Chapter Twenty-Six - Sil Varhiin

She sat there reading her latest book from the Library, next to Rebecca who was subconsciously playing with her lighter as she watched Harry practicing sparring against Remus. It turned out that while Remus looked slightly older than what he actually was, he was quite fast and strong. Though whether that was because of his condition as a Werewolf or not, neither Hermione nor Harry was sure. He knew however that he had the advantage of having the connection with his armour and weapon which imprinted memories of their previous owners into his mind which allowed him to learn moves quicker and understand the moves as well. Hermione would tense up whenever Remus would either land or almost land a hit on Harry even though she knew there were wards in the area to prevent any major damage to their bodies. She knew she would do it anyway because she hated seeing Harry in these situations. She had also noticed that Rebecca would do the same whenever Harry would do the same Remus and she got the feeling it was more than just because Rebecca knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of Harry. She was impressed with the way Harry had grown since she had first met him. And she also knew that the recent events of his possession were still on his mind and he hadn't forgiven himself but it gave him a resolve to become stronger and make amends to the wrongs he had done while possessed. She then looked up at the sky and laid back. Her thoughts drifting off to what it would be like if Voldemort really had perished that night, never to return. Would she still be with Harry? Would she even be friends with him? She then looked at Rebecca.

"Rebecca, do you think he would still be who he is if none of this happened?" She asked. Rebecca didn't answer straight away.

"Sorry, was caught up in a conversation with Maldarth and Salpherion." Rebecca said sheepishly. Hermione repeated her question to the slightly embarrassed Rebecca.

"Truth be told. Yes, maybe a bit more of a prankster seeing as he would've been raised by Sirius." Rebecca replied truthfully. "I would've made sure of that." She added a bit quieter. "What brought that question on?" She asked Hermione. Hermione didn't answer for a minute.

"I guess its sitting here watching him train as part of an Order where he's bonded..."

"Oh yeah," Rebecca interrupted as she remembered something, "Sorry, carry on" She added upon seeing the look on Hermiones face.

"Where he's bonded with a Dragon and has to fight Demons and Voldemort. It just makes me wonder how on earth he's turned out like he has. From what I know, if it was me in his place, I think I would've gone insane by now," She finished as she stared at her hands. Rebecca walked over to Hermione and placed a hand on her shoulder causing the young girl to look up at her.

"In my opinion, I still think that even without Voldemort, Dragons and Daemons, you'd still be with Harry." She said with a smile.

It was shortly after Harry and Remus had finished sparing and the four of them where sat in Rebeccas room as it wasn't time yet for Harry and Hermione to go back to Hogwarts and plus Rebecca had something to tell Harry.

"Harry, do you remember when you first came here you asked me a question that included these two?" She asked causing the other two to look at Harry confused while Harry just nodded.

"What question?" Hermione asked before Rebecca could continue.

"How you and Remus could hear the dragons when we first met them." Harry replied.

"Well for one I apologise for taking so long in finding out about it and two, Dramorzc was kinda annoyed that you hadn't thought of asking him." Harry looked down at the second bit Rebecca said.

"However he never brought it up as he's noticed at how well you're progressing with both your school work and your training with the Dragoon Order." She added with a smile "And that he's not really been able to do much talking to you due to helping out another Dragon,"

Harry nodded his understanding "So what's the reason?"

"You are Sil Varhiin," Rebecca answered with a smile.

"Meaning?" Hermione asked looking between the two.

"Sil Varhiin is Soul Sworn in the Dragon tongue." Harry replied as he looked Hermione in the eyes.

"Soul Sworn? I've heard of Soul Mates and Bonding but never Sworn." Hermione said. There was a slight pause as Rebecca thought of a way to explain what the Soul Sworn.

"Where it's believed that Soul Mates or Soul Bonding is to do with the actual soul, whether it be the perfect match for each other or merging two or more souls together to create a link. Soul Sworn is a link that can only be achieved with a Dragon Knight. It uses the magic from the Dragon Knight and the bond between them and their partner. It is then able to use emotions from the people around them as a conduit. Then depending on the level of trust between the Dragoon and the person or people in questions it can help the Dragoon detect things such as any deceptiveness or ill intent. For those that are willing to do anything to help a Dragoon it can enable them to do very low abilities such as talk to the Dragons and understand them. However the link created can also work the other way." Rebecca paused as she shifted into a more comfortable position in her seat. "For example, Hermione here can understand the Dragons due to the amount of trust with Harry," She then looked at Hermione, "And I'm guessing would be willing to do anything for Harry…" To which she received a nod. "If that wasn't the case it could also be due to the fact that Harry would do anything for Hermione," She said turning to look at Harry

"Without a thought," He said, a serious look in his eyes.

"The same being for me, for these two," Remus added making the couple look at him.

"That means a lot to me Remus," Harry said as he got up and hugged the old wolf.

Dumbledore sat at his desk observing the girl in front of him. He then looked down at parchment in front of him containing the girl's details and request of a transfer to Hogwarts. He had to admit it was not very often that students moved schools seeing as most of them were boarding schools.

"Please Miss Cathrel, could you explain to me why you personally requested this transfer?" Dumbledore asked. He had already had an interview with the girl's mother about the transfer and now he wanted to know if there was anything else behind the reasoning that the girl didn't feel comfortable saying around her mother. "And bear in mind anything you say to me now will be kept between us." The girl tilted her head as she seemed to contemplate on her answer before speaking.

"Well to be honest sir, it's because of a situation with my family you see." She started, slightly fidgeting with her fingers. She then launched into the story of why she wanted to change schools. By the end of the interview Miss Cathrel left with her mother with a soft smile on her face.