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Andie Walsh has a boyfriend.

He had heard the words, plain as day, come out of some preppy, khaki skirted Richie girl's mouth as he was taking a drink from the water fountain. Duckie spat water back into the fountain bowl with surprise and the Richie girl grimaced before herding her friends away. Duckie watched them go, mouth gaping, spit and water trickling down his chin. It wasn't possible. Andie couldn't be dating someone, she'd have told him, she told him everything!

In all honesty, however, Andie hadn't really been telling Duckie much of anything lately. Ever since she had kissed and rejected him, Duckie had been doing his best to avoid contact with Andie, even going as far as suggesting he had homework that needed doing. It wasn't because he hated her, or was even still all that upset over what she did; he had forgiven her ages ago. No, he was mainly avoiding her because if he stood by her or spoke to her for longer than five minutes his heart started to feel like someone was trying to drive a tractor through it. For the past month his conversations with Andie had been limited to "Hi", "Bye", or "Maybe tomorrow". Nothing very deep, it's true, but Duckie was sure Andie would have mentioned something as monumental as a boyfriend!

Wiping the spit from his bottom lip, Duckie shook the idea from his head. It was crazy, Andie having a boyfriend that he didn't know about. Those girls must have been talking about somebody else, or they got their information from a bad source. Either way, it couldn't be true. Andie would have told him, he was positive of that.

Duckie left the fountain and headed off down the hallway towards Andie's locker. If there was ever a time to try talking to her again, now was definitely it. She was there, fiddling with the combination. He paused and watched her, a smile tugging at his lips and his heart fluttering a little in his chest. She was too beautiful. Taking a deep breath, Duckie started forward again.

Before he reached her, however, a boy appeared out of nowhere. Duckie stopped, watching, his heart skipping about ten beats. The boy leaned against the lockers and pushed a few stray hairs out of Andie's face. She smiled up at him, her whole face lighting up. Duckie looked away, the familiar pain stabbing at his chest. When he looked back the boy was gone, but Andie remained. Summoning courage from somewhere deep inside of him, Duckie sauntered up to her locker.

"Long time no talk," Duckie said. Andie, who hadn't noticed him, jumped a little.

"God, Duckie," she said, clutching her chest, "you scared me."

"Sorry," He apologized. Then, in a would be casual voice, he asked, "Who's the guy?"

"What guy?" Andie asked, her cheeks going pink.

Anger flashed through Duckie so quickly he almost didn't know what to do with it. Ok, so there was a guy. Ok, so she hadn't mentioned him. Ok, so he had found out through a third party. Whatever, he didn't care about that, he could take that. What he couldn't take was being lied to face to face. Did she think he was that stupid he couldn't put it together? Or, maybe, she thought he was too fragile to handle the truth. Well he wasn't a piece of china, he was a person, a person who deserved the know what the hell was going on!

"Andie, I'm not blind, ok…I saw him. Who is he?"

"A friend," Andie murmured, closing her locker and starting down the hallway.

Duckie followed her. All right, she wanted to play games. He'd play along.

"A boyfriend, maybe?" he pressed.

"No," Andie said a little too quickly, "why would you say that?"

"Sure looked like a boyfriend to me," Duckie said, falling into step next to her. "Funny, I was under the impression we were friends. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it a general rule that friends tell each other about changes in their relationship status? I could be completely off base; I did leave my best friend handbook in my other pants this morning."

"And correct me if I'm wrong," Andie threw back, stopping suddenly and rounding on him, "but I thought best friends don't just stop talking to each other for months on end. Maybe if you had tried speaking to me I would have told you about him!"

"Oh yeah, Andie," Duckie sneered, "I really wanted to talk to you after being tossed in the reject pile. Sorry, I forgot the only one who's feelings matter is you!"

"What are you talking about?" Andie snapped.

"Who is this guy, anyway? Some Richie?" Duckie laughed humorlessly. "Does he have a big car, Andie? How about his house? I bet that's huge too. And, you know, I guess that's all that matters, isn't it? Things, stuff, lots of stuff, because how on earth can anyone be happy without all that shit filling up their life, right?"

