Author's Note – What happens when Rose Weasley, Albus Severus, and Scorpius Malfoy attend Hogwarts?

Disclaimer – Not your run-of-the-mill "future fic." Also, I do not own Harry Potter. Oh – and I know in the books that Rose and Albus (at least I think it was Rose and Albus) kiss but for the sake of having a normal cousin relationship, they are just that and nothing more.

Chapter One

"Mom, we really should be going," Rose said, her eyes darting towards the train whose whistle was screaming louder than anything she had ever heard. The sound was a bit intimidating but at least she could finally go off to Hogwarts like her parents and have her own stories to tell. And it wasn't as if she were going alone – Albus would be there.

"I know," Hermione Weasley fussed over her daughter, smoothing down her red hair and looking longingly into her eyes, "But it's just that you are so young to be setting out to Hogwarts…"

"Bloody hell," her father, Ron Weasley rolled his eyes, "Mione, she's the exact same age as we were when we went. Besides, she has Albus and she is a smart girl. Remember, you are her mother."

"And you are her father. I just don't want her to get into any trouble while she is there like you two did," Hermione shot a look between Harry and Ron.

"Oh really?" Harry asked, "I remember you were always so glad to join in whatever trouble we were getting into."

Hermione blushed a shade of crimson, "Just be careful, alright Rose?"

Rose nodded and glanced towards Albus who was waiting with the same look of boredom upon his face. Harry was fussing with him about secret passages and which professors to avoid while she was stuck hearing lectures about behaving and studying hard.

"They are going to be late," Ginny glanced at the clock, "Albus, you be good, do you hear me? I don't want any OWLS from the school letting me know that you were up to no good. And watch out for Rose, alright? Be good to her."

Albus rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed over the task of having to watch his cousin, "Fine," he reluctantly agreed, "So are we going to head off or not?"

"Bye," Hermione hugged Rose tightly, "Be good."

"Of course," Rose rolled her eyes at her father who gave her a secret wink.

"If you need anything, go to McGonagall, she's good," Ron told her, "But favors detentions."

"Which you got plenty of," Hermione shot him a look, "Take care, darling."

Rose waved to her family before following Albus up the stairs. She handed the conductor her ticket and together they chose an empty box to wait out the rest of the trip. Albus helped Rose stow her bags and sat down with the paper.

"I wish you wouldn't read that," Rose plucked the parchment from his hands, "That reporter is nothing but trouble. Mom told me all about her and I know that the only journalism that thing prints is nothing but gossip, rumors, and lies."

"Hey!" Albus grabbed it back from her, "There's some good stuff in here you know. Like this – Slimehorn released from Azkaban. It says here that he was released because the charges brought against him were false. It also says that he will be one of the professors at Hogwarts this year."

"Slimehorn, huh?" Rose glanced at the picture, "Remember the stories of that Slughorn character."

"There's no relation," Albus scoffed, "Just look at the picture – they are completely different people."

"Of course," Rose sighed and opened up one of her novels, "I hope this year goes well, don't you? I mean, first year was no picnic for our parents but with Voldemort gone, I don't see why we should have any run-ins with Dark Wizards. But it would be so wonderful to have stories like our parents do, wouldn't it?"

"What are you blabbering about?"

Rose rolled her eyes impatiently, "I just think that it would be nice to have a spot of adventure this year. Our parents got to defeat the darkest wizard of our time while at Hogwarts and I just wish we could do something like that."

"You want Voldemort to come back so that you can have your turn at him?" Albus asked.

"Don't be an idiot, of course not. I just want some of that same adventure. Who knows, maybe we will."

"Don't look now," Albus grinned, "But there's Scorpius."

Rose tilted her head to get a better look. Scorpius Malfoy was heading towards one of the compartments. He was heaving a black chest and a house elf was carrying the other bags. Rose couldn't help but stare – the blonde hair fell into his eyes which were a cold silver, like ice.

"Don't stare, moron," Albus hissed, "That's Draco's kid. Dad told me to stay far away from him."

"Yeah so did mine," Rose said, continuing to stare, "But why do you suppose they hate the Malfoy family so much?"

"Because they are evil," Albus explained as if he were speaking to a three year old, "Draco Malfoy made our parents' lives miserable at school – he almost killed my mother once and he was a Death Eater."

"But that doesn't mean his son is like that," Rose thoughtfully turned back to the book in her lap, "Maybe he is different. I don't think we should judge before getting to know him."

"You want to get to know him?" Ablus asked, "Then you march over there and introduce yourself to him – see what he says."

"Fine. I will."

Rose slammed her book shut and walked over to the compartment where Scorpius was ordering the house elf.

"You'd better hurry him along," Rose said, "Or else the train will leave with him still aboard."

Scorpius turned his attention away from the poor little elf who was struggling with a huge suitcase to the red headed girl who had just approached him. Her eyes were of the greenest green – Slytherin green. Scorpius couldn't help but stare at her hair though.

"My father pointed you guys out to me while I was boarding. You're a Weasley aren't you?"

"Weasley mixed with a Granger – in other words, your worst nightmare."

"Oh I am so scared," he rolled his eyes.

"Scorpius – where did you get a stupid name like that?" Rose challenged.

"My parents. It means strength and courage and fierceness."

"Yeah," Rose nodded thoughtfully, "That or it could mean a slimy little bug that crawls around on the floor stinging its prey until it finally gets stepped upon."

"Father told me to stay away from you and Potter. He said you two would be nothing but trouble."

"Dad told me to score higher marks than you, prove myself as a Granger against your Malfoy."

"Father was second best in his class."

"And guess who was first."

"You know what, Weasley, we'll just see about that."

"Fine," Rose smirked, "I suggest you get busy on your summer reading that I take it you haven't bothered to do yet if you plan to rank a score anywhere remotely close to mine."

"I already have – or at least Bogie did it for me."

"Bogie? Imaginary friend, Scorpius?"

"The house elf – you're such a Wesley."

Rose rolled her eyes, "And you are such a Malfoy."

"Thank you, that's quite a compliment."

"Wasn't meant to be," Rose scoffed, "Enjoy the train ride, Malfoy."

"Same to you, Weasley."

Rose couldn't help but smirk as she scurried back over to her compartment. Albus was waiting for her when she entered.


"He's just a Malfoy."

"And exactly why you should stay away from him."

Rose rolled her eyes defiantly as the train began to pull away from the station. Maybe Scorpius was a Malfoy but she was a Weasley and a Granger. Whatever he was going to throw at her, she could throw right back.