Chapter One

Bella POV

I looked outside my window and its raining again. I really don't understand why I'm so surprised, really I live in Forks, Washington with my dad, Charlie. Forks is the rainiest place in America. I hate the rain. The one redeeming quality of this little town that I live in is I have some amazing friends. They are everything I could ever hope for. I came here in the middle of the semester junior year, and I knew no one. The Cullen's took me under their wing., People didn't really bother them, and because I hung out with them, I didn't get bothered either. People were easily set on edge around them and for good reason, they were all vampires. I was one of the few humans who felt comfortable around them. That might have been Jasper's doing though, he could kind of control peoples emotions as well as sense what we were feeling. I felt nervous around them, a lot, but not because of what they were. I was in love with Jasper. I don't know why, but I think it was the mixture of everything his golden eyes, is honey-blonde hair, oh and that accent. He used to live in the south. I really have a thing for southern accents Whenever I'm upset he just smiles and says "hey darlin'" in his southern drawl and my bad mood is gone. This is what I was thinking about as I walked into the lunchroom that day. Why I didn't see her sitting by Jasper. That stupid skanky cheerleader who had been breaking his heart since I've known him.

Uggh, I thought to myself, now I have to smile and be happy and try, the important word being try, to not claw Jessica's eyes out of her overly fake spray-on tan, orange , head. When I got to the table Alice looked at me and smiled. She, along with the rest of the Cullen's thought Jasper was a raging moron for letting Jessica walk all over him just because she wanted somebody with money. She had been dating Mike Newton until his dad lost his six-figure job in Seattle., So, now I was stuck trying to be nice to his, uggh I cant even say it without wanting to puke all over her, girlfriend. I rolled my eyes and pretended to gag myself when they kissed., Emmett saw me ,and started laughing. It was then that Jasper saw me, and like a true southern gentleman, got up when I sat down.

Chapter Two

Japer POV

I saw Bella walk over to the table. I sensed that she seemed upset about something but I didn't have the slightest idea what, so I do what I always did whenever she was upset or nervous; I smiled at her and said "hey darlin'", because whenever I do she always gets instantly happy. Right after I said it, I felt Jessica get really pissed off. She thought that Bella was into me, and she knew that I was into Bella. I'd been crushing on her since she first spoke my name. ,Emmett moved over so Bella could sit by me. He was a big fan of Bella and I finally being a couple. I really would love to go out with her, but I don't know if she feels the same way. Edward read my thoughts and just snickered. I was thinking about why he was laughing at my thoughts when Jessica's high-pitched voice broke through… "did you just hear what I said Jasper?"

"No, " I replied still kind of out of it.

"I said that we're through." She screamed at me and stormed off in the other direction. I couldn't help but smile. I sensed that everyone was happy. Bella was the first one who spoke though.

"Jasper," she whispered as she touched my hand, "I'm really sorry that she broke up with you like that in front of everyone." I couldn't help but chuckle. Well hell, I thought, she doesn't seem very sorry, actually she seems excited. I wonder if she feels the same way about me that I feel about her. Edward, snooping in my mind, of course, just nodded. Wow, today's is an amazing day.

Chapter Three

Bella POV

It was a few days after "the breakup heard round the school". Everybody couldn't believe Jessica had actually dumped him. Hell, I still cant believe it, and I witnessed it. It was a Friday and I was, naturally, hanging out with Edward and Alice. Jasper had been avoiding me ever since the breakup and I felt sort f hurt and let down. I actually really needed to talk him and he just ignored me. I wish Edward could read my mind sometimes. It would be so helpful, especially today. I needed to know what Jasper was thinking. When Alice left the room to get me pizza I decided to just talk to Edward. We had a thing, but it didn't really work because he always sensed something between me and Jasper, but we were really good friends now. "Hey Edward," I started sounding super nervous, "do you know what, or who, Jasper has been thinking about these days cause he wont talk to me and I don't know why."

Edward POV

"Well, Bella, he hasn't been thinking about much. Just why she dumped him and if he's gonna ask anybody else out or just wait.". As I said it, I watched her face fall. I hated lying to her but Jazz wanted me to. He said he didn't want her to know everything, but I could see it was killing him to not see her, as much as it was killing her. She seriously looked as though she might cry. I just smiled at her and asked her a straight-forward question "Are you in love with him Bells?"

