A/N: So I got this idea on the Fourth of July while watching the fireworks. I hope you enjoy it. It was promise to my friend stellensgirl. Also a shout out to all my friends, mmadforever, Hidden Character, ImADynamo and Xx-wrath-xX. So here goes and enjoy!

It was a bright sunny day at the Villa Donna. Rosie Martin sat in th courtyard looking over some papers. She sighed and leaned back in her chair. She signed the papers half-hearted. Her mind or her heart was not on the paperwork at all. It was far away on a boat headed for Australia. The boat that was driven by none other than Bill Anderson. Even his name made her sigh in contentment. She smiled like a happy schoolgirl. She stood up and gathered her paperwork. She swayed to the kitchen in a lovesick haze. Tanya watched her friend with a lifted eyebrow. Tanya was never one for the fairy-tale happily ever after kind of love and she knew neither was Rosie. She tapped Rosie on the shoulder which caused her to jump.

"Having fun there princess?" A slightly amused Tanya asked. Rosie looked away blushing.

"I..er…yes." Rosie said. She sat down at the table in the kitchen. She smiled. Tanya sat down.

"Who or what are you thinking about?" Tanya asked. Rosie smiled.

"Bill." she said. Tanya's mouth formed a happy grin.

"Have fun?" she asked. Rosie smiled suggestively.

"Lots!" The two Dynamos shared a loud laugh.

"That's my girl!" Tanya said patting her on the shoulder. Rosie sighed and leaned against Tanya. Tanya caught sight of the papers. "What are those?" Rosie perked up.

"Oh I forgot to tell you. A restaurant company likes my cookbooks so much that they're opening a restaurant that cooks my food!" Rosie said excitedly. Tanya smiled.

"That's great. Where is it going to be?" she asked.

"New York. They already have a place. It'll be ready in a few months." Rosie said smiling. She was truly excited.

Rosie sighed and tiredly sipped her coffee. Leave it to Tanya to get me the earliest flight to London ever she thought. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. She looked over her shoulder and quickly turned. Rosie could have sworn she saw Bill Anderson running behind her. She shook her head. Great now I'm seeing things She turned back and resumed sipping her coffee. She stopped herself from dozing off a few times before a shrill voice rang out in the airport announcing her flight. Rosie rubbed her temples and got up. She headed to the gate. Rosie got settled in a seat and looked over to the side. A strange man was smiling at her. She looked away then back. He was still smiling at her. She turned to him.

"Er..hello?" she asked. The man smiled wider.

"You're Rosie Martin right?" he asked her. Rosie nodded. The man smiled and pulled out a book. "Will you sign your cookbook for me?" Rosie chuckled.

"Sure." She quickly autographed the book and sat back. Shaking her head and smiling, she got settled again. She leaned back and was soon fast asleep.

Rosie stepped out of the car that was sent for her. She rubbed her eyes and thanked the driver. She walked up the steps to her comfortable townhouse. She opened the door and Hattie, her housekeeper, took her jacket and bags. Hattie was smiling much more than usual today. The stout gray haired woman flashed Rosie a knowing smile, which made Rosie smile.

"What?" Rosie asked chuckling. Hattie shook her head.

"Oh nothing. Just happy you're home Ms. Martin." Rosie rolled her eyes.

"Hattie, please call me Rosie. Ms. Martin makes me feel so old." she chuckled.

"Very well Rosie. I'll take your things to your room." Hattie said.

"Oh Hattie you don't have to. I can..." Rosie began. Hattie waved her hand to cut her off.

"No, no, no. I'll take it to your room. I think you should relax in the sitting room. I already set your afternoon tea in there." Hattie said emphasizing sitting room. Hattie smiled to herself and headed upstairs to the bedroom. Rosie shook her head and headed to the sitting room. She sighed. Tea sounds lovely right now. Then a nap Rosie thought. She opened the door to the sitting room and gasped. Beautiful roses adorned all the tables and flat surfaces. On the floor were rose petals of all colors. On her chair sat a single red rose. She looked around in awe.

"This is amazing!" Rosie said breathing in the sweet flowery aroma. "Hattie did you..?"

"No ma'am. It was a surprise visitor." Hattie said passing by. She smiled. Rosie sat on the chair, smelling the rose.

"Who could have done all this?" she asked herself. Rosie was too deep in thought to notice Hattie speaking with someone at the end to the hall. The older woman smiled at the man.

"I'll take the night off then!" she whispered excitedly. She gathered her things and left the house. Rosie looked up at the sound of the door. She walked out of the sitting room and into the main foyer. She looked around.

"Hello? Hattie?" she asked into the dimly lit house. Rosie strained her ear to hear. "That's strange. Hattie never leaves without warning." she said to herself. She walked down the hallway slowly. She stopped when she heard a faint noise. "Is that…humming?" she asked herself. She grabbed a black umbrella and followed the sound. It grew as she moved toward it. It turned to singing. She stopped when she realized the intruder was right around the corner. She gripped her weapon and slowly looked around the corner. Bill Anderson was singing softly admiring the photos in the wall. Rosie walked around the corner. He turned to her and smiled slightly.

"Planning to fly away with that Mary Poppins?" he asked. Rosie smiled and dropped the umbrella. She ran to him and jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist. He leaned her against the wall as she kissed him. He kissed her back passionately.

"Not a chance." she said between kisses. He smiled and continued to kiss her. Bill carried Rosie up to her room and well...you know the rest!

Rosie smiled as she watched the sun come up from the balcony. She rested her hands on the banister and sighed. She took in the smell of Bill's shirt. She had never felt so alive in her life. She smiled when she felt a pair of strong arms hold her from behind. Bill placed soft tender kisses on the base of her neck. Rosie sighed.

"Do you really have to go?" Rosie asked. Bill sighed.

"Yes. The Fernando can only be in the lot for so long." he chuckled. Rosie smiled but frowned again.

"But when will I see you again?" she asked turning to face him. Bill smiled.

"You will. I promise. I can't stay away from you that long." he said before place a soft , loving kiss on her lips. Rosie smiled.

"When do you leave?"

"In a few hours." Bill said looking Big Ben. Rosie smirked.

"Then I believe a goodbye present is in order." she said running her hands down his chest. Bill smiled and picked her up. He carried to the bedroom and shut the doors.