In the midst of writing my other drabble fic "Bye Baby Bunting," this idea came to mind. Now, I know it's been done several times, but I just couldn't resist doing one of my own. ;)

Set Season 1.

Disclaimer: I own some DVDs, but the actual characters? Sadly, no.



Pawprints in the Sand

Dean couldn't believe it. He'd been shot, stabbed, half-drowned, bashed over the head, and thrown around like a rag doll. He'd even come close to being dinner for several monsters. But this? This was beyond him.

Leave it to the infamous Winchester luck, he thought sourly, scratching at an ear. Man, I hate witches…

Looking down into the pool of water at his feet, Dean studied his reflection with interest. Heeeeey… You know, I actually don't look half bad...- He flashed a toothy grin at his brother. Can't say the same about you though. –

"Grrr… Ruff ruff," muttered Sam.


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