty ruled out. "We want in."

The man in the center chuckled. He was much taller, with a skin pigment much closer to Hector, but a tad bit cockier than her old friend. "I think you've got the wrong level," he said. "Why don't you try one floor down?"

"I know exactly where I am, pretty boy," Letty replied.

He chuckled slightly and shook his head. "Yeah and what's your name?"

"I'm Letty, and this is my girl Mia."

"Letty, huh? Do I know you?" he asked.

"Not a chance," Letty answered.

"It's a three G buy in," one of the racers to her right announced.


"Don't worry about it Alex," sneered the racer, who spoke up first. "They're gonna lose."

"Two races, one for me, one for my girl," Letty continued, ignoring the other racers.

"Letty!" Mia hissed in protest.

"Your girl doesn't look too confident," Alex noticed.

Letty shrugged and pulled out the five grand that had been resting in her pocket. "This money seems pretty damn confident."

Alex leaned back before leaning forward again, "You wanna waste five Gs, I suppose that's not really my problem. You're in. Let's roll out!"

"Letty, are you crazy?" Mia complained as they walked to the car. "This can't work!"

"What are you talking about Mi? I'll race first and then you behind me. Piece of cake."

"Letty, you know I don't race!"

"Mia, for once, just go with," Letty replied.

By the time they arrived at the strip, it was like Letty had never left. Cars were still aligned side by side, blocking anyone from entering the haven road. People were covering much of the sidelines, cheering on the last of the races, only pure adrenaline pumping through their veins.

"Aren't you nervous?" Mia asked quietly. "I mean it has been awhile—that is of course if you didn't race in Mexico."

In truth she was nervous and it had been awhile. She rarely raced in Mexico, only if she and Dom had to temporarily split to keep the cops guessing, but most times so kept by the sidelines.

But now, she was sick of sticking by the sidelines.

"We're going to win," Letty said more to herself than anyone, getting out of the car.

"I sure do hope so," Mia mumbled as they approached the other racers.

"Money in the hat, boys and girls. Money in the hat," Alex ordered as Letty's three other opponents dropped in the three Gs.

"Now ladies, since you're new to our streets—" Alex began.

"Not exactly," Letty chuckled, dropping in her own money.

"Well anyway, this is a simple quarter-mile race. No tricks tonight. So there's no need for anything too crazy. Which means we are keeping a NOS limit," Alex instructed. "You mind if I check your hood?"

"You mind if I watch?" Letty countered.

"I'll give you one thing," Alex said as she popped the hood. "You are smart."

He looked over it quickly making sure everything was aligned before rising up.

"So are we good?" Letty asked.

"Well you seem to be lost in the past," Alex smiled to himself. "Everyone else has gone with the times and switched to electronic fuel injections, but again, I guess that's not my problem. She's clean! Everybody at the line!"

"Good luck Let," Mia whispered as she slipped into her car. Letty smiled appreciatively and started her engine.

Be cool, Letty, she reminded herself. You've got this.

She grip the wheel remembering what had brought her here, all of the years she spent going through hell after hell—this wasn't just to prove anything to Kimberly or Dominic, but this was for her. This was because she was more than just Dominic Toretto's girlfriend.

"Racers at the ready," Alex roared over the growling engines.

"It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning!"


Dom was right. Winning is winning. And it's about damn time she brought something home for herself.


Any racer will tell you that their first time was indescribable—which is why they couldn't settle with just one time. And while the adrenaline still stays with you, time after time, that moment can't compare to the first moment that your foot hit the gas or your fingers shot on the NOS. Win or lose, it's the start to a very long friendship.

But when you leave the racing world and come back, the moment that your foot hits the pedal and the engine roars under your touch—it's as if you've been trapped under water and have finally reached the surface.

Adrenaline ran through Letty's veins like oxygen, propelling her forward down the strip. She easily past the first racer, had a little bit more trouble with the next, but the one in the lead shot rode past her with ease—he was the cocky one, the one to beat.

