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Oliver shifted uncomfortably on Enrique's bed and tried his damnedest to pay attention to the music playing instead of Enrique starring at him with -- that look. The blonde was laid back on the bed with only his elbows propping him up slightly.

"I really wish he'd stop starring at me like that!" Oliver thought nervously. "I wonder what a girl would do in this situation. . .?"

Oliver looked down at one of his shoulders and saw the long, flowing green locks of hair draped over them.

"Maybe I should play with my hair. . . that's what they do in the movies isn't it?"

Deciding to give this a try, Oliver reached up and began running his fingers through the long, creepishly-real hair he didn't own.

Enrique smiled at this, then turned away from Oliver to stare at the ceiling. He did this for a few moments before blowing out a breath of air and sitting up.

"Whew, I'm always so hot after I leave clubs. You'd think the walk here would have cooled me down a bit. Guess not."

Oliver's face immediately flared up as Enrique reached down to the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head to reveal the mildly toned, pale chest underneath. Again Oliver was torn between emotions; this time embarrassment at what he was seeing, and anger for being embarrassed for something he'd seen many times before -- it was just Enrique's chest! His. . . very good-looking, seemingly perfectly shaped-

"Gah! Stop it Oliver! What is WRONG with you! You're not supposed to feel this way!"

Oliver mentally shook his head to clear his thoughts and looked away from Enrique in a desperate attempt to will away his flush. Through the corner of his eye, Oliver noticed Enrique lay back down on the bed, this time completely on his back, and couldn't resist a quick glance.

Not missing said glance, Enrique grinned wide, his head turning to look at Oliver again as his hands moved to rest behind his head.

"You know, you're not at some old antique shop." The blonde said pointedly. When the younger teen looked at him in confusion, he laughed and continued.

"There's no 'no-touch' policy here."

Oliver's body betrayed him yet again as his face once more flared up.

"Get over yourself." He said in an attempt to sound indignant. "Just because I'm a little curious, doesn't mean I'm just dying to get my hands all over you."

Enrique grinned.

"Yea. But curiosity doesn't always kill the cat."

Oliver nibbled the side of his cheek as his eyes slowly roamed down Enrique's body to helplessly admire the body in question. Just like back in the club, unable to stop himself, Oliver reached out to touch Enrique again, this time more hesitantly. His fingers gently brushed the creamy skin before him and trailed them along the well-toned body. Enrique's eyes followed him as the fingers on his body slowly, tantalizingly and curiously swirled little circles and patterns down his chest. When finally they reached his hips and moved between them, Oliver pulled his fingers back as if burnt -- indeed looking to be as his face once more heated up furiously.

Enrique smiled at Oliver and gently reached out to take his hand, guiding it back to his body again and placing it where it had previously been.

"It's OK." He said softly. "You can touch."

Oliver swallowed hard, his fingers trembling slightly as the whole of his hand pressed onto Enrique's chest. He hesitated again for a moment, then slowly moved downward until he reached the familiar indentations of Enrique's hips, leading downwards where he couldn't see. Immediately Oliver pulled away again and this time shuffled back slightly away from Enrique.

This time Oliver looked mortified. He was slowly becomming a mess as his thoughts and emotions began slowly eating him alive, unable to control them.

"I-I'm sorry." He apologised quickly. Enrique starred at him for a moment, then gave him the warmest and most comforting look Oliver had seen all night.

"It's OK." He said smothly. "I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable."

"It's OK . . ." Oliver repeated. A long silence followed, one likely not nearly as unnerving to Enrique as Oliver.

Eventually Enrique broke the silence.

"Can I ask you something?" He said softly. Oliver blinked at him.

"Of course." Oliver replied in surprise.

"Why did you agree to go on a date with me?"

Oliver blinked at Enrique, this question having completely caught him off-guard.

"Um. . . Well. . . I suppose because I didn't really have much else to do. . ."

Enrique starred at him unblinking.

"Are you sure that's it?" He asked suggestively. Oliver chewed the side of his cheek.

"Um. . . "

Oliver closed his eyes as the emotions inside him reached their limit and a single pair of tears leaked out from under his closed eye lids. No, that wasn't it! Yes, he had been forced by Johnny, but that had been nothing more then the excuse he'd been waiting/hoping for. He wanted to spend time with Enrique, to go on a date with him, to have the other notice him the way he currently was. He needed it. No matter what the rest of the world thought or would think, he couldn't help having the feelings he did. Enrique was his biggest secret, the secret he'd so desperately wanted to keep from the world, and from Johnny. He knew he probably shouldn't feel the way he did, and for many reasons, he wished he didn't, but he did.

