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"I told you, I didn't do it! Give it back to me!"

Johnny pulled the small electronic device in his hand further up out of Oliver's reach as the green-haired teen again jumped pitifully for it.

"I don't believe you!" The redhead said. "I know you took my book! And-"

"Since when have you cared so much about books?" Robert asked as he entered the room. The redhead flushed furiously as he turned his head to look at the teen.

"Uh... I love books." He lied awkwardly. Robert raised an eyebrow.

"Um-hm." He said simply.

Now being distracted, Oliver jumped up and grabbed his PDA from Johnny's grip and attempted to run away with it. However, Johnny quickly realized what had happened and reached out to grab the back of Oliver's shirt before yanking the device back.

"Uh-uh." He sid almost mockingly.

Oliver almost whined. He'd been so close!

"Johnny! It's mine! Give it back!"

Johnny waved the smallish object in the air, teasing the teen who owned it.


Oliver pouted. He really wanted his PDA back, his entire life was on that thing! He wouldn't care if Johnny couldn't get into it, he would have just let the redhead have his fun and wait until the other teen got bored of the charade. But as it was, Johnny had cracked the password on it and now had free access to whatever secrets it held. He could tell all of Oliver's secrets, or mess with the settings or, le gasp! He might erase Oliver's schedule! Oh the horror!... No, the redhead wouldn't do that... would he?

Shaking his head, Oliver straightened and crossed his arms across his chest. He just had to figure out what the other teen wanted, that's all. Simple. If Johnny didn't believe that Oliver hadn't taken his book, then Oliver would have to let the teen have his revenge, then he'd finally get his PDA back. By no means was he going to resort to begging like some common street rat; he was a Polanski, the son of a wealthy french aristocrat! And Polanski's didn't beg.

"What do you want Johnny?" Oliver askeed calmly, looking up into Johnny's face. An evil glint shone in the taller boy's eyes and Oliver swallowed hard.

"You have to dress like a girl and get ten guy's numbers and convince them you'll call them. Then you have to make a date with another guy."

Oliver blinked at Johnny for a few moments, then finally burst into laughter.

"Yea right!" He replied, smirking at the other teen when he'd stopped laughing. "I'm not that desperate."

Come on! What did Johnny think he was? Oliver had more dignity then that. And there was no way he was going to berate himself to that level just for the sake of a few important documents, and phone numbers, and a few embarrassing documents (aka journal entries) and.... his whole life. Oliver shook his head. No, he could get by without it. Besides, when Johnny saw that Oliver wasn't going to cooperate and that he wasn't interested, he'd eventually give up and get bored of his childish antics. Thus, Oliver would get his PDA back without even breaking a sweat.

Johnny however wasn't thinking on the same lines as the small teen and Oliver swallowed hard when another devious glint shone in the redhead's eyes.

"Oh really?" Johnny said slyly.

He raised the PDA to his eye level and turned it on. Oliver watched nervously as the redhead skimmed through the contents until he found something that interested him.

"Ah, this looks interesting. Let's see how rusty my French is. Should say something like this;" Johnny cleared his throat with a smirk and began to read. "May fifteenth. I went to the amusement park with the rest of the team today, it was a lot of fun. But I think the best part of the day was when I went to-"

OK, screw honour and dignity.

"STOP!" Oliver wailed, cutting Johnny off as tears came to his eyes. He fell to his knees and looked up at the redhead through glossy eyes. He couldn't have anyone else knowing his secret, he'd be ruined, his life would be over.

"OK, I'll do it! I'll do whatever you want, please! Just give me back my pilot!!"

Johnny put the object in his pocket and looked down at the small teen in satisfaction, totally unaffected by the threat of tears. If only the french boy's fans could see him now. Here they all thought Oliver Polanski was all dignified and honorable and tough. Pft.

Then again.... Johnny knew he'd feel terrible if it weren't for the fact that Oliver had already committed a terrible crime against him! If not for that fact his head would be hung in shame and guilt and he'd probably be begging for his friends' forgiveness. But as it was, this was all Oliver's own fault, so he found it easy to ignore his guilt.

"Good, glad were on the same page." The redhead said with a devious smirk. "I'll just make a call and we'll have you ready in a jiffy."

Oliver sniffled miserably as he watched Johnny stalk triumphantly out the door. He then hung his head and attempted desperately to pull himself together.

Robert watched the whole display with a deep frown. He didn't like the situation one bit, but he'd always sworn not to get involved in other people's problems. So, reluctantly, he sat back and watched the scene before him unfold with sympathy.

Soon enough, Johnny re-appeared with two girls in tow.

