Chapter 17.

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In the next moment, the dog leaped off towards them. Chrno acted quickly and grabbed the blonde around her waist, to drag her out of the way. The dog spun around and repeated the attack, tearing through Chrno's back with its claws.

It bit down in his shoulder, but Chrno was able to shake the animal off.

Gulio smirked "Not fast enough Sinner." He gave the dog the sign for another attack. This time it went for Rosette and Adam.

The blonde covered the boy with her body, but before the dog could bite down, it was slung away after a hit with a heavy branch. Chrno threw the broken piece of wood away and started another attack with the help of his demonic powers.

All he tried though went right through the dog's smoky body. Chrno narrowed his eyes. This creature was definitely not acting like a normal Hell hound. He glared at Gulio "What have you done with it?" he asked "First I wasn't able to sense it, and now my attacks don't work on it."

Gulio smirked "I infused it with demon blood and astral. The blood and astral of a high ranked." He explained "With help of that demons have no chance against it. Nothing demonic works against it."

"So my attacks are useless..." he growled, staring at the dog that was once again on its feet. It growled and bared its fangs at him, then prepared a new attack.

Rosette was pushed behind a tree "Stay there." Chrno ordered, his eyes fixated at the hell hound. The blonde narrowed her eyes at him "And what then? I don't think that will protect us." She snapped "Why don't we just run?"

Chrno turned to give her a quick glare "Because they would just follow and find us." He shot back "Now stay where you are."

Adam let out a whimper. Rosette held the boy closer to her, not wanting him to see the fight.

Gulio let the dog attack once more, and then took the opportunity of Chrno's lack of attention, to throw a fire ball at him of his own.

Chrno hadn't seen the fire ball and was hit in the back. He was caught off guard and was forced to his knees. The dog was over him immediately and bit down in his shoulder.

Rosette was staring wide eyed, not knowing what to do should he lose the fight. She was so absorbed by the fight that she hadn't noticed Adam breaking slightly out of her grasp and turning to look at the fighting monsters.

The little boy was scared "Birdie?" he whispered fearfully, clutching the little wooden horse.

Chrno's eyes began to glow faintly. This was annoying.

In one swift move, he grabbed the dog's throat and flung it away. It hit a tree with a sickening crack, but it wasn't the end yet. It whimpered, then bared its fangs at him once again.

Rosette pulled Adam closer. She decided to run as long as the monsters were fighting.

She took advantage of the darkness and ran in between the many trees and bushes. Unfortunately it was hard for her to see where she was going. She nearly fell over trunks and branches lying on the dark, leaf covered ground.

Gulio didn't let her escape go unseen though and followed her. He appeared out of nowhere, so she had no chance to stop in time, before she collided with him and fell backwards onto the ground.

She winced and stared at the dark Demon.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked with a smirk "You should know that no one can escape me."

Rosette narrowed her eyes at the demon and held Adam closer. He had luckily not been hurt "Leave us alone!" she snarled.

Gulio smirked "Aww~ why should I? I'm having so much fun right now." he purred and let his arm transform into a lance. His smirk widened "Even more fun will it be, to tear you apart. You and the Sinner spawn~"

Rosette tried to crawl backwards, but she knew that no matter how hard she tried to escape, nothing would work. She gritted her teeth and saw how Gulio's smirk grew sadistic as he saw the defeat in her eyes.

She unconsciously tightened her grip around Adam and heard a little whimper coming from him.

Gulio felt no mercy for the woman and the child. He wanted to see the blood of Chrno and those two. That had been his task after all. He had been told to kill them.

He readied his arm and let his other hand stroke along it. He purred "Well then. Shall we?" he asked and pulled his arm back, just to launch it back towards her.

Rosette shut her eyes closed and waited for the inevitable. Everything went in slow-motion as she was sure that this was her end. That she would now meet death.

Though the meeting never came.

Instead a loud "HIIII YAAAAAAAA!" was heard and a painful roar, followed by a rather sickening crack. She felt splinters from a tree rain over her and a loud crash, and then everything went still.

The blonde didn't dare open her eyes. What would she see if she did?