"No." Oliver whispered. "I wanted to go on a date with you . . . I've never wanted somehing so much in my entire life . . "

Oliver's eyes slid slowly open and he blinked away his tears as he starred at Enrique. But instead of looking smug or triumphant like he'd expected him to, Enrique looked happy and his eyes seemed to sparkle. After a moment or two of simply starring at each other, Enrique shifted closer to Oliver and reached up to place a hand on his face. Oliver swallowed hard as Enrique gently pulled him down. No matter how much he felt he should do or what his thoughts told him to do, Oliver couldn't pull away. He wanted this more then anything else in the world and had for nearly as long as he could remember. Screw reality, screw consequence; he'd deal with all that later. It would all be worth it for this one moment to make his dreams come true.

A soft moan escaped Oliver's lips as Enrique's own gently pressed against them. It was more then he'd ever wanted and he couldn't imagine it was actually happening. Again, the feelings he felt from back in the club flooded back to him tenfold and his arms once more slipped around Enrique's neck as he pulled himself further into the kiss. It was when Enrique's hands began to subtly slip in under Oliver's shirt that the small teen pulled away with a small frown.

"I'm. . . not that kinda . . . girl Enrique."

Oliver moved to the edge of the bed and climbed off, ready to leave, but a hand wrapping around his stopped him.

"Don't leave . . ." Enrique whispered, sounding almost desperate. The tone almost broke Oliver's heart.

"Why?" Oliver whispered back, not wanting to turn around and see the blonde's face. Unfortunately, Enrique had other ideas.

Oliver felt gentle hands on his waist turn him around until he was starring into entrancing pools of sapphire blue.

"Because I know you don't want to. . ." Enrique whispered.

Oliver bit his lip as he starred at Enrique, unable to tear his gaze away. Boy, he had no idea how right he was.

Taking the silence as both confirmation and permission, Enrique got up on his knees on the bed and kissed Oliver again, the smaller teen once again melting into him. The hands still around Oliver's waist gently pulled him forwards as Enrique laid backwards on the bed, pulling the green-haired boy down with him.

Oliver's hands entangled themselves again into the blonde hair below him as he straddled the hips of the owner. Once the two were fully engulfed in each other, Oliver deftly registered Enrique's hands trailing down his body to his bottom. He was fully aware of it however when the blonde gave it a gentle squeeze and he couldn't help but let out a tiny moan.

Smiling slightly against Oliver's lips, Enrique's hands moved down a little further until they reached Oliver's skirt and slowly moved up in under it, giving it another gentle squeeze.

Oliver loved the feeling and once more let another tiny moan escape. But he knew the contact was dangerous. What if the blonde decided to move his hands to the front? That could be catastrophic.

Once more Oliver pulled away from Enrique and got off him, this time scooting to the other side of the bed and turning his back on him.

"I told you I'm not the kind of girl . ." He said softly.

A moment later, Oliver's eyes slid shut as a pair of arms slipped around his waist. Enrique held Oliver tight and placed soft kisses on his exposed shoulder before placing his lips against Oliver's ear.

"What are you afraid of?" He whispered softly, once again sending shivers down Oliver's spine.

Oliver frowned and closed his eyes, feeling his throat constrict painfully as his tears and emotions flooded back tenfold.

"I'm afraid . . ." He began shakily. ". . to give my heart to someone who's already stolen so many. . . knowing I won't have his . . ."

Enrique was still and silent for a moment and Oliver was sure he'd said the wrong thing. Finally however, Enrique spoke again.

"You have my heart . . ." He said in a low, horse whisper. "You had it since the first moment I saw you . . ."

Tears slipped down from Oliver's closed eyes as he felt his heart shatter. How many girls had heard that same line from the blonde on countless occasions? Still, he couldn't bring himself to stop the blonde a third time as Enrique's hands slipped up his shirt and slowly pulled it up and over his head. More tears slipped from under Oliver's closed eyes as Enrique's fingers expertly unclasped the bra, trailing kisses down Oliver's shoulders and arms as the straps were slipped off.

It was the most bittersweet moment Oliver could ever remember -- the worst and yet the best moment of his life. He feared and dreaded what would happen when Enrique found out he wasn't a girl, but at the same time, it was the happiest he'd ever been, he'd never wanted anything so badly. Oliver was convinced at that moment that it would all be worth it for the few precious moments of escacy he would never experience again -- all he ever wanted from the person sharing them with him. Besides, he knew that he was completely ensnared now; no matter what, Oliver knew that he was now completely under Enrique's spell and would not be able to move no matter how hard he tried.

Oliver's body shivered and writhed as Enrique's hands and lips trailed all over him from behind. He let out a deep, throaty moan as the blonde once again reached his neck, gently nibbling and suckling as he, un-noticed by Oliver, reached up and removed the clip-on earrings. The following words against the green-framed face caught the receiver a little off-guard however.

"Hmm?" Oliver questioned, totally engulfed in what Enrique was doing to him.

"Take out the contacts . . ."

It took Oliver a moment, but eventually the words sank in and Oliver's eyes snapped open.

"Wh-what!?" He said in alarm. "I. . . I don't wear contacts! I don't know what you're talking about."