"Oliver, meet my cousin Tiffany and her friend Leiah."

"Oh wow, he's like such a cutie!" Said the blonde haired Leiah.

The two girls starred at Oliver whom was still knelt on the ground and Oliver forced a smile.

"Hello." He said kindly.

Tiffany starred at Oliver for another few moments, then looked up at Johnny with a frown.

"You're like, such a jerk Johnny." She drawled in disapproval. "You know that right?"

Johnny gave the girl a small scowl.

"Just do your job." He replied irritably.

Both girls looked like the typical "girly" type, but whereas Leiah seemed to be a total ditz, Tiffany was a lot less bubbly.

"Whatever." Tiffany said with a frown. She then walked up to Oliver and extended her hand to him to help him up.

"Hi. I'm Tiffany. It's like, really cool to meet you."

Oliver took her hand and stood up.

"You too." He said with a genuine smile.

Tiffany looked Oliver over, then sighed dramatically and walked over to a near-by table, upending her bag to dump it's contents on top of it.

"Lets like, get this over with."

Oliver swallowed and reluctantly walked over to the girl. This was it, he was about to commit social suicide. Life as he knew it was officially over.

When the girls were finally finished Oliver was wearing a denim mini skirt, an off-the-shoulder red and white striped shirt that showed his belly and a cute red beret. They'd painted his face with what had to be every type of make-up known to woman-kind and had even stuck false eyelashes over his already lengthy ones. A pair of high-heeled white boots completed the outfit.

Oliver reached up to touch his now elbow-length green hair. He shivered as he remembered the girls telling him that the extentions were actually real hair -- that really creeped him out.

"Something's missing." Johnny said thoughtfully, one eye closed as his forefinger and thumb rested on his chin.

"Like, duh." Tiffany said irritably. "He's like totally flat!"

Oliver's face dropped and his eyes widened at this. It was bad enough that they'd almost completely changed his gender, and that he was wearing female undergarments, but now they wanted to stuff him to?! Come on! When did the humiliation end?!

"Oh. Right." Johnny said simply. "There's some tissues in the bathroom."

Both girls looked scandalized.

"Oh my God!" Tiffany exclaimed as if Johnny as just confessed he was actually a woman.

"Like, what's wrong with you?!" Leiah added. "We're trying to make him look like a sexy woman, not a high-school, loser wanna be!!"

Johnny blinked at the two.

"Geeze, sorry I said anything."

Tiffany snorted indignantly.

"Just shut-up and let us work. Since you're so obviously clueless."

Johnny glared at her but she ignored him and pulled something else from the pocket of her bag.

Oliver's eyes widened at the sight of the two objects.

"What... is... that?!" He asked in horror. Tiffany raised an eyebrow.

"They're gel cups." She said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Duh."

When Oliver backed away from her, she gave him a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, they like, totally feel like the real thing."

Oliver's face paled. That's exactly what he was afraid of! He felt his face heat up as the two girls approached him and pulled his shirt out, inserting the 'fake boobs' into his bra and adjusting them to the right place.

Both girls leaned back and Tiffany placed a finger to her face and closed one eye thoughtfully like Johnny had.

"Hmm.." She hummed thoughtfully. "That's about a C cup.... I think that's big enough."

Oliver almost fainted. A C cup? That sounded huge! Oh God, the horror of it! The mortification, the indignity!

"Somebody kill me.." He squeaked to himself.

Not hearing him, the girls stepped back to observe their work. After looking him over and reaching out to make a few touch-ups and adjust a few things (which made Oliver blush again), the girls finally stopped and nodded approvingly, bright smiles coming to their faces.

"Perfect! You're like, totally hott!" Tiffany said happily.

"Gee... thanks.." Oliver mumbled sarcastically.

"Yea, you make like, a totally hott girl!" Leiah gushed. "You should totally consider getting a sex change!"

All color drained from Oliver's face as he starred at the two girls with wide eyes.

"What!?" He exclaimed in horror.

"Don't worry." Tiffany added dismissively. "You're a totally cute, adorable guy too."

Leiah tilted her head to one side.

"Yea..." She drawled thoughtfully. "But what would you rather be; a totally hott girl, or a totally cute, adorable guy?"

Oliver pouted.

"How about a totally hott guy?" He mumbled unhappily.

Both girls blinked at him for a moment, then looked at each other and burst into laughter, making Oliver frown deeply.

"No way!" Leiah said through her laughter. "Your way to much of a cutie to be hott! Hott is like sexy, and you're not sexy!"

Oliver's frown deepened and he felt horrible. He'd never once felt bad about himself until that moment but right then, he felt terrible.