"What are you talking about?" Andie repeated, her voice going shrill.

"I'm talking about us, Andie!" Duckie yelled. "You and me!"

"There is no you and me, Duckie," Andie said through her teeth, her voice shaking.

"WHY NOT?" Duckie bellowed, his uncharacteristic outburst empowering him to go further. Andie started to speak but he cut her off. "I'll tell you why, Andie, because you're scared. You're scared of me, you're scared of actually falling in love, but most of all I think you're scared of being your mother!"

Andie gaped at him.

"That's not true," she said quietly. "It was a mistake; I told you it was mistake."

"Bullshit," Duckie spat, crossing his arms. "It wasn't a mistake; you know it wasn't a mistake! You saw me that night, really saw me for the first time, I watched it happen. You wanted to kiss me, Andie, why can't you just admit it?" Duckie paused and took several deep breaths. The next time he spoke, it was gentler. "It wouldn't be that horrible, you know...being with me. Hell, I might even make you happy. More than what's-his-name, probably."

"His name's Blane," Andie said.

"Charming," Duckie muttered.

There was an awkward silence. Duckie coughed.

"What do you say, Andie?" he asked quietly.

Andie looked at him and then away. He was right, he was absolutely right about everything, but Andie still couldn't face it. She wanted to be with Duckie, she just didn't know how to be with him. Andie felt like she was trapped in some kind of limbo. She couldn't go back to the way things were before and she was scared shitless to move forward. That's why she was with Blane. Blane was safe, and boring, and totally predictable, and he never pushed her in a direction she didn't want to go. Duckie was just too frightening. He made her feel vulnerable, and vulnerability was weakness. So, taking a deep breath she looked up and said:

"Blane's waiting for me."

And she walked off towards the stairs.

Duckie watched her go with an odd feeling of emptiness. She was actually going, actually walking away from him. He hesitated for half a second and then ran after her, determined to have the last word.

"Andie!" he called. She turned halfway down the stairs and looked up at him. "I'm not going to be around forever, Andie. I've let you kick my heart all to hell for eight years and I still come crawling back. Well, not any more. You've got to pick, Andie. Either you want this Blane guy or me. But if you pick him…well…I'm not gonna stick around much longer." Andie's eyes went wide. Duckie shrugged and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna waste any more time on somebody who doesn't give a shit."

Andie made to open her mouth but Duckie was already striding away. She lingered on the stairs, torn between running after him and breaking down in helpless tears. Then she remembered Blane and the ride to the mall he promised her and ran off to meet him.

It was all over, Duckie could just feel it; he didn't have a chance in hell of winning Andie. How could he compete with Blane? Duckie thought bitterly how wonderful it must be to have money. All his childhood, people had told him he could do anything he wanted to when he got older. What a slap in the face it was to wake up and realize what they really meant was "anything you wanted long as you have a way to pay for it". Apparently, those terms also applied to who you got to be with.

Duckie leaned against a locker and knocked his head back against the wall. If it really turned out he had to give Andie up he wasn't sure he would be able to go on. Living without her would be like living without oxygen. He only hoped he'd be able to make it with a few shreds of dignity still intact.

Pulling his head away from the wall, Duckie caught sight of a poster hanging directly across from him. Vote Now For Prom King and Queen! Prom…that was coming up soon, wasn't it. It was like adding salt to an already festering wound. Maybe he wouldn't go.

No, he'd go. What if, by some miracle, some freak of nature, Andie actually picked him? He had to go for that very reason, and if he got dirt kicked in his eye again (like he undoubtedly thought he would), he'd just take it like a man. It was about time he started standing up for himself, anyway. Today had been a good start.

Andie leaned her forehead against the window of Blane's car. He was driving her to work at the mall and going on about some party one of his friends was having that weekend. Andie wasn't paying any attention; she was too busy thinking about what Duckie had said to her. Would he really leave her forever if she chose to stay with Blane? That hardly seemed fair. They had been friends forever, how could he just stop that easily?

Andie heaved a sigh and Blane looked over at her.

"You haven't heard a word I've said, have you?" he asked, laughing a little.