Enrique sighed lightly, but he was wearing a small smile when Oliver looked over his shoulder at him.

"Come on Oli, did you really expect me not to know it was you with so few changes?"

Oliver whirrled around and starred and Enrique with wide eyes.

"You-You. . . how did you. . ?! "

Enrique grinned.

"I went over to the hotel earlier looking for you and Robert told me what happened. Then I went looking for you around the city and found you by that cafe. I figured you'd pick me as your date so I just waited."

Oliver starred in disbelief for a long time until something clicked in his head.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier!?" He asked angrily. Enrique laughed and grinned with a shrug.

"Dunno. . . it was kinda funny." His expression then softened. "Besides, you wouldn't have acted the same . . ."

Oliver blinked at Enrique for a moment then suddenly up and bolted for the bathroom. Enrique starred after him worriedly when he slammed the door.

"Oli? Oli, you OK?"

"Hang on a minute!" The french teen shouted through the door.

Enrique furrowed his brows for a moment, then, with a sigh, laid back on the bed again with his hands behind his head.

Eventually the bathroom door opened and Oliver emerged looking like himself. . . with sore fingernails and slightly sore looking, red face. Enrique grinned.

"Much better."

"NOOO!!" Johnny howled, pounding his fist onto the desk before him as the links between him and Oliver went down.

"That's not fair!!!"

"Johnny, he did exactly what he was supposed to. You got your revenge."

Johnny turned a defiant look on Robert as he stood in the doorway.

"No I didn't! That little twerp was suppose to pay for what he did, not get his 'happy ending'!"

Robert sighed heavily and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Which book is it you think he stole from you Johnny?" The Captain asked calmly. Johnny flushed furiously and turned away from his Captain.

"Uh-mmmm. . . . it was uh. . . some old beyblading book."

Robert raised an eyebrow.

"You mean that leather-back brown one?"

"Yea." Johnny replied, his chin in his hand as he sulked.

"I borrowed that book."

Johnny's eyes shot open as he whirled around to look at his Captain.

"YOU WHAT?!" He yelled in a panic. Robert frowned.

"I borrowed it. I thought it must be good if you owned it. I was just sitting on the table so I decided to read it. I didn't think you'd mind."

Johnny's face paled.

"You- y-you opened it?"

Robert furrowed his eyebrows.

"No . . it's in my room. I didn't get a chance yet."

Robert turned then and left the room and Johnny gawked at him.

"Where are you going?!"

"To go fetch it and find out what you're making such a big fuss over." Robert called from one of the suite's bedrooms.

Johnny felt all color drain from his face as he jumped up and bounded after the elder teen.

The redhead froze in the doorway to Robert's room and starred in horror as his captain skimmed through what looked to be a very old novel. But instead he found dozens upon dozens of pictures of him and Johnny -- sometimes him alone, sometimes some with the both of them. They were rather good but they were certainly nothing the elder teen had ever expected to see in something belonging to Johnny.

Eventually Robert looked up at Johnny with an emotionless face.

"Did you draw these?"

Johnny was mortified.

"I-I . . . well . . . uh-"

Johnny gulped and looked down at the floor, his entire body burning in mortification.

"Yes. . ." He almost squeaked, barely audible.

Soon a pair of feet appeared in Johnny's field of view in front of his and he looked up in surprise to see his Captain standing dangerously close to him.

"I had no idea you felt that way about me Johnny." He said calmly. Johnny gulped, unable to speak.

Without another word, Robert reached up and placed a hand on Johnny's face, leaned in and pressed a whisper of a kiss to his lips. With that he stepped past the redhead and walked away.

Johnny blinked furiously for a few moments until what had happened finally sunk in. With a confused expression, he turned on his heel and hurried after his Captain.

"Enri. . ."


"Which did you like better. . . . me as a girl or . . . me as me. . .?"

Enrique looked down at Oliver, his arms around the smaller teen's shoulder while Oliver snuggled into his side. Enrique smiled down at him and leaned down to press a quick kiss to the adorable, pleading, upturned face.

"I definitely like this Oli way better." He said playfully.

Satisfied, Oliver replaced his head on Enrique's chest, but moments later he looked up again.

"I don't understand something. . . what about all those girls? Are you bisexual Enrique?"

Enrique starred at the ceiling for a moment, contemplating this, until finally he shrugged.

"I dunno. I do like girls. . . but I've never really liked guys in general that way."

He looked down at Oliver again and smiled.

"Only you. . . I've always liked you like that, but. . . I never knew how to say it. . . I guess I never really wanted to admit it. . . like you. So, I guess you can call me whatever you want."

Oliver grinned and slid up a little to hover over Enrique's face.

"Hm. . ." He said thoughtfully. "I think I'll call you. . . . ."

He looked down at Enrique and his grin widened.


Enrique laughed and shook his head. He then placed a hand on the back of Oliver's head and gently pulled him downwards, mumbling against his lips before pulling him into another kiss.

"Sounds good to me."