Playing mouse

It was a peaceful day. At least, it would be if Kao wasn't so loud as he played his black DS.

"Stupid Link! I told you to dodge! Dodge the stupid monster!"

Watashi, who was nearby playing his blue DS, sighed as he continued playing Avalon Code.

"Dammit! Dodge! What th' hell! He didn't listen to me!"

The 26-year-old water Bount glared at the young 19-year-old fire Bount. "Shut up, Kao!"

"But Link died!" Kao looked at Watashi sadly. "He wouldn't dodge when I wanted him to!"

"How 'bout we play a game?"

"A game?!" Kao asked eagerly.


"What's it called?!"

"Mouse. One of us hides, that's the mouse, and the other, that's the cat, seeks."

"Like hide and seek?!"

"Yeah. But, whoever finds the mouse faster wins and the loser must grant one request of the winner."

"Oooh, ooh! Me first! I wanna hide!"

"Go on."

Kao excitedly ran off and Watashi smiled as he continued his interrupted game. He played for a few seconds, just to give Kao enough time to hide, then growled when his character died. "Stupid Amorphes." He closed his DS and started his search for Kao.

He searched everywhere, looking for the elusive fire Bount.

After ten minutes, Watashi stopped in the middle of Kao's room, the last place unchecked, and looked around. "Where is that little brat?"

Watashi heard a small giggle above him and glanced up to see Kao clinging to his ceiling fan.

"Aha! I found you!"

"Now you hide." Kao said, looking down at Watashi. "And I'll search for you!"


After a few minutes, Kao started to search for Watashi. He thought of places that he wouldn't think to look and looked in the bathroom, opening the curtain to the bathtub.

"I win!" Kao chirped, seeing Watashi sitting in the tub. "Now you gotta grant my request."

"Fine." Watashi sighed, crouching on his knees and placing his hands on the edge of the tub. "What do you want?"

Kao thought about it. After a few seconds, he said, "A kiss. I want you to kiss me."

He had only meant it as a joke, knowing Watashi would never…

"All right."

Kao blinked.

"I'll kiss you."

"Uh…okay." Kao placed his hands beside Watashi's and both Bount leaned closer to each other before they both kissed. After a few seconds, they pulled back and Watashi smirked.

"Wanna play another round?" He asked seductively.


Ooh. what is Watashi thinking...? The world may never know. ^^