Tiffany stopped laughing and gave her friend a withering stare. She then turned back to Oliver and heaved another dramatic sigh.

"Sometimes adorable is way better then hott." She stated matter-of-factly. "Anyway, you're done now so I guess you can like... go or whatever."

Oliver turned around a little uncertainly, but Johnny stopped him.

"Wait a minute."

Thinking Johnny had suddenly had a change of heart, Oliver turned around hopefully as the redhead walked up to him. He sighed however as Johnny held out a pair of clip-on earrings and what looked like a contacts case.

"The earings are speakers and the contacts are actually small cameras so I'll know what's going on."

Oliver gave him an unamused look, then sighed and reached out to take the things and put them on. When he was finished he starred at Johnny with the deepest form of loathing. But instead of backing down, Johnny grinned.

"You know what's sad?" He asked anyone in general, continuing before anyone could answer. "He actually looks hott as a girl."

Oliver's expression darkened.

"Revenge is sweet, mon ami." He warned dangerously.

Unaffected, Johnny simply grinned. Oliver turned then and walked away, finding the simple feat very hard with his newly acquired footwear.

"Hurry along, Olivia."

Oliver froze and bristled.

"Olivia?" He repeated with a bitter edge to his voice. "You couldn't come up with something better then that? I already look like myself!"

Johnny snickered.

"Yea, I know. I wanna see how long it takes until someone recognizes you."

Oliver's teeth clenched and flames burned in his eyes as he starred at Johnny over his shoulder. He opened his mouth to speak but Johnny cut him off.

"Oh, and you've gotta accept any advances guys make on you."

Oliver's nose scrunched up in disgust and from a couch near-by, Robert's already present frown deepened.

"At least allow him to reject anyone getting too fresh." Robert said to Johnny.

"No way!" Johnny said with a grin.

"Johnny..." Robert said lowly. Johnny turned to look at his team captain and immediately caved under the withering stare the elder young man was giving him.

"Fine!" The redhead said irritably. "But only if they get really fresh!"

Oliver shot Robert a grateful look, then scowled at Johnny and stuck his nose in the air. He snorted indignantly and turned on his heel to stalk away, almost tripped because of the ridiculously high heels, quickly steadied himself, ignored the raucous laughter from Johnny and polite, quiet laughter from Robert behind him, and stalked out the door, making sure to slam it shut extra hard behind him on the way out.

It was around noon and Oliver was sitting on the edge of a fountain in the middle of one of Paris' many crowded shopping streets. He had already easily procured ten phone numbers and all he had left to do was make a date with a guy -- which he'd quickly discovered would be easy. Only problem was; he wanted to find one who he was at least a little sure wouldn't drag him off to some fancy hotel in hopes of ... well, in hopes of getting something Oliver was not about to give!

"Stupid mini skirts...!" The small teen mumbled irritably to himself as he pulled down on the hem of it. This resulted in covering more of his thighs, but also in exposing more of his hips; which he quickly noticed that a passing boy liked very much.

Oliver glared at the boy who'd given him a playful wink and quickly pulled the skirt back up again, growling in frustration as once again more thigh was exposed. There was no way to win!

"How indecent can you get?!" Oliver muttered angrily. "Do girls these days have no modesty?!"

Finally deciding that there was nothing to be done about his so-called friend's poor choice in clothing, Oliver sighed heavily and placed his hands on the fountain either side of him. He looked around at the passers by and looked over the boys walking by him wearily. One of these "lucky" boys would be expecting a date with whom they thought was a very sexy girl soon. Oliver wanted to make sure he'd be safe with his choice though. So far, upon acquiring phone numbers he'd never call, he'd gotten his butt slapped and squeezed countless times, gotten pecks on the cheeks, light kisses on the neck and shoulders, had his hips and thighs caressed and gotten more sexual comments and suggestions then he ever wanted to hear directed at him in a lifetime.

"Poor girls." Oliver thought to himself this time. "I never knew my side of the gender were such pigs until today."

It was when the small green-haired teen had finally decided on a good-looking brunette boy some ways away that Oliver's gaze fell on a familiar face, causing his to drain of all color. Just sitting down outside the cafe across the street, smiling sexily up at a female waiter as she took his order, was none other then Enrique Giancarlo.

"Oh non!" Oliver exclaimed. "Pas ici!"

The teen jumped up from the fountain and turned to run but suddenly stopped as a thought came to him.

"Hmmm...." He hummed thoughtfully.

Oliver turned around and starred at the boy sitting at the table outside the coffee shop.

"Wouldn't it be easier if I know the person? Besides Enrique knows what Johnny is like... he'll understand."

