So this is my first fanfic and its probably going to be the most sappy OOC fanfic you will read XD I'm really terrible at writing stories but I had this idea and decided to give it a shot.

I do not own Naruto!!!! That would be cool if I did but I don't!

~Forever and Ever~

"Why exactly did you come with us?" Sasuke had asked Karin during a training session.

That question hit Karin hard. She had never really thought about why she even came along in the first place.

"I had no place to go" Karin had replied and that was true but it wasn't really the reason she followed them.

She was hurt and upset at the time Orochimaru and Sasuke had found her. She had no place to go and yet when asked if she wanted to come along with them she refused. How could she leave her home… but the dark haired boy with Orochimaru had somehow convinced her to come along. She was curious as to how this boy could understand how she felt.

Karin and Sasuke had trained together several times since they first met. She had learned about his past and when she was around him she felt at ease but could never figure out why she felt that way.

And suddenly the thought came into her mind: "What if I'm in love with him? No! That can't be it!"

But when she thought about it made sense, he understood her pain, he had heeled her mental wounds from that day.

She looked up and stared at the moon in the starry sky and smiled.

"I want to be by his side forever and ever"

I don't even know why Sasuke is asking that question XD... Sorry if Karin was to OOC right there. I have no idea what IC Karin would have sounded like in this scenario. And there might be bad grammar because I really suck at that also :D