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It was deep into the night. The little house near the church was all dark. The two young girls who lived there, both in deep slumber until the first rays of the sun in the horizon... or that's what they thought. The two girls were both nuns and were responsible for the church lying right next to the house. They were quite young, one twelve and one sixteen, but even then able to take good care of everything.

The house was quiet, but far above in the air; a fight was at its fullest. Five dark winged creatures were fighting like giant birds. Four of them kept attacking one and that one seemed to be loosing. The creature let out a piercing shriek as a spear made of blue fire pierced through his shoulder. Another scream escaped his lips as his black dragon-like wing was shredded by sharp claws.

He wasn't able to stay in the air for much longer and started falling. He caught another blow as he fell, increasing his speed further. His pursuers followed him and watched him crash through the roof of the church. They smirked and landed next to his weakened body.

"That should teach you." one of them growled and lift him from the ground. A weak groan escaped his lips at that, but he wasn't able to struggle.

"What do we do with him?" another asked, glaring at the fallen one. The third's smirk widened "I have an idea." He grabbed the fallen one and lift him higher. He floated in the air just in front of the big cross over the altar. With one swift move his shoulders were pierced by two daggers, pinning him to the cross. He screamed, but was too weak to free himself. In less than three minutes he lost consciousness.

"He won't survive anyway; let the humans deal with the dead body." The first said and two minutes later, they were all gone.

Azmaria, the younger one of the two girls in the house had heard the loud crash and had woken very abruptly. She was panting slightly and clutched the fabric above her beating heart. Her eyes were wide as she moved slowly towards her window.

A thick cloud of dust hung lazily over the roof of the church. She saw four shadows fly through the cloud and then disappearing into the air. She pulled on her dressing gown and made her way out into the hallway. Opposite her room lay the room of the other girl.

Azmaria knocked softly against the wooden surface with her fist and called "Rosette? I heard something outside, please wake up!"

A low mumbling was heard from behind the door, then it quieted again. Azmaria tried to call once more, this time a little louder. The mumbling was heard again and a little time after a very tired looking blonde girl peeked out through the door. The girl named Rosette yawned widely and rubbed the sand from her lidded eyes "What's wrong Azzy?"

"I heard a loud crash coming from the church, and when I looked out my window I saw a thick cloud of dust... something must have happened."

Rosette nodded "Wait, I'll just get my coat, then we can go look." She disappeared back into her room and came back a couple of minutes later with a lantern, her coat and shoes. She walked down the stairs towards the front door. Azmaria was right at her heels.

As they exited the building, they were met by the dust Azmaria had been talking about. It wasn't so bad anymore though; most of it had been blown away by the cool night wind.

The girls stopped in front of the big church doors. Rosette rest her ear against the surface, but couldn't make out any sounds. She told Azmaria to take the lamp while she opened the door. Azmaria flipped some of her long silvery hair over her shoulder before doing what she was told.

Rosette breathed in and pushed the heavy doors open. With a loud creak she managed and peeked through it into the darkness. She took the lamp from Azmaria and started her walk inside. As far as she could see, there was no one there.

"Do you see anything?" Azmaria asked.

Rosette shook her head "Nothing, it's too dark."

They moved along the aisle and towards the altar. Suddenly they froze as they heard a soft dripping noise.




It continued like this until they in the end stood right in front of the altar. Rosette lift the lamp and froze. Her eyes widened and she could hear Azmaria gasp. On the cross hung a young man, he was pinned to the cross. He was covered in blood and his shoulders were pierced by two daggers, which too were stuck in the big cross. Blood was dripping from the cross and onto the white, blood covered floor.

Azmaria covered her mouth with her hands and took a few steps back. When she found her voice again, it was almost not audible "I-Is he... d-dead?"

Rosette was shivering slightly. She swallowed harshly and stepped closer. She poked the young man's leg swiftly and yelped when he let out a deep groan.

