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Note:  Parts of Part 54 was written by Hilary of Death Marked Love

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Summary: Set a couple of months after Lover's Walk, Spike goes up North and unbeknownst to him fulfils a prophecy. The council is after Christine and her baby and Spike gets something he never thought he'd have a baby.

Warning: This a Spike and baby story just to warn all. It will eventually lead to a Spike/Buffy ship.

Things that must be known: For this story to make sense I have integrated it with season four events. Except Spike never gets chipped, Harmony does, Harsh Light of Day and Something Blue never happened. But the rest of the year is pretty much intact, with a few exceptions that will be revealed in the story.

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1. Remember that Harmony is chipped in my version of season 4 not Spike

2. That all of the episodes basically remain intact except for the changes that I write in the fic.

3. I will leave out parts of eppies because well I expect you to hopefully know them being BTVS fans so brush up on your season 4 knowledge pretty please. And also ever chapter would be like a two-hundred pages and no one wants to read all of that.

4. The episodes glanced at in this chapter are (descriptions taken from 2002 Yearbook)

a. This Year's Girl – Faith awakens from her coma and sets about ruining the Slayer's life with the help of a gift from the Mayor which will allow her to switch bodies with Buffy.

b. Who Are You – With Faith now in Buffy's body, Buffy as Faith is shipped back to England to face up to her past crimes.  As 'Buffy' gets to have a bit of fun for a while the real Buffy must escape and convince everyone who she really is.

5. 'Buffy' means Faith in Buffy's body.

6. 'Faith' means Buffy in Faith's body.

7. I think that's it.  Good luck in reading LOL!

Chapter 11

Part 51

Spike opened the door slowly after the incessant knocking persisted for over a minute, "What do you want?"  He asked the redheaded witch standing at his door.

"There's an emergency.  Faith's awake." Willow told the vampire with a sense of urgency in her voice.  She looked around the room and noticed the packed boxes but decided this was not the time to talk to Spike about what happened between him and Buffy.

"The other slayer?  Buffy told me about her.  She's probably long gone, pet.  At least if she was smart." Spike shrugged as he walked back into the living room with Willow in tow.

"Well smart and Faith don't really go together.  Faith attacked Buffy today near the quad at school. And she's still on the loose somewhere." Willow relayed, making Spike actually worry. 

Why the hell am I worried, he thought, "Has she gone over to Joyce's yet?"

"I dunno."

"Stay here with Niya.  I'll go to Joyce's."  He commanded as he grabbed his duster and headed out the door.

* * *

The witch was going stir crazy after a couple of hours of waiting for any word there still was none and then her cell phone rang.

Willow grabbed it quickly, "Hello."

"Willow?  It's Giles; I need you here at my place."

"What's going on?"

"Just come.  Xander and Anya area already here and I've just gotten a hold of Buffy so hurry please."

"Ok but..."  Willow looked over at the sleeping baby, "Ok I'll be there."

* * *

When Willow walked through the door, with the stroller Giles looked utterly shocked.

"Where's Spike?"

"He went to check up on Joyce and make sure Faith hasn't made an appearance there.  Why?"

"Hoping Vamp-boy left already without Niya?" Xander asked.

"One can only hope. Can't we?" Giles pursed his lips.

Willow just glared at two for a second before turning back to Niya. "Hey! He's Niya's father no matter what you think of him so get used to it."  Willow said sternly.

The baby woke up to see the group surrounding and lazily looked at Giles and stretched out her arms for him to pick her up.  Which Giles quickly obliged.

He lulled her to sleep humming hush little baby and she began to fall asleep on his chest again until the door opened.

'Buffy' looked at everyone confused, who's that chick with Xander.  And since when does Giles have a kid.

* * *

"So she left a little while ago?"  Spike asked Joyce as she swept up the broken glass in the living room.

"Yup Buffy kicked her butt."  Joyce said proudly. "She said that she was going to tell Giles and then go to the Bronze."

"Ok then I will meet them there.  You sure you're ok here by yourself Joyce?"