As Letty began to come edge to edge with the leading car, she could tell that out of confidence, he pushed his NOS only a second too soon. Pressing her own NOS, Letty silently hoped that her determination and timing would be enough to push her ahead.

And as quick as it begun, her ten second race was over.

But the rush didn't leave. Instead it fostered in her bones, shaking her entire body.

In front of her, the marksmen, who had been waiting at the finish line, looked as if he were ready to shit himself in excitement.

"That was fucking amazing!" he yelled. "Damn!"

"Oi Ross, just tell us who won, man!" hollered the racer from the green Acura NSX-R.

"Man that race was close, I ain't gonna lie to you dog, but she took that win from you," the marksmen declared.


"Chill out Marcus, it ain't no thang, but a chicken wang! Ha! You ass lost!" Ross laughed. "Hey mami, you pull back into the entry way last since you won."

Letty nodded and slipped back into her car, pleased with her close—but nonetheless victory.

At the starting line everyone was waiting for her, disbelief and smiles on most of their faces, and Alex stood in the front shaking his head.

"So I guess your boy's electronic fuel injection wasn't enough to help him snag the win, but I guess that's not really my problem, is it?" Letty sassed.

Alex chuckled and handed her the money, "No it's not."

Letty could tell that Mia was trying hard not to celebrate in her normal way, which would probably consist of tackling her to the ground while squealing.

"You won!" she said in an excited whisper.

"Yep, and now it's your turn," Letty replied handing her three grand.

"Oh, Letty, I really don't think—"

"You got this Mia, relax," Letty assured as Alex called for the next racers.

She pushed her friend towards the lineup, handing her the keys and watched as Mia put in her three Gs and slipped into the Integra.

"That was some kickass racing out there," the sultry male voice complimented from beside Letty.

"Thanks," Letty said shortly, her eyes focused on the lineup of cars as their engines rumbled.

"Yeah, they call me Antonio," the male continued.

Letty turned briefly to look at the man. He was handsome, she couldn't deny him that. Tall, just over six feet, she would guess, tan skinned. He wasn't as muscular as Dominic had been, but he was lean enough and oozed a sort of confidence that she admired—just a little bit.

"Why don't you just go home to your madre pretty boy and stop trying to play ticks with your car?" Letty shot at him, turning back to the race.

"Now who told you that "pretty boys" can't race?"

Letty eyed the boy again and shook her head. "Go home freshmen. I don't really give a shit for the cute glossy paint job—it's about what's under the hood."

"Well then," Antonio smiled, "I guess you're going to have to give me a test run."

Letty rolled her eyes. She knew well that his charm was knocking at her door, and had a funny feeling that he wouldn't be leaving any time soon. Thanks to the [pretty boy] Letty had missed most of the race, but she could see the blue Integra already on its way back, followed by an orange Honda Civic, and the winner, the green Acura NSX-R.

"Shoot," Letty swore softly.

And as if his victory wasn't enough, Letty watched the Acura speed ahead and clip the Integra's bumper, sending Mia swirling in circles.

"What the fuck?" Letty swore louder, making her way to the front of the line.

Alex stood in the very front keeping people back as the cars approached.

"What the hell was that, Alex?" Letty fumed.

"I don't know," he replied as Mia finally got a hold of the car and made her back to the starting line.

The marksmen, Ross, emerged from the Acura frowning but pointed to the driver, Marcus as the winner.

"What the hell is your problem," Letty growled making her way to the racer.

"What's your problem, bitch?" he scoffed.

"Who are you calling a bitch?" Letty snapped shoving Marcus back.

Alex, however, stepped in between the two before anything got out of hand.

"Alright chill out, both of you," he ordered. "She ain't wrong Marcus, that wasn't necessary."

"Yeah, but there ain't nothing you can do about it, pretty thang, unless you got another car?" Marcus sneered.

"Is there an issue here?"

A short, slightly chubby Latino came to view with an old Lakers jersey surrounded by several members of his crew. When he caught eyes on Letty, Hector's iconic grinned appeared.

"Looks who's back in town," Hector laughed. "And playing with the big boys I see."