Bella POV

Awe man, he had to ask me that question. "Y-ye-yes" I finally managed to stutter out. The next thing I knew I was sitting in Edwards lap bawling my eyes out. Out of nowhere, Jasper walked into the room. I didn't see him, or hear him for that matter, but I just knew that he was there. I could sense his presence. I immediately got up and ran to him, but then I stopped about 20 feet away, remembering that he had shut me out for the past however many days.

I just stared at him, I don't know if I looked upset or mad, most likely a combination of both, because he just said "hey". That's when I lost it. "Hey, you've been ignoring me for the past three days now and all you can say is hey," I screamed at him, but I still wasn't finished. "Do you know what its been like for me? To not be able to talk to you? You just totally shut me out and it's really pissed me off! What did I do that could have you that mad at me. You're my best friend Jasper and you haven't even glanced at me since the skank dumped you." Now that I was coming to the end of my tirade I realized I'd started to cry. I really never cried in front of Jasper because, I, well, can't. He always stops the tears before they came, but today he didn't. He just stared at me. He looked like I'd just driven over him with a monster truck. Even like that, totally flustered and utterly shocked, he was still gorgeous. I've never yelled at him. Sure, I've yelled to him, or in front of him, but the anger is usually directed towards Emmett.

Jasper POV

Holy crap, she yelled at me. She actually yelled at me. She's never done that before. Has she been crying since lunch that day? I wondered, Edward just nodded at me. Oh, god I hurt her feelings. I never meant to do that. I just needed some time to think. I didn't mean to totally shut her out for three days. Think Japer, think, I was saying to myself. You have to make her stop crying. But today I was thinking that the usual hey darlin' was not going to work so well. Edward just shook his head. Dude, help me. Seriously, it's crushing me to see her like ,this. I thought to Edward. "Good". Edward snapped at me. "Maybe it's a good thing Jasper because this is all ridiculous." he said as he stormed out of the room. "say something," Bella said through her tears. God, I just wanted her to stop crying. I hated knowing that I was the reason for those tears. "What do you want me to say Bells," I asked, "I was a jerk for totally shutting you out. I'm an even bigger jerk for making you cry and not knowing how to stop it. I hate being the reason that you're upset or angry. I hate seeing you cry in general, but this is killing me."

Chapter Four

Bella POV

Ohmygod. That was the only thing running through my mind. I cannot believe he is actually saying this to me. Now I was crying more than I was before and he just walked over to me and hugged me. I began to feel calm. Calm enough for his words to start to sink in. He has never been this straight-forward and open with me. Even though we're friends, sometimes it seems like he's still back in the Civil War, and he totally shuts people out of how he truly feels.

I think the only person who's ever seen raw emotion from him has been Edward, and that's only because he knows what Jasper is thinking. So, as I was mulling over his words, he said something I've been waiting three days for "Hey darlin'", He said, and then he continued, "I know it's not going to fix this but I know that you've missed me. You have to have been in order to yell at me. I mean, I was totally shocked. I'm so sorry to shut you out but, I had to do some thinking." He smiled and kissed my forehead.

I just sighed against his chest and asked a question that could really break my heart into a thousand little pieces "Ha-have you really been thinking about h-h-h-her?" I finally managed to get out.

"No," Jasper said as he laughed, "and I'm sorry I had Edward lie to you, but I knew you'd ask him at some point and I didn't want you to hear the truth from him, it had to come from me. I shut you out because I was worried that you wouldn't feel the same way about me that I feel about you." He looked up at the ceiling avoiding my now shocked gaze. He finally breathed and looked down at me and it totally knocked my socks off. Holy crow, I think he's in love with me was the only thing going through my head. I decided to go out on a limb. I reached up to brush his hair out of his eyes and whispered "Jasper, I love you. I've always loved you. " After I said this and he just stared at me, and I started to get really self-conscious. Well crap, I just killed that friendship. Why'd I have to say anything? Oh right, because I'm an idiot , I thought to myself and I started to pull out of his arms but he just held me tighter. As I looked at his face I saw the hugest grin ever. It was the face of a man who just saw all of his wildest dreams come true, and I momentarily forgot how to breathe. He just stared at me for what seemed like hours but it was really only a few minutes.

He started to speak when he was interrupted by three quick, sharp knocks on the door. He sighed and shook his head and then sounding really annoyed said, "I know that y'all have been eavesdropping, you might as well just come on in." I laughed as Emmett came in an started making kissing faces behind Jasper's back. Leave it to Emmett to ruin the moment. "So," Emmett asked, "is the yelling and fighting finally over? Is it safe for the kiddies to be in here.?" I just looked at Jasper and he smacked Emmett over the head for me.