"I am fine, that woman is gone and my daughter is safe and can get on with her life." Joyce smiled at Spike's concern, "So go and meet her." She shooed him toward the door

"Alright mum."  Spike gave her quick kiss on the cheek and dashed out the door.

"A hundred and 120 year old vampire calling me mum.  We do live on a hellmouth."  Joyce shook her head and she went to look for a dust pan.

* * *

"We have just come from the residence and all seems fine here General Keats."  Forrest said over the radio.

"Did you get the full story on what happened at her house?"

"Apparently this girl is as strong as our one and only Slayer."  He said sarcastically, "It seemed that…"  Forrest couldn't believe his eyes as the blond vampire that had so efficiently kicked his ass and nearly killed one of his unit five days ago walked down the street, "General Keats I will get back to you I see a hostile."

"Ok Forrest I will send the rest of the Alpha 2 team out to assist."

Forrest looked at the other 5 members of his team in the hummer, they each smiled knowing that this hostile was not going to be bagged and tagged.

* * *

Part 52

"Well I see the Scooby gang's all here, Willow, Xander and . . ." Faith looked at Anya wondering who the hell this chick was as she sat on Giles' desk, "Everybody!  What's up?"

"Faith not surprisingly!" Giles replied setting a sleeping Niya down on the sofa.

"Didn't Joyce tell you?  I already kicked that ass."

"I feel a hi-five coming on." Xander announced, as Giles gave him a stern look as he walked into the kitchen.

"Where is she?" Willow asked thrilled.

"On her way to the big house.  Cops took her off my hands about an hour ago. Poetic justice!"

"How's that?" Anya asked.

"Well she did all those crimes and now she's being arrested."  'Buffy' looked around the room, "Well I guess that's just regular Justice.  Cool anyway."

"Did you see Spike?" Willow asked hoping that she had talked him out of leaving town.

Faith stepped back wondering why that name sounded familiar, "Ehmm nope."

"Enough about Spike, unless I'm mistaken, Faith is no longer in police custody." Giles walked out the kitchen into the living room.

"What are you talking about?"

"The Watcher's Council - they sent a retrieval team to capture Faith."

"Well yeah, cause it worked so well when Wesley tried it."  'Buffy' replied sarcastically.

"This is a special operations unit. They handle the Council's trickier jobs, smuggling interrogation, wet works."

Willow looked at the other curious, "What's wet works?"

"Water scuba type stuff." Xander answered.

"I thought it was murder." Anya looked at Xander.

"Well yeah there could be underwater murder with snorkels and stuff." Xander pathetically tried to cover.

"So they are taking her to England." Faith smiled at the prospect of Buffy trying to explain her innocence.  Faith's smile grew because finally she could be the self-righteous one now.

Anya moved toward the couch as Niya began to stir.

"It'll be a long time before she returns." Giles finished his voice sounding grim.

'Buffy's' laughter shocked the gang Faith immediately stopped, "I'm sorry. I'm just happy.  Faith is evil."

"Yeah I hope they throw the book at her."  Willow stated.

"I'm not sure there is a book for this." Giles replies solemnly.

"They can throw other things." Willow suggested.

"I forgot how much you don't like Faith." 'Buffy' looked at Willow.

"After what she's done to you . . ."

"Look who's awake?" Anya interrupted the two girl's discussion.  Anya picked up the groggy infant handed her to 'Buffy'.

'Buffy' looked at the child and held her awkwardly holding her at arms length as if the child was a contagious disease.  Niya looked deep into 'Buffy's' eyes and suddenly started crying and screaming.  Faith realized that the baby knew.

Niya's screams became louder as she began to kick in 'Buffy's' arms until she handed her back to Anya.

"What's wrong with her?"  Xander asked as he took Niya away from Anya and began to rock her slowly as her crying tapered off.

Willow looked at 'Buffy' but brushed off the thought in her mind.

Faith soon realized that she'd better not stick around in Sunnydale to long.  Whose kid is that anyway? Faith watched Xander carry the baby up the stairs.

