Author Notes: This was supposed to be Anko-centric, but I kind of tossed in a bunch of ships. Oh well?

Pairings or Characters: Anko, implied OroAnko, ItaAnko and (if you squint really hard) IruAnko
some implied sex
Word Count:
Prompt – G is for Gravity.

Outrunning Demons

On nights when she's alone and actually has the time to sleep, Anko usually feels cold and scared.

She remembers a long tongue tracing down her belly, and cold, white fingers circling the mark on her shoulder. She wakes up feeling filthy and horny, and takes a cold shower to rid herself of her sweat.

On nights when she's not alone, with a warm body next to her, Anko sometimes dozes.

Not for too long, but just long enough to see a pair of red eyes looking up into hers as a set of lips close over her and heavy her breathing. Her own brown eyes dart open, and she feels cheated and unsatisfied. She wakes the man beside her by taking him in her mouth, hoping for another round before she has to be back on duty.

Most nights, though, Anko stays awake.

Whether by working, drinking, loving or fucking, she feels herself flying high until her body demands its rest. Until then, she can escape the feel of familiar fingers of the past digging into her skin and pulling her back down to the dirtied, bloody ground where she belongs.