Author Notes: I believe Kakashi's right. But he really could've been nicer about it, the jerk. ;_;

Pairings or Characters: Kakashi/Sakura
Word Count:
Prompt – K is for Kill

Learning the Hard Way

Sakura's kill count on most of her missions, at least with Kakashi, are at zero. He knows she's killed before -- you don't reach her age in this business if you haven't -- but he has never seen it.

He figures it has something to do with her duty as a medic. Being so used to spending her energy to save perhaps leaves less for the opposite. She still fights expertly and downs whomever she's fighting, but where Kakashi makes certain any potential for retaliation is snuffed out, she seems fine to leave them unconscious and bloody, but capable of coming back for her later.

He's always thought this was particularly reckless, and on one mission, he is proved right.

On their way back to Konoha, expensive trinket they had been sent to grab tucked safely in her pack, Sakura is struck by a kunai through her bicep. If Kakashi hadn't heard it coming and pushed her out of the way, it would have hit her heart.

As she heals herself, he leaps into the trees, disables the ninja and brings him back to her, still breathing.

There are many ways he could have taught this lesson -- certainly better, kinder ways -- but he chooses to lift the man's face up to hers, put a kunai in her hand, and pull it up to his neck.

"Kill him."

"Kakashi--" she starts to protest.

"Do it."


"If you don't do it, I will recommend to the Hokage that you are no longer fit for duty, and suggest you work full-time at the hospital. Because if you can't do this, then you aren't."

The man splutters and begs, blood from his mouth flying and decorating her cheek. She stands frozen except for the trembling hand holding the kunai. Finally, she looks back up at Kakashi and begins to shake her head slowly.

"But Kakashi, I thought if you were-- I wouldn't--"

And then he understands. He plans then and there to go to the Hokage and get off assigned missions with Sakura, and move the few things that had migrated to her apartment back to his own.

"You're a disappointment," he lies as he drops her wrist. He moves to kill the man himself, but suddenly they're both sprayed with blood as his neck hangs open. He drops the body lazily onto the ground and lifts his eyes back up to hers.

She isn't crying like he suspected she might, though she is trembling a bit. He feels almost as proud as he does sad when she tells him never to come near her again and speeds off towards Konoha on her own.