Giles looked at 'Buffy' concerned, "I thought that you and Niya were quite used to each other, despite your bickering with Spike?"

'Buffy' looked over at him, "Uh yeah maybe she's sick or something."

Faith wanted to get out of that room as soon as possible.

* * *

Part 53

Spike stumbled into his apartment and was shocked but also happy that Willow wasn't there.  He quickly closed the door and flicked on the light found the note on the by the phone.

Went to Giles'.

News about Faith.

I took Niya.

I'll try and meet you at Joyce's.

Willow 408-846-4723.

Spike set down the note with his blood soaked hand and sat his battered body down on the couch, and dialed the number.

"Hello, Niya and Willow's house of pancakes."

"Willow, it's Spike."

"Hi Spike you sound . . ."

"Terrible, I know listen, you mind taking Niya over to Joyce's or leave her at the watcher's or something."

"Uh sure I brought tons of stuff.  I over compensate."  Willow laughed.


"Uhm did you see Joyce."

"Yeah.  Willow, I'll pick up Niya tomorrow."  Spike replied.

"Uh . . . . Spike."  Willow stopped as the phone clicked and the annoying buzz of the dial tone blared in her ears.

* * *

'Faith' burst threw the door, "Giles!"

"God!"  The watched jumped nearly a foot when he saw 'Faith'.

"Don't move.  Ok. Giles you have to listen to me very carefully.  I'm not Faith." 'Faith' said



"Cause the resemblance is striking."

"I know.  Giles you just have to . . . stop inching.  You were inching."

"Look I-I know what you are going to say an-an..."

"I'm Buffy."

"All right I didn't know what you were going to say but that doesn't make you any less crazy."

"Faith switched.  She had some device.  She switched our bodies.  Giles I swear it's me."

Niya began to wake in his arms as she heard voices.

"Well ermm.  If you are Buffy then you'll let me tie you up, without killing me." Giles said nervously as he set down Niya in the stroller wondering what was 'Faith' going to do next, "Until we find out whether you are telling the truth."

"Giles! Faith has taken my body and for all I know she's taken it to Mexico by now.  I don't have time for bondage fun . . . .  Ask me a question?  Ask me anything?"

Niya gurgled getting the two's attention, but they quickly got back to the situation at hand.

"Who's the president?"

"We are checking for Buffy not a concussion."  Her voice edging on annoyance.

'Faith' looked at Niya and smiled.  She reached for Niya and Giles instinctually stepped in the way.

"Ohh. Yes. Right."

"Giles, you turned into a demon and I knew it was you. Can't you just look my eyes and be all intuitive?"

"How did I turn into a demon?"

"Ohh, cause uhhh Ethan Rayne.  And you have a girlfriend named Olivia and you haven't had a job since we blew up school... which is valid lifestyle wise.  I mean it's not like you're a slacker type. But. Ohh ohh when I had psychic power I like heard my mom think that you were like a stevedore during sex.  Would you like me to continue?"

"Actually I beg you to stop."

"What's a stevedore?"

Niya was still in 'Faith's' line of vision.

"Ma."  Niya said smiling, her ands outstretched toward 'Faith'.  Giles looked strangely as the baby began to kick up and down toward the rogue slayer, "Maa Maa!"

Buffy began smile as tears came to her eyes.  Giles looked even more confused until it dawned on him that Niya knew; that's the reason she was near hysterical last night in Buffy's arms because it wasn't Buffy.

 "You see it's me Giles it's really me."

"I need you to explain everything."

"And I will after we get Faith."

The door suddenly burst open.


"Will."  'Faith' turned toward the door.

"Oh my god!" The redhead gasped.

"Willow wait.  You don't understand."

"You're Buffy.  You and Faith switched bodies, probably through a Draconian Katra spell..."

Buffy rushed toward and quickly picked up the little baby hugging her close, while she waited patiently as she got the instructions on how to get her body back.

Until the phone rang.

