Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy or any Square Enix characters.

Have you ever sat at a bar or a restaurant or a park and just looked around at the people there? Have you ever spent a long time staring at one person in particulr for some reason? Have you ever thought about the fact that this stranger will never know you were looking at them, and thinking about them and that a moment of your life was compleatly dedicated to them? If you have, then have you ever thought about the fact that a stranger could be looking at you and thinking about you, but you would never know.

One person can affect the life of another person in some way without ever knowing it. That is how humanity works, but what if there was someone out there who built there dreams around you, who saw you as their reason for living and wanted you to know?

What would happen then?

This is going to be a dark, dark story. Rape, abuse, murder, molestation, upsetting themes, sex, yaoi. You name it. I Dont want to be reported so if you are sensitive to disturbing themes then Dont read this. If you re going to read then...Enjoy!