Deciding this was a great idea, Oliver smiled to himself and gave a brisk nod. He looked down at himself, dusted himself off, adjusted anything that needed to be adjusted and lifted his chin in the air. He walked slowly and gracefully over to the cafe, making sure the blonde close by saw him, and made his way over to a table a ways away from the Italian. Just as he'd expected, Enrique caught sight of Oliver very quickly and the small teen resisted a smile as he felt the big blue eyes on him the entire way to his table.

Oliver sat down at the table he'd chosen and made himself comfortable in the chair under the shade of the huge umbrella. He pulled out a rather large pair of designer glasses from the "essentials" puse Tiffany had given him and delicately placed them over his eyes. He then picked up the menu on the table and pretended to scan it as he looked through the corner of his eye at the blonde near-by. Again, just as expected, Enrique was looking Oliver up and down with an approving look. Alright, so he knew Enrique was interested. Now to set the plan in motion.

He thought for a moment. What would a real girl do if she was in his situation?Well, he wasn't a real girl, so he'd just have to wing it.

Oliver leaned back in his chair and gently bit the side of his lip as he fanned himself with the menu, appearing to be too warm. After a few moments of this, the placed the menu back on the table and opened his purse again to extract a delicate looking cloth. Very slowly he reached up and began gently and tantalizingly dabbing the cloth at his neck and the top of his chest.

That did it.

Oliver bit the side of his cheek to hold back his grin as a shadow spread over him. He looked up boredly at the person now standing over him and tilted his head ever so slightly to one side.

"Oui?" He said innocently, not having to change his already very feminine voice very much to be convincing. "Can I help you?"

Enrique displayed one of his best winning smiles and Oliver felt his stomach do a back-flip. Sure, Enrique might have thought he was giving it to a very beautiful girl, but nonetheless, it was the first time it had ever been directed at Oliver.

The blonde was standing behind one of the other chairs and he was leaning over looking down at the smaller teen with his arms casually resting on the back of it.

"You know it's absolutely heartbreaking to see someone as beautiful as you sitting all alone."

Oliver swallowed and forced himself to keep his composure as he starred up at the blonde.

"Really? Well I can assure you, monsieur, I am quite content all by myself."

Completely unaffected, just like Oliver knew he would be, Enrique's smile simply increased in charm.

"I'm sure you are. But my request to share your company is more for my own piece of mind then yours. So, what do you say, mademoiselle?"

Oliver took a deep, silent breath and lifted his nose in the air as if the blonde's presence meant very little to him.

"Oui, oui." He said casually, delicately waving a hand for effect. "Do what you want. It's a free country."

Enrique smiled another charming smile and took a seat next to Oliver. When he did, he tilted his head to one side and starred at the smaller teen. Oliver frowned and shifted a little uncomfortably.

"Is there something on my face?" He asked a little self-consciously, nearly forgetting to keep up his facade.

The corner's of Enrique's lips turned up ever so slightly for a moment before his serious expression quickly returned.

"Yes." He said seriously.

Oliver's frown deepened and he reached up to touch his face but froze when he felt a foreign hand on it instead. Both Enrique's hands were on Oliver's face and gently wrapped around the huge designer sunglasses.

"Something very troublesome." The blonde said seriously, gently pulling the glasses off Oliver's face. When they were off, he folded them and placed them on the table, then gave the smaller teen a, this time warm, smile.

"No worries, now it's gone. Terrible thing. It should be a crime to hide such beauty from the world."

It was all Oliver could do to hold back the hot flush he could feel rapidly demanding to appear. No wonder Enrique always got so many girls! Oliver was sure no girl in her right mind would be able to resist the blonde's charm and persistence.

Swallowing hard, Oliver averted his bright eyes from Enrique's piercing blue ones and looked out over the crowded street.

"You are very charming monsieur." He said lazily. "You must be quite the ladies man. I'm sure many girls have heard that line from you."

Oliver rolled his head to the side and gave Enrique a lazy, enquiring look. He nearly gasped and lost his composure however when he noted both the tender look on Enrique's face and that the blonde had gotten closer.

"No." Enrique said softly, once more looking deep into Oliver's eyes. "Only ones I really like."

Oliver swallowed again, but this time he found that he couldn't look away. No doubt seeing the effect he was having on the other teen, Enrique smiled.

"And I'm sure you've heard many people say how beautiful you are."

"W-well yes, but-"

Oliver stopped abruptly, mentally cursing himself for stuttering, as Enrique's face suddenly drew closer to him.

"Not enough." Enrique whispered.

Every fiber of Oliver's being screamed at him to pull away, but something kept him rooted in place as the blonde across from him slowly moved closer, his eyes closing half-mast as he starred at the person across from him.