* * *

Part 54

"It was just so weird Giles.  She was so mad at me for everything." Buffy relayed as she packed up Niya's things. "We were fighting in the church and she started yelling at me that now she had everything she deserved, the boyfriend, the friends, the Watcher.  She was so angry.  Then she got me on the ground and started screaming at me 'You're nothing!  Disgusting!  Murderous bitch!  You're nothing! You're disgusting!' If I hadn't gotten a hold of her hand with that gem to break the spell she would have beat me unconscious."

"She has serious problems Buffy…"

"Well duh! Of course she does and she blames me for all of them."

"I think she rather envies you. You have things she can't…"

"That's the problem Giles, she can.  She could have at least.  But now I don't know.  After what she's done to me, I don't think I can forgive her." Buffy sighed wearily stuffing Niya's blanket in the bag and it was finally packed.

"Did she do anything to you, to your body?"  Giles had a sense that Buffy wasn't telling him the whole story.

Buffy did not want to get into that conversation with her ex-Watcher, "Try calling Spike one more time please to see if he's at his apartment, before I go over there with Niya."

Giles had been trying to contact Spike all day but had received no answer so when Buffy had got back from seeing Riley she had offered to take Niya home.

Giles knew instantly that she was avoiding the subject but decided to let it go for now. "Fine."

* * *

The Slayer was still reeling from Riley's admission that he had had sex with Faith.  She tried to logic his answer in her mind, he thought it was her but Faith and her in no way act the same, especially when it came to sex.  Besides being Slayers they had nothing else in common, well except the same taste in men.

Buffy huffed as she pushed Niya down the hallway.  She reached for the door and found it unlocked.  When she entered the apartment was in darkness save for a small lamp in the living room. Buffy noticed Spike lying face down on the couch, he must be a heavy sleeper if he didn't even hear the phone ring when Giles had called just before I left.

"Looks like Daddy is having a nap." She whispered to Niya. She then noticed that the baby was taking his example. Buffy took Niya out of her stroller and took her into Spike's room and put her in her crib next to Spike's bed and walked back into the living room.

Maybe I should stay until Spike woke up, if he hadn't heard the phone then the chances were he wouldn't hear Niya if she started to cry.   She decided to phone Willow and tell her she was staying at Spike's for a bit she walked over to the small table in the corner of the room. Her heart lurched; the phone was covered in blood. She glanced back at Spike and realised that something was seriously wrong.

She turned back to the couch, knelt beside him and shook him. "Spike? Spike, wake up."

When there was no response she used all her strength to turn him onto his back, as she did so his head lolled towards her.

"Oh my god!" She gasped. His entire face was a mass of cuts and bruises, both of his eyes were puffed and swollen with dark purple bruises, dried blood was caked on forehead from a deep cut.  The vampire's clothes were shredded. His entire chest was soaked with blood, coming from what looked like a stab wound near his shoulder.  She could tell from the wound that someone or something had tried to stake him.

Once she had recovered from the shock of seeing him like this she jumped to her feet, ran to the bathroom and picked up all the medical supplies she could find. Once Spike was better she was going to kill whoever had done this to him.

Not wanting to jostle him too much Buffy used a small knife to cut Spike's shirt off him. Dumping the blood soaked clothes on the floor she began to clean his shoulder wound, once it was clean she pulled a thick wad of gauze out of the first aid kit and taped it over.  She then turned her attention to his face, wincing at the sight of his battered features. She cleaned and bound the cut and then went into the kitchen to get some ice for the swelling. She knelt back at his side and gently placed the ice pack over his eyes.

"Come on Spike." Buffy whispered, tears building up in her eyes. "Please wake up."

When there was no response she walked back into the kitchen and put a couple of bags of blood in the microwave. When they were warm she filled a mug and carried it to the living room. At that moment Spike groaned.

"Spike? You're awake?"

"I wish I wasn't." He replied weakly. "Is that you Buffy?"

"Yeah." She replied.

"I can't bloody see." He reached up slowly and felt the ice pack over his eyes.

"You'd better leave that there." Buffy said. "You took quite a beating. Here, I've got some blood for you."

