Hanschen had always been the type of boy who no one could get along with simply because he was too complex. No one knew what he did from day to day once he had left the halls of the schoolhouse. Not even Ernst, who seemed to be the closest thing Hanschen had to a real friend, could get through to see another side of Hanschen.

It was all 'Cream' this and 'Cream' that with Hanschen. Even when he and Ernst had kissed that night in the vineyard. That peaceful night in the vineyard, before Hanschen so complexly seduced the poor young boy.

But something seemed to change after that. Hanschen and Ernst, they got closer, and Hanschen began letting the others in. He was really very simple once you got to know him. Life became 'Ernst' this and 'Ernst' that, and Hanschen got softer, smiling simply instead of like he had a million other things he could have been smiling about. Now everyone knew what he was smiling about. Now, everything was simple.