"What do I do?! What do I do?!" Oliver screamed in his head, unable to move as Enrique's face came dangerously close to his.

Enrique paused before his lips brushed Oliver's and seeing the smaller teen had no intention of moving, his smile returned and he finally moved in and brushed Oliver's lips.

Oliver's eyes widened and both his breath and heart stopped. What was he supposed to do? Should he kiss Enrique back, push him away, get up and leave?! His best friend was about to kiss him thinking he was a girl! What the hell was he supposed to do?!

"Excuse me?"

Oliver heaved a heavy sigh of relief as Enrique pulled away from him and looked up at the waitress whom had just appeared. That was close. Too close!

"I'm sorry to interrupt." The waitress said with a smile. "But I have your orders."

Enrique frowned while Oliver almost reached out an hugged the girl.

"Thank you." Enrique said, sounding a little irritated. Oliver on the other hand beamed.

"Thank you!" He said enthusiastically. He smiled brightly at the girl as she placed two frozen mocha's on the table, ignoring with great difficulty that both him and Enrique had ordered the same thing.

The waitress smiled and gave a small bow before turning and walking away. At this point, Oliver picked up his cold beverage and took a long, delicate sip, intent on pretending that what had nearly just happened, hadn't.

Unfortunately, Enrique wasn't thinking the same thing.

"Talk about bad timing." He said in a suave voice, ignoring his frozen drink for the time being. "Just another second and-"

Oliver reached up and removed Enrique's hand, which was caressing his lips, and did his best to resist a shiver.

"Lucky for me." Oliver replied a little crossly. "Are you always so forward, monsieur?"

Yet again, that charming smile adorned Enrique's face and Oliver had to struggle to keep his composure.

"Admittedly, yes; when I really want something."

This time a sly smile crossed Oliver's face.

"Well, I'm terribly sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not exactly easily won over."

Oliver knew he was -- what was the phrase? 'Playing hard to get', but he had to admit; it was fun.

"That's alright, I'm a patient person."

Oliver stared at Enrique for a moment, then turned away from him and again lifted his mocha to his lips for a sip.

"You seem to think I'm not being serious." Enrique said, proving again his persistence. "Let me prove it to you. Allow me to take you on a date."

Behind the frosty mug, Oliver's lips curled up into a smile. Too easy.

Setting his face into a bored look again, Oliver teasingly licked his lips and placed the mug back on the table before looking over at the blonde.

"Hmmm..." He hummed thoughtfully. "A date with you?.... I don't know..."

Oliver sighed lightly and gave Enrique a mildly interested look.

"Where would we go?"

Enrique's smile returned.

"Anywhere you want."

Oliver again felt his insides twist. Why did that simple statement affect him so?

Whatever the reason, Oliver had accomplished what he had to and all he wanted was to finish it, hurry home and erase it all from his memory.

"Well...." Oliver drawled, making sure to seem only mildly interested. "I suppose I could accompany you for a while."

Enrique beamed and Oliver lifted his mug for the last time to finish it's contents.

"Great! How about right now?"

Oliver nearly choked on his mocha.

"N-now!?" He sputtered when his throat was finally clear enough to breathe.

"Oh no!" He said hurriedly. "I can't-"

Suddenly, Oliver's cell phone ringing cut him off. He extracted it from his small purse and starred at the screen for a minute, biting the side of his lip as his stomach knotted with dread.

"Excusez-moi, s'il vous plait. . ." Oliver said reluctantly. "C'est tres important. . ."

Oliver anserwered his phone and placed it against his ear. After a hesitant pause, he reluctantly spoke.


The voice that came through never sounded more amused and authoritative then it did at that moment.

"This is even better then I ever imagined! You have to say yes!"

Oliver's eyes widened.

"What?! No! You said-"

Oliver shot a sideways glance at Enrique, whom was politely sipping his mocha so as to not be rude by listening in, and felt his face flush with embarrassment.

"That's not fair!" Oliver hissed at the phone. "You said I could say no to serious ones!"

"No." Johnny replied flatly. "I said you could reject anyone getting too fresh. Enrique just wants a date."

Johnny snickered before speaking again.

"That was the agreement." He said in a sing-songy voice.

Oliver grinded his teeth for a moment before finally closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

"Fine." He said as calmly as he could muster.

Without bothering to say goodbye, the small teen closed the phone and replaced it back in his purse. Assuring himself he was finally alright to speak, he looked at Enrique, whom was eyeing him with an enquiring look, and sighed heavily.

"Turns out I am free after all." He said a little irritably. "Oui, I will go on a date with you."