Chapter Twenty-Four –Baiting and More Rituals

He stood there looking at his armour. He could just about see the small niche in his armour where the daemonic blade had pierced it and allowed the Daemon to possess him. He looked up at the Quarter Master and nodded his thanks. The Quarter Master just grunted as he took the piece of armour from Harry. There was quite a bit of tension at the Dragoon HQ between most of the residents and Harry, due to the fact that Harry had killed quite a few of the people while under the influence of Ekrak. The fact that he knew it wasn't his fault didn't help him with the fact that he still felt guilty about having killed those guards, and it especially didn't help with the others as they started to view him as weak of mind for allowing a Daemon to possess him. However the tension between Harry and the others wasn't bothering him that much thanks to the help of Hermione, Rebecca and Remus. After leaving the Smiths, he made his way to Remus' quarters where he found the old wolf, sat at a desk, writing.

"Hey Harry," Remus said as he looked up from his work and saw Harry.

"Hey Remus." Harry greeted back, "What you doing?"

"Do you remember when I had that private conversation?" Harry nodded, "Well they've offered me a position as Head of their Library and Chronicler,"

"Wow Remus, that's great," Harry congratulated.

"Heh, thanks," Remus said, a smile creeping on his face. "And so you are aware that regardless of the job requirements, you come first." He said as got up and put his hands on Harrys shoulders. "But as part of my new job, I will have to ask you about the incident for this places records." He added slightly grimly. Harry nodded his understanding. Harry turned around closed the door. He knew he didn't want to do this but decided it was better to get it over and done with.

"Harry, you don't…" But Harry put his hand up to stop Remus in his tracks.

"I know I don't have to do this now but I feel like I have to." Harry said as he stared the Last Marauder in the eyes, "To help me deal with it. Accept it." He said determination in his eyes "Unlike what happened with Sirius….." The next thing he knew, he was engulfed in a hug by the old wolf.

"Listen Harry. I know it's hard to accept he's gone. Hell I'm still struggling. But if you ever want to talk, I'm here," Remus said as he held the young man.

"Ditto," Harry said after a few seconds of silence. Remus then held Harry at arm's length, the glint of a tear in his eye.

"Let's get on with this then shall we?" He said with a smile as he waved his wand to summon a chair and walked Harry over to his desk.

Voldemort sat there at the head of the table in a…bad mood would be an understatement. Pettigrew was lying in a pool of blood and faeces, twitching madly. He sat there glaring at the Death Eater who was kneeling a couple of steps from the door.

"Speak," Voldemort ordered.

"My Lord, Uraka Az'baramael is here to see you," He stammered.

"Show him in," The Death Eater nodded and back out the room constantly bowing as he left. A couple of seconds later the door was forced open and 'somebody' walked in. Voldemorts eyes narrowed.

"What happened?" He demanded. The 'persons' pupils dilated.

"Ekrak failed. Was not the warrior he claimed to be. Simple." It replied. Voldemort stayed silent for a couple of seconds, studying the being before him. It was humanoid but not human. It had a tanned skin which had a red tinge to it and was very well built. It eyes were yellow and reptilian which seemed to look like they holding back a lot of rage. Its armour looked very old and was made of brass, with demonic faces worked into it. It also contained a lot of scratches meaning that this being was a skilled combatant. It also had a lion cloth made out of the skulls of its enemies.

"I thought you said he could deal with him," Voldemort questioned, trying to hold back on unleashing his fury.

"He did deal with him," Uraka smiled, "But I never said he could kill Potter." There was a silence between the two of them that lasted a couple of minutes. "So, what do you propose Lord Voldemort?" Voldemorts wand hand twitched as he contained his anger.

"You are supposed to be the warriors of Khorne, yet the daemon you sent seemed to act more like a Tzeentchian sorcerer," He baited. Uraka let out a small bestial growl.

"Ekrak did not deserve Khornes blessings." He snarled as he stood up. "The job will be done and then I can get rid of these bonds that you have me leashed upon, and then, then your skull shall join the skull throne and your blood will be spilt in His name." And with that he stormed out the room, ripping the door off its hinges. It was then that the Death Eater from earlier came into the room.

"My Lord," He said waiting for his Lord to acknowledge him.

"Speak," Voldemort commanded.

"Mistress Black is ready to start the ritual." The Death Eater explained.

"Excellent," He said as he stood up and walked out the room. The Death Eater turned and left the room to follow his master. It wasn't long before they arrived at one the rooms in the manor and Voldemort stood at the door. Upon opening the door, the Death Eaters eyed widened. He could not believe what he was seeing. There were people who were gagged and bound to frames with others standing next to them holding different implements while others were lying casually on the floor with Bellatrix standing in the middle. However the thing that had made his eyes widen was the lack of clothing on all of them.

"Begin," Voldemort ordered.

It was a couple of days later since Harry had recovered from his possession and Harry was sitting in his Charms lesson while Professor Flitwick as he explained the methods of performing non-verbal charms. However thanks to his training from Rebecca, Harry already knew most of the basics of non-verbal spells which meant that his mind started to wonder. It was something that wouldn't leave him alone. It kept coming back to especially at when he slept. It was the fact that he knew that Pink Horrors were Tzeentchian warriors and yet it had been a Khornate Daemon that had infiltrated his mind. The two sects didn't exactly see eye to eye, with the Khornates feeling that the Tzeentchian where cowards seeing as the Tzeentchians used lies, deceit and magic to win what they want rather than use the brutal, pure rage that the Khornates used. So it made no sense to him as to why the two sects would've been working together…..

"Unless someone is controlling them," He muttered to himself and then wrote something down on the parchment before tearing it off. Ron looked confused at Harry as he heard him muttering but eventually went back to chewing the end of his quill while trying to pay attention to the small Professor.

At the end of the lesson Ron just opened his mouth to ask Harry if he could get Hermione to help him seeing as he wouldn't see her until the evening, but Harry moved to quickly and left his seat before he could utter a word. Quickly packing his things, he ran out of the class to chase after Harry. He called out a couple of times but Harry either somehow didn't hear or wasn't paying attention. He managed to follow Harry all the way to the Owlery. By the time he got to the Owlery he saw Harry talking to Hedwig and then watched the Snowy Owl fly off with a letter in its claw.

"Ron," Said a surprised Harry when he turned around and spotted Ron

"What are you doing here?" They both said at the same time. Harry took the initiative.

"Getting Hedwig to send a letter," He said in a tone that showed that Rons question wasn't the smartest. "You?"

"Well I saw you acting a bit…preoccupied in charms, and then you rush off and ignore me," Ron explained. Harry sighed slightly and then looked around, before looking at Ron.

"It's something I need to ask Rebecca ok?" He said. The two looked at each other for about a minute before Ron nodded.

"Fair enough," He said, "Let's go grab some lunch," He said with a smile, "Plus I need to ask a favour of you,"