"What?" Andie's head snapped up and she looked at him. "Oh, no…sorry."

"What's the matter?" Blane asked.

"Nothing," Andie said. Blane gave her a look, Andie rolled her eyes. "I had a fight with my best friend."

"What's her problem?"

"Well, actually—" Andie started, then stopped. She had been about to say "she's a he", but decided against it. She really didn't want to have another fight at the moment. Coughing, Andie continued, "She's a little upset I'm dating you."

"What?" Blane exclaimed, laughing again. "How come?"

"She…she doesn't think you're good enough for me," Andie said.

"Well, what do you think?" Blane asked, taking her hand and kissing it.

Andie smiled a little.

"I think you're just fine."

Blane grinned at her and then turned back to the road. Andie slumped against her seat. Somehow she felt even worse than before. Blane was fine, he was a sweet guy, she had said so herself. So why couldn't she just get Duckie out of her mind and focus on him instead. It should have been relatively easy.

It wasn't.

Prom Night

Duckie stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom and made a face at his appearance. The suite the lady at the thrift store had found for him was a little too mainstream for his tastes, but the price had been right so he had bought it. He had done his best to make it his own, adding a bolo tie and slipping on his usual pair of shoes, but he still thought he looked like something out of a J.C. Penny's catalog.

"Well, Duckman, you've sunk to a new low," he muttered to his reflection, adding a last dollop of grease to his hair. Duckie gave himself a final once over. He smirked. "I gotta say, for a guy who's about to go down in flames, you look pretty damn good."

Turning from the mirror, Duckie fished his sunglasses out of a discarded blazer. Then, slipping them on his face, he flicked off the light and closed the door behind him.

Thirty minutes later, Duckie was lounging at a deserted table in the middle of the Crystal Hotel's ballroom. A hundred or so of his classmates were dancing around him, having the time of their lives. Duckie, on the other hand, was busy trying to flick playing cards into an ashtray. It wasn't particularly the way he had envisioned his senior prom going, but it killed time. What he was really waiting for was Andie, but so far she hadn't showed up.

He was just beginning to doubt that she was ever going to show when he looked up and saw her come through the double doors, looking more beautiful than he had ever seen her.

Andie had spent all day fighting with herself. One the on hand, she had Blane. He was reliable, he was handsome, and he was boring her to death. On the other hand, she had Duckie. He was sweet, he was loyal, and he was the only person in the entire world who made her feel like her feet weren't firmly planted on the ground. Andie still couldn't shake how nervous that made her feel. And she still wasn't quite sure she trusted herself to not turn into her mother, that was a ghost Andie knew would haunt her for a long time.

There was a knock on her bedroom door and her father, Jack, came inside. When he saw her sitting in front of her vanity, all decked out in her prom attire, his face broke into a brilliant grin. Jack crossed the room and planted a kiss on the top of her head.

"You're so grown up," he said, sitting on the edge of her bed. "Just beautiful."

Andie turned around in her seat to look at him.

"Thanks, Daddy," she said, smiling.

Jack's grin faltered a little and then turned into a frown altogether.

"What's the matter?" He asked seriously.

Andie blinked at him and then snorted, "You always know, don't you?" Jack stared at her. Andie sighed. "I don't know if I want to go to the prom."

"Why not?" Jack asked, moving closer.

"It's…a lot of things," she muttered.

Jack was quiet a minute.

"You know, Phil hasn't been by lately," he said carefully.

"Yeah, he's part of the problem," Andie sighed.

Jack grinned a little.

"Not a fan of Blane, is he?"

"You could say that," Andie smirked. "He also…well, he thinks that we…He pretty much told me…"

"He loves you," Jack finished for her.

"Yeah," Andie said, wilting.

"And you love Blane?" he asked. Andie bit her lip and looked at her hands. Jacked tilted her head up, "You don't love Blane, do you?"

"It's not that easy, Daddy," Andie said, getting up and crossing to the window. "I should love Blane; he's good for me, for us. He's got money and he's smart, and he'd never make me do anything I didn't want to. He never pushes my buttons, and he's crazy about me, and I'm bored out of my mind!"