She froze when silent steps moved closer to her and a soft panting became more and more audible. Adam whimpered and started struggling in her almost too tight grip "Mama..."

The steps came to a halt and the panting was now very clear. After what Rosette could hear, the person was female.

She nearly died of a heart attack, when the first word the person spoke was a rather deafening "Oooooi! You okay?"

Rosette shrieked and clutched Adam even closer, which made the little boy squeak when he was squished.

The female obviously got scared too by that reaction and jumped away from the two "Hey! I didn't do anything!"

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Rosette screamed "DON'T COME NEAR ME!"

The female's eyes widened and she covered her ears "Ack! Not so loud! My poor ears!" she wailed pathetically "Besides, I'm not here to do anything to you, or that kid you're about to squeeze all air out of."

Rosette loosened her grip around Adam and opened her eyes to glare daggers at the woman "Then why are you here?" she growled, narrowing her eyes even further, when she saw the female was not human "You're a damn devil! LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE!"

The female, which was a demoness squeaked and covered her ears again "I SAID STOP YELLING!"


An arm snaked around Rosette's waist and a rather annoyed voice spoke "Will you two please stop the screaming! We're not out of the danger zone yet!" he looked towards the unconscious Gulio.

Rosette turned her glare at Chrno and was about to tell him to let her go, but the way he looked made her stop. His right arm was missing. He had giant scratch marks across his face, which were still bleeding and his clothes were torn.

"That was better." He turned his eyes to the demoness "Now to you," he grumbled, narrowing his eyes "What do you want? Have you been sent here to see if Gulio did his job well? Shader?"

The demoness, whose name was obviously Shader squeaked "No! No I swear! I am here out of free will." She told him and covered her ears, which were actually cat ears. A long, dark, fuzzy tail was swaying back and forth behind her.

Chrno didn't believe a word she said "Don't try to fool me. I know you're one of his minions." He growled "I know he has awakened. I sense it. What does he want? My head?"

Shader shook her head "Nonononononono! I am telling the truth! Please, you have to believe me!"

A howling interrupted their conversation.

Rosette glared at Chrno "I thought you had killed the Hell Hound!" she hissed.

Chrno gave her a dry look and dragged her off "It's on my to-do-list. Let's just get out of here." He scooped her further up, bridal style and started running.

Shader stared a bit after them, then decided to follow. The cat was a fast runner, so it didn't take long, before she managed to catch up on them.

Rosette grumbled to Chrno that he should let go of her, but when she saw Shader, her eyes narrowed "She's following us..."

The purple haired demon turned his head slightly to look back at the cat and let out a snort "Let her. She's rather weak, so if she tries anything, she will get taught a lesson."

The howls faded in the distance as they got further and further away from the enemies. Chrno hadn't been able to kill the dog, so he was sure they would find them again at some point. He had though speared it with a branch, so it would give them some time to get a good distance between them.

Rosette had a feeling they would see Gulio and the dog again and also knew that even if she separated from Chrno and went her own way, the dog and black demon would find them. She looked at Adam, who looked up at her with big eyes. The little boy could obviously feel his mother's insecurity and fear.

"Don't give me that look." The blonde told him "We'll soon be safe."

Adam hid his face in the crook of her neck. His little hands still clutched the broken toy. He gave a little nod in reply, but didn't sense his mama calm down.

Chrno watched the two silently, before he spoke "He will soon start to use his powers Rosette. Either I teach him how to use them, or he will be a danger, not only for himself but for his surroundings too." He told her.

Rosette narrowed her eyes at him, but said nothing. She hated the fact that the father of her child was a demon and that her child would probably have inherited some of his powers. She also didn't know what would happen once those powers started appearing.
She let out a sound of annoyance. She hated more than nothing to be dependant of a monster she hated like nothing else.

Shader was still keeping up. It was still unknown what task she had gotten from 'Him'. She knew though that Chrno was wary of her and that nothing she did would go unseen by him. The future would tell more, but for now, they had to flee since Chrno was still injured and Rosette and Adam were still a bit shaken.

None of them knew though, that an eagle far up in the sky had been keeping an eye on them the whole time.

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