"Oh my God, he's alive!" Azmaria squeaked terrified.

Rosette nodded and tried to think "Uhm... w-w-we have to get him d-down from there." She almost yelled and stepped onto the altar, apologizing sincerely to the Lord. She pulled out the daggers and let the man lean heavily on her while she undid the other dagger as well.

He didn't wake up and she told Azmaria to find the first aid-kit and a lot of other things to tend his wounds with.

(Many hours later)

He was sure he had died. He was sore all over it and his body ached by the smallest movement. He almost didn't dare to open his eyes, fearing to see the burning fires of Hell if he did. He heard a sharp intake of breath not far away from him, then fast footsteps running away and fading.

"Is this really my end?" he thought and groaned.

Soon two pairs of feet were heard. They were slightly echoing on the walls. They stopped and a female voice whispered "Get a piece of cloth and cold water."

"Okay." Then one pair of footsteps faded again.

The other pair was coming towards him though, making him open his eyes slightly. A bright whiteness was the only thing he could see at first, but then something golden blonde came into his view. He closed his eyes again and smiled "How in the whole wide world did I end here?" he asked himself, believing that this was actually Heaven.

Rosette tilted her head "We found you..." she replied.

He peeked an eye open and let his gaze land on a young blonde girl. He smirked "My what a beautiful sight to wake up to." He mumbled, wincing as he tried to move his arm.

The blonde blushed a little "W-Who are you? How were you able to survive these bad injuries?" she asked.

"You could call me a God." He said and with much effort moved his arm behind his head, so he could lie a little more comfortable.

The girl's eyes widened "A-A God?"

He smirked "What else would you call me?" he asked and beckoned her closer with his other hand. She only took a few steps closer though. The other girl soon entered with water and a cloth.

"No need for that, my injuries are all gone." He said.

The girls watched him with disbelieving looks "It can't be," The small one said "Your wounds were very deep."

His smirk widened even further "Come take a look for yourselves."

Rosette swallowed and moved forwards to lift his shirt. She gasped. Not a single injury was left, not even a scar could be found. She looked at him bewildered "H-How is that possible?"

He grabbed her hand "Like I said... a God."

She didn't want to believe it, but what else could she call a man who could simply make his bad injuries disappear without a trace. She didn't notice that she was gaping at him, mouth and eyes wide open.

"No need to worry my child, it's quite true." He smiled and rubbed her hand with his thumb.

"W-What are you doing on Earth My Lord?" the little silver haired girl asked. He looked at her, making her sink her gaze immediately. He smirked "This is going better than I thought." He thought victoriously and told the girls "I am just checking out my Master piece. Can't have it fall into chaos."

He looked back at the blonde "Still not convinced my Dear?" he got out of bed and stood before her "Let me prove it to you then." He closed his eyes; a golden glow started surrounding him, soon engulfing him. When it vanished, a young boy stood in the man's place.

The girls gasped. The boy chuckled "You saw me as a man in the first twenties, now you see before you a mere child in the age of twelve," he looked at the blonde "If this isn't evidence enough, I don't know what is."

She let her gaze fall to the ground "I'm sorry for doubting you My Lord. I just didn't expect the Lord to look like this..." She whispered "Please forgive me..."

He smiled and lift her chin with a slightly clawed hand. He was again a man and whispered "I forgive you... I always forgive."

She nodded and stepped back. He sat down on the bed, wincing a little in pain "Now tell me, what are your names?"

The silver haired girl bowed her head saying "I am Azmaria My Lord."

"My name is Rosette My Lord." The blonde replied.

"Beautiful names," He commented "For two beautiful girls."

Both girls blushed "How can we serve you My Lord?" Azmaria asked shyly.

"Oh I think you could do a couple of things." A smirk played its way across his face once more "But first of all, I need my presence to be a secret... don't want the entire world to find out that I wander the world's surface once again. Besides I need to rest a bit."

Both girls nodded and were ready to do everything the man told them to.

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