Chapter five

Jasper POV

I could sense how happy she was. She hasn't been that happy in a really long time. I mean, probably since her and Edward dated and that was like, when she first moved here. I could also sense Emmett's smugness in the fact that he thought we were now together. I mean I thought we were, but it never got discussed because of the stupid eavesdroppers outside the door. God, I thought to myself, can't people get any privacy in this house? I mean really, I get the whole super-hearing thing but honestly, they couldn't tell that we were having a very important, very private conversation? Edward answered my thoughts, sounding very know-it-allish "Well, Jasper it is my room. And I have the right to want to hang out in my room."

Bella just glared at all of them, even Alice, I've never seen her glare at Alice, besides me, Alice is her favorite person in this family. "Did you see all of this Alice?" she asked .

"yes Bella, I did. But before you yell at me. I also saw that if I told you that you two would never get together. And actually, you two still aren't together because we walked in about two minutes too early." she gave me an apologetic look and I just smiled at her. "It's okay Alice, I know that you mean well, really." Then I turned to everyone, but spoke mostly to Emmett, "Now will y'all get the hell outta here?" Edward just gave me this look. Edward, look I know that its your room and all but you can't just give us two minutes really? He just sighed at me, and then left the room. Alice followed after him. Emmett, of course, stayed. Bella just stared at him. Oh boy, I've seen that look before. I better get him out before he gets murdered and she gets seriously injured herself.

"Emmett, get the hell outta Edwards room. Do not make me make you go all gaga eyes over him. Cause if you're not out in like ten seconds-" that's all I had to say to get him to leave. I just smiled at Bella and said, "now, where were we?" "Well," she laughed, "I believe that I just told you that I loved you." I loved hearing her say that to me. I was drifting into my own little world when she brought me back down to earth by doing something that I'd only ever dreamt of her doing. She kissed me, finally.

"So," I asked her, "does this mean that we're together, finally?"

"Yes," she said and it felt like she had a ton of bricks lifted off her chest, "and just so you know," she whispered, "I don't kiss just anybody."

Emmett POV

Hell yes!!!!! It's about time those two got together. I mean, we've all seen that she's in love with him, but how could he not? Oh yeah, that dumb skanky cheerleader. I knocked on the door and asked, very hesitantly, "can we all come in now."

"Yes Emmett, you can all come in now." Bella laughed. I haven't seen her that happy in a really long time. She broke free of Jasper's hug and ran over to me. "Thank you Emmett," she said as she tried to wrap her arms all the way around me, "You were always team Jasper and Bella's number one fan." I laughed and as she ran back to Jaspers arms I told him in a very mafia-like impression, "Jasper, Bella is my little sister, you break-a her heart, and I break-a your face." We all just laughed for a good 20 minutes.

Bella POV

God, I haven't been this happy in forever. I can't get this dopey grin off of my face. I seriously can't stop smiling. Jasper and I walked out of Edward's room hand in hand and ran into Esme and Carlisle. They just clapped their hands and hugged us.

"It's about time Jasper," Carlisle said, "pretty soon I was going to have to sit you down and knock some sense into you." Jasper just laughed at Carlisle and squeezed my hand even harder.

"Bella," Esme said to me, "I told you that he would finally figure it out. I just didn't think it would take him so long."

Chapter six-3 months later

Jasper POV

Wow! That was all I could think as she ran down her driveway to my car to quickly escape the rain. It's been three months and I still find it hard to breathe around her. She ran into my car and gave me a quick kiss.

"Hi." That was all she said to me. It might not seem like much but it made my lifeless heart feel like it was beating again.

"Hey darlin'", I told her. She just laughed at me. We got out of the car at school and Jessica walked up to me and tried to hug me.

Bella POV

That stupid skank actually thinks that she can break us up. I was not having that. She tried to hug him and I just pushed her away from him. "Jessica," I said, "I don't want you to take this the wring way, but I would appreciate it if you would keep your stupid orange tanned hands away from my boyfriend. It's not my fault that you broke up with him. If you want to be able to cheer ever again I'd stay far away." I sneered at her, and grabbed Jasper's hand. We walked off to our first class leaving her standing with her mouth open enough to catch flies.

Jasper POV

I can't believe she actually said that. God, I love this girl.