"More like little boys with temper tantrums," Mia spat, approaching the group. Her right hand was gripping her left shoulder, but Letty could still see the blood slipping though.

"What happened to you, Mia?" Hector frowned.

"It's nothing, tio," Alex cut in. "Marcus just got a little too excited on his way back in."

"Yeah, and I was just about to teach him a lesson in real racing," Letty growled.

"But she ran into a bit of a complication," Marcus grinned.

"Is that Integra the complication, Marcus?" Hector asked, glaring at the young boy.

The man closest to Hector, who Letty recognized as his right hand man, Senon frowned, "The bumper's trashed and there are plenty of new dents and scratches to go around. You must have been pretty damn excited, Marcus."

Marcus' grin only grew as he winked towards Mia, "Yeah and it's a shame, I was really looking forward to that lesson, Letty."

"Who says you won't get it?" Hector asked tossing Letty the keys to his car.

Marcus looked shocked for only a split second, before his cocky smirk returned and he pulled out his cash.

"Alright," he said. "Letty, I'll even raise you—four Gs."

Oh, this son of a bitch is mine, Letty vowed. "Five."

"That confident?" Marcus sassed. "You only beat me by a quarter inch. And Hector's got real muscle—muscle that five-fifty tells me that you can't handle."

"Winning is winning, freshman," Letty reminded. "Six grand or go home."

Marcus nodded and pulled six thousand from his winnings and handed it to Alex.

"Well," Hector laughed. "It looks like we got ourselves a race!"

"You're a feisty one, I'll give you that," Marcus grinned sizing her up as he got into his car. "But I bet I can still smoke you."

"Oh really?" Letty asked smirking to herself as Hector's boys brought up his latest ride.

Dominic grinned at her before revving his engine again.

"Are you sure you want to do this Let?" he asked.

They were in the middle of the street. It must have been three or four in the morning, and after listening to Dominic boast about how he ran the streets of L.A., Letty had challenged him to a street race by the train tracks. The entire team was out to witness it, even Mia, who woke from sleep, sat against the hood of her car with twenty dollars on Letty.

"I'm pretty sure that I'm going to smoke you if that's what you're asking," Letty replied.

"Just remember, after I win, you're getting on top tonight babe," Dominic cheesed.

As if you would get any, Letty thought rolling her eyes. She could only take so much of a cocky Dominic. She needed to win this race. Or so God help her, she might actually have to kill him if she lost.

"You know you don't have to do this right, Letty, Dominic?" Jesse asked standing in front of the two cars. He had been charged with the duty to official the race. Letty almost felt bad for him. The poor kid was afraid World War VI was going to erupt it the wrong person won.

"I mean everyone knows you two are the best racers in L.A.," Jesse continued. "There's no reason to really do—"

"Relax Jesse," Dominic laughed. "If Letty and I get into, I'll give you fair warning."

At that Jesse dropped his hands and gave Dom an exasperated look. "When do we ever get fair warning?"

Laughter erupted from behind the two cars.

"Jesse!" Dom barked silencing the laughter. "Let's get on with it."

"Alright, alright," Jesse replied. "Ready—"

"Any last words?" Dominic asked Letty still smirking as his engine growled.


"Yep," Letty replied. "See ya!"


"You'll see mama, you'll see," Marcus promised revving his engine.

"Oh, yes you will," Letty agreed. Men, you could always count on them to have things way over their heads. She wondered what this little racer would think when she crossed the finish line. After all, the look on Dominic's face after she'd beaten him was priceless.

"Looks like you'll be the one on top tonight, babe," Letty sassed.

"Ready," Hector yelled from in front of the two cars, "Set—"

Dominic shook his head and laughed. "That's alright," he'd whispered grabbing her around the waist. "You like it when I'm on top anyway."


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"No le haga caso a ella. Al parecer, ella no entiende Inglés" = Ignore her. Apparently, she doesn't understand English.

"Yo creo que yo estaba hablando con usted, Kendall"= I don't believe I was speaking to you, Kendall.