She held the mug to his lips and he drank deeply.

"Thanks pet." He said when he'd finished.

"Spike, who did this to you?" Buffy asked.

He sighed. "I was on my way to The Bronze after seeing your mum when I got jumped by those blokes from the Initiative. I guess they wanted to add me to their little demon collection. There were 6 of them, all on my at once. I couldn't get away. Luckily a Hakes Demon passed by at the wrong time and they left me and went after it. I think I'd have been dust otherwise."  Spike choked weakly.

Buffy sat there in stunned silence for a moment, "My God.  What did they do to you?"

"The question is what didn't they do?"  Spike mumbled.

Niya suddenly started crying in the next room and Buffy ran to get her.

"Daa-daa."  Niya called for Spike.

"Daa-daa is sleeping, Niya go back and sleep." Buffy whispered stroking Niya's hair.

Niya stood up and looked at Buffy almost like she could read her mind but the little girl lay back down in her crib Buffy pulled a small blanket over the drowsy baby and went back to tend to Spike.

She hadn't even reached the hallway when she had an overwhelming feeling of dread, what if Spike had gotten captured?  What if they had killed him?  And Niya, he's all she's ever known, since the day that she was born.  I couldn't even begin to understand all that he does for her. She'd be crushed if he was gone.  I could never raise Niya by myself.  I wouldn't have a clue.  She needs him.

Buffy breathed in and out deeply and wiped the fear-provoking tears about to spill.  Finally she managed to compose herself a little.

"Come on, let's get you to bed. You need to rest." She helped him to sit up and slipped an arm around his waist. Managing to get him to stand she let him lean on her as she led him to his bedroom. Pulling back the covers she managed to get him into bed and comfortable before pulling the covers back over him.

"I'll get someone to come over and look after Niya." She said gently. "You just focus on getting well."

"Where are you going?" He asked sleepily.

"There's something I have to do." She reached out and stroked his bruised cheek gently. "Sleep now, I'll be back soon." Spike nodded and soon drifted off. When Buffy was sure he was asleep she kissed him gently on the cheek and called Willow.

The second person she called was Riley.

* * *

Part 55

Riley heard a soft knock on his door; he answered it promptly to see Buffy standing there.  Even though she had said that what happened with him and his Faith was not his fault he knew a part of her wanted ask him how could he be so stupid?  How could he not see the signs that she was different?  He swallowed hard as she entered the room.

"You said it was important?" Riley asked praying that she was not there to do what he had been dreading.

"I needed to talk to you."  Buffy swallowed hard as she looked into Riley's eyes.

"Yes?" He lowered his head knowing the next words to come out of her mouth would most likely destroy him.  The only woman that he'd ever loved was about to break his heart.

"I can't see you anymore Riley."  Buffy got straight to the point.

Riley sucked in a deep breath, "Buffy you can't blame . . ."

"No it's not about Faith."  Buffy couldn't believe the words that rolled off of her tongue, "Well . . . a lot of it has nothing to do with Faith."

"Really?" He questioned biting his lip to keep back the tears. "Then it must be something else or someone else."

Buffy looked up at Riley.  She cared for him but Niya she loved and Spike, well he was, she didn't know what her relationship with Spike was.  It was never easy and even harder to explain.  It developed from downright disgust into a budding friendship and if she let herself get caught up in the whole prophecy thing it would be more.  But for now all Buffy knew was that when she looked at Riley now all she could see was the man that betrayed her and the man that worked for the organization that had nearly killed Spike and nearly left Niya without a father.

"Riley, I'm sorry." Buffy turned to leave when she felt his hand grasp her arm.  She spun round to see Riley's sea blue eyes staring at her looking for one last glimmer of hope in her eyes.  Buffy definitely didn't relish in the look of despair on his face.  The next thing she knew his head dipped down to hers and he kissed her passionately.  Buffy had never felt so guilty.  Letting him have one last kiss, she knew she felt nothing more for him, and that kiss alone proved it.  She broke away not once looking back at him as she left.

* * *