"So, don't date Blane," Jack advised, as though he was telling her to go out and pick up a loaf of bread.

"Oh, Daddy," Andie moaned, wiping her eyes, which had suddenly gone moist.

"What? Don't date him! He bores you, so get rid of him. Who doesn't bore you?" Andie was quiet. "It's Phil, right?" Andie nodded. "So, date Phil!"

"I can't!" She cried, spinning around.

"Why not?" Jack asked, now totally confused.

"Because he reminds me of you and I don't want to be my mother!" Andie wailed, tears now spilling down her cheeks.

"Hey, come on now," Jack cooed, jumping up and enveloping her in his arms. Andie buried her head against his chest. "No more of that, you'll ruin your makeup. And what do you mean you're afraid of being your mother? Sweetie, you couldn't be your mother in a million years."

"He scares me," Andie mumbled against his chest, wiping her eyes. "He scares me and I feel so out of control around him. Why?"

Jack laughed a little.

"Well," he said slowly, "I can't say for sure…but maybe, maybe it's because you love him too?"

Andie looked up at her father and he smiled down at her, and for the first time she just allowed herself to feel what she had been blocking up for the past month and a half. He was right, she did love him, and if she didn't do something fast she might just lose him forever.

"Daddy, I need to get to the dance," Andie said, breaking out of the hug and looking around for her shoes. "Can you drive me?"

"What about Blane?" Jack asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'll call him later, he'll understand."

Jack nodded and left the bedroom to go start the car. Andie slipped on her shoes and checked her face in the mirror. The damage wasn't too bad; actually, it wasn't bad at all. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes were sparkling like she'd never seen them do before. She was glowing. Chuckling at herself, Andie ran out of the room, not bothering to turn out the light.

Duckie stood paralyzed for a moment, she had quite literally taken his breath away. It wasn't until she walked up to him and started to speak was he able to pull himself out of his trance.

"Hi," Andie said timidly.

"Hey," Duckie said, smirking slightly. He cast a look over her shoulder, "where's Blane?"

"I didn't come with him," she breathed.

Duckie blinked.

"What'dya mean?"

"He's not my date," Andie repeated.

She reached out and took his hand in hers. Duckie's heart spun around completely in his chest.

"But I thought he was a great guy?" He said weakly, praying she was suggesting what he thought she was suggesting.

"He is, and he's going to make some rich girl very happy." Andie grinned at the look of surprise on Duckie's face. Then she turned serious. "Duckie, I'm so sorry, I've been an idiot. Everything you said the other day—" Duckie started to speak but Andie held up her hand, "everything you said was true, especially the part about my mother. But I think I'm ok now. At least, I want to give it a shot."

"You mean that?" Duckie asked, eyeing her uncertainly. "Because I wouldn't blame you if you ran out of here screaming for Blane. The kid's got a car and everything. I mean, some girls are ok with riding on handlebars, but I've never really, you know, pegged you as one of them."

"I don't care about the car," Andie reassured, taking a step closer to him.

"And think about his house!" Duckie continued, still not believing her. "The best I'm gonna be able to give you is a Coleman tent. Until I win the lottery, that is…which I have a really good feeling about, by the way."

"I don't care about the money," Andie said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"And he's a really handsome guy," Duckie said, more to tease her at this point than anything. "Think about how beautiful your kids would be. You'd be able to enter them in all sorts of demeaning little pageants. Parade them around like show dogs, maybe turn one into the new Gerber Baby."

"Duckie, shut up," Andie smiled.

Duckie smiled back and then, very slowly, he brought his lips down to meet hers. It was even better then he remembered it. Andie's lips were soft and moist and tasted slightly of cherry. Must be her lipstick, Duckie thought vaguely. He tightened his grip around her waist and kissed her deeper, making Andie's head spin. When they finally broke apart, they were both out of breath.

"Andie, don't freak out," Duckie said, running his hand down the side of her face, "but I'm in love with you."

"Me too," Andie whispered, nuzzling his hand. She tilted her head up and kissed him again. "How long do you think it'd take you to